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  1. Thank you for your kind words. Both Seoul and Busan are beautiful and exciting cities.
  2. Hello, everyone. The forum site here is very different from Korea, so there are many mistakes. And please understand my poor English. Just think of me as a person who likes VW Golf very much.
  3. I'm a foreigner, so I can't fully adapt to your culture. Also, the taste of a foreign language cannot be translated enough. So I'm sorry. Please forgive my poor expressions.
  4. If you have owners of mk7 or mk7.5 who want this, you can really sell it at a low price... Shall we sell it to eBay? Ha ha ha. (I'm not a car job. I'm a dental technician.)
  5. Are you talking about this one? But I think the size of the pipe is different from the size of mk7 and mk7.5.
  6. 내가 처음 본 것이 야. 너무 똑똑합니다. 내 것이 아니다. 나는 친한 친구를 대신하여 그것을 샀다. 나는 그것을 상상할 수없는 저렴한 가격에 구입했다. 나는 그에게 그것을 빨리 가져 가라고 말해야 할 것이다. 너무 많아서.
  7. It could be. It's different from person to person. I respect your opinion. I think 2.3k pounds is cheap.
  8. Thank you for such a warm welcome.
  9. 당신은 매우 저렴한 가격에 그것을 구입했습니다. Aayway, 나는 vk Akrapovic이 2.3k에서 싸다고 생각한다. 😅
  10. If you can buy the Akrapovic Exhaust a little cheaper (about 2300 pounds), will you buy it?
  11. I I'm nickname frog number 1 living in Korea. I am an owner of mk6 GTD. There is not 7.5 golf r in Korea yet. I will surely be golf r owner someday. Thank you very much.
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