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  1. Not really no, car seems to pull well throughout the rev range. I didnt really think it was an issue until I saw a few graphs on here. I was under the impression that the smoother the power line the smoother the power delivery.
  2. I sprayed abit of WD40 through the back of the exhaust tips and let it soak for around 30 mins, then used a rubber mallet and loosened the tips by gently knocking them out from the back. Once loose you should be able to just slide them off. I used wire wool and Mothers polish and just went over the tips lightly and then polished them up with a micro fibre cloth.
  3. I managed to give the R's Alcantara a much needed clean, looks some much better now the fibres are all clean and not compressed! Managed to also take the exhaust tips off and get them polished up.
  4. Mujyx


    Exciting times! I'm sure you will love it. Cracking cars 🙂
  5. The sun came out for awhile so I managed to clean the exhaust tips. It's been bugging me. So I took the exhaust tips off after soaking them in abit of WD40 and game them a good scrubbing using Mothers Mag and Aluminium Polish and some wire wool. I have used autosol before but much prefer Mothers. Better product and more shine IMO. 45 minutes later with alot of elbow grease and done! Came out pretty well and I am happy with the results.
  6. Hi, Had a Stage 1 remap done on my vehicle a awhile ago. Just wanted your thoughts on it. My power curve seems to be abit more 'wavier' then others iv seen posted. There also seems to be a dip in the power curve. Remap was done by More BHP in Crewe. Iv had no issues with the car after the tune. Just curious on others thoughts on this. Thank You
  7. I have an alcantara standard steering wheel on my R. Love the way it looks and feels! Definitely adds a nicer touch to the interior whilst still having the OEM look.
  8. Hi Everyone, Been on here awhile now so thought it was time to make a post on my R here. It's a Limestone Grey 5 Door DSG model. I have had the car awhile now and bot really done much to it other then having the car lowered 15mm all around and and spacers on the back to give it a wider stance and fill the arches. Car has also had a Stage 1 remap done from More BHP. I will post a picture up of the graph. There is a slight dip in the power graph midway through the rev range, not sure if this is normal on the R's. Would be great if anyone knowledgable could give some input on that point. The Golf R's steering wheel is also in Alcantara which is a lovely touch and feels great whilst driving. Just a little bit more care is needed when cleaning. No future plans as of yet, but have been considering adding an induction kit shortly. Still need to make my mind up on which one to go for. Will add further pictures of the car once It gets a good clean 👍
  9. Mujyx

    Newbie :-)

    Thanks Guys! To be honest, the Stage 1 tune was one of the first things I did after a few months on ownership. Makes a huge difference in the drivability of the car. The extra torque low down in the rev range is amazing. The car just pulls hard throughout the rev range. From the top of my head, figures wise my Golf is around 365 BHP and just over 500nm of torque. Il post the graph up at some point on here. Remap was done by More BHP along with the DSG tune. Very happy with the tune.
  10. Mujyx

    Newbie :-)

    Afternoon Everyone, I have been hovering on this site for awhile now and I have to say it has been very informative and generally seems like a place to be. I currently own a 65 Plate Limestone Grey Golf R which is a 5 Door DSG. Options wise, I think I have every option other then the Pan Roof. My car has full leather interior aswell which is nice and quite rare from what I know anyway. I also have a Alcantara wrapped steering wheel which feels lovely and looks great in my opinion. My first experience in a golf although I have had a few cars in the past namely EP3 Type R, E46 M3, FN2 Type R amongst a few diesels but really liking the Golf R, covered a few thousand miles in mine and have to say it is a very capable car and very easy to drive and live with on a day to day basis. Car is currently lowered around 15mm all round, and has a Stage 1 tune from More BHP. I have no real plans at the moment for the car. Just enjoying the car for now and looking forward to putting some more miles on it 🙂
  11. I'm looking to do everything via email, best way really as everything is recorded. I have already advised about my children being in the rear of the vehicle and because of their age or 1 and 2 that there is an obvious health risk because of the mould. Hopefully things get resolved quickly. I will keep you guys posted.
  12. There are several receipts confirming work has been done by VW. Servicing and a few other bits and pieces. 3 services by VW and the rest Independent specialist. Car has done just under 35000 miles now. I have emailed them and it will be interesting to see their response. Do not wanting to be spending £1000 on this issue.
  13. I have sent them an email explaining everything and what the issues are. I will report back as soon as I get a response. It says within normally 2 working days. Thanks for the advice!
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