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  1. I’ve just had this discussion with the dealer I bought my car from and VW (UK), both their responses were “it’s a normal thing on most cars”!! Absolute joke! I’ve had new cars before, never with rust on. Cheeky g**s
  2. Just fitted Team Heko wind deflectors! They look okay but they catch the wing mirrors on closing 😧
  3. Do you not find they catch your folding door mirrors? I've just fitted some on mine and they are catching the mirrors when they fold in 😥
  4. The handbook is that detailed, I’ve not even scratched the surface. But I plan on keeping it long term so I best lift the foot of the accelerator. Thanks
  5. What mpg are people seeing. I nearly cried when I saw 18mpg but it’s improved since
  6. I was told there was no ‘running in’ needed on new vw’s? 🙄🤔
  7. Does double clicking the lock on the remote fob do this too?
  8. Evening all I cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn the interior alarm off. Want to turn it off if I have to leave the dogs in the car?
  9. Is this normal. Picked car up on Sunday and just noticed the discs have rust on them? 🤔😤
  10. I love blue. Nearly went for the new st estate. But wouldn’t have got it till December. I have always wanted a golf. Golf gtd but could never afford one. Now I don’t need a diesel, we have two labradors and I like performance cars/bikes. Not quite sure why I ended up with a black bike but still goes stupidly fast. Enjoy your car. I’m hooked already
  11. This was the only car they had in stock which was close to what I wanted. Otherwise I’d have gone for a standard R. Nowt wrong with standard. I’m in awe. Just scared of leaving it now. Might end up sleeping in it! 🤣 I’ll park about a mile from where I need to be and avoid pot holes like the plague
  12. Yeah finally got my Golf R. Got to say was worth the wait! So impressed but I think I need a masters degree to understand how to use it? Do all golf r’s have a soundaktor on them? How do I know it’s on? Went with Direct Gap, VW service plan and Churchill Insurance.
  13. Rebecca, you’ve sold it to me! Collecting my car in 2 hours and 16 minutes 🤣 but I noticed the lag on the test drive. I’m moving from a Ford Focus st3, which is very responsive from the off, I struggled to a point of not buying the R on the test drive. I was expecting an immediate response but not a great deal was seen. My concern is will it void the warranty? Should I tell my insurance company 🤔 I notice above that people have done but how did you explain about the adaption not increasing power//speed A so when looking at DTUK site there is no option for me 7.5?
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