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  1. Been a while...... finally got Racechip Black GTS fitted yesterday. Very obvious power increase in particular 2nd/3rd gear rolling from 30-70. Due to lockdown my son and I attempted (successfully) to install maxton front splitter. So we’re booked in again at Awesome GTi at the end of the month for racingline R600 air intake system, elbow etc. They advised fitting Racingline performance lowering springs at the same time. Oh yeah had a go fitting racing stripe on bonnet, not bad but not perfect, will post more images later......
  2. Sticking with the white rear reflector mod, really appreciate the link though..... cheers Interesting information regarding drone noise might have a re-think there.......... and I cruise at 77mph officer 😉 Had a sit down with Stephen at Awesome, very knowledgeable guy and really helpful. For my personal preference I've decided to go with RaceChip GTS + App rather than APR map and one of the main reasons is I've no interest in going for any more power than around 370bhp. Stephen showed me the dyno graphs based on a recent comparison with RC GTS and APR Stage 1, very little difference; the big shocker was the stock Golf R Mk7.5 2019 had a benchmark 319bhp before mapping! The other attraction for going RC GTS is I can pre-set amount of power with up to three different setting and turn it of completely if I want to, like I said 370bhp will do me
  3. and these are the wheel choices for summer set-up........ I am actually in love with the Rally Racing Van Alloys, a nod to the Mk1 Golf GTi
  4. 'The Stormtrooper' ha ha very tempted..... This lot should conclude phase 1, end of March Race Chip GTS Black with APP Fitting with Dyno R600 Intake Elbow Hose Coolant Hose upgrade TVS DSG Map RacingLine Springs Fitting inc 4 Wheel Alignment Decals (RacingLine)
  5. Just a little update as my small amount of wrapping, de-badging and re-badging got completed....... I'm really pleased with the front VW overlay kit, got it professionally installed as I was having wing mirrors and chrome strip deleted from grill. Deleting/wrapping the rear defelectors in Gloss white has worked out great, the 'ghost' R decal on the rear not everyone's choice but I love it. Car looks very fresh over & out
  6. Hi Guys, First Drive Golf R 7.5 This will be final post on this topic as I don't want to clog up new owners experiences reviews etc. Had my first drive yesterday, mixture of A roads and Motorway with a mixture of weather conditions; bearing in mind my previous car was a mk.7 Golf R running on 19' Pretoria wheels. The difference in feel in the mk. 7.5 is noticeable, steering feels a little sharper (18' Cadiz wheels as standard) and I'm pretty sure the car's slightly quicker. The additional 7th gear is a game changer for me as I am on the motorway a fair amount, this additional gear clearly changes the ratios on the lower gears which may explain the sensation of the car pulling quicker. As I mentioned previously I'm booked in at Awesome GTi for a stage 1 remap and DSG upgrade software and will at the same time install Raceline Performance R600 intake system with associated Raceline intake pipe, hoses etc. Raceline Performance Sport spring set lowering 25mm all round and this will conclude the performance mods for now. Stock exhaust (no res-delete) couldn't handle drone on motorway, Stock brakes (mmm this might change) New car smell is heavenly, clean white door shuts are a thing of beauty, going into AutoWrap Manchester shortly to have car de-badged, chrome strip on front grill changed to gloss black, wing mirrors wrapped in gloss black and red rear reflectors on bumbers wrapped in white vinyl (never seen it but think it will look ace) I changed my rear badge yesterday to gloss black with white vinyl backing, I've got front badge overlay in Gloss Black with white VW decal but I'm going to get Autowrap to install this (see image below) ordered from Australia on ebay! I installed Maxton Gloss Black Ver.3 rear spoiler yesterday, front Maxton Splitter Version 3. has arrived (not my bag will get Awesome GTi to install) I'll continue to post in other topics and keep updating as the mods are ticked off over & out
  7. Plates on..... Badge replaced...... Let's roll
  8. Ah ha...... now the rear spoiler has arrived. Decided to get the car delivered in 48,000 bits; it's like the ultimate advent calendar.
  9. Plates have arrived......... Just need the car............ 52 hours and counting!
  10. Hi Jeff You’re spot on the colour is solid white.... old habits I always refer to Arctic White (well spotted though) I do smell a whiff of leather driving gloves ha ha only joking 🙃
  11. Cheers Neil, Looking forward to the car & the VWROC scene This weekend is going to drag............................
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