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  1. My tentative build week dropped back from 37 to 43 this week. I came close to buying an A35 AMG Premium Plus today instead. Local dealer has one coming in a couple of weeks. Sat in a 1 year old, non premium version today, that was a bit filthy inside to be honest, and wasn't wowed. It didn't feel as premium as it looks in the pictures, and I just couldn't get comfy in the seats. The space at the back also felt a bit cramped (my son is 6'2"). Whereas the Golf R that I sat in, that felt right immediately. So I guess I am waiting it out.
  2. Those are some mighty expensive Rs. 3k or 6k Miles, priced higher than new by a good 5k.
  3. I agree that cars should just work. But I don't think you need to worry overly about things like Lane assist and cruise control. These are separate systems that likely haven't changed much over the past couple of years. Well tested and optimised. Everything I've seen posted about gremlins have been part of the infotainment system. Annoyances and freezes. But nothing to do with safety systems. They seem to be fixing whatever issues are there, albeit slowly, and some owners don't seem to have many issues at all which is likely why VW continue pumping out cars - for most they probably
  4. Mines been at stage two since early June. I got a text message from VW the other day with an order update to say that it had now progressed to stage two. That's about 6 weeks after it actually moved to stage two. I guess the SMS service they offer isn't worth much?
  5. As someone who has been away from Golfs for my past 3 cars, having not owned one since the MK5, I'm always amused at the dislike and negativity from 7.5 owners. To an outsider the 7.5 and 8 look very similar outside. As with most cars, the 8 makes the 7.5 look a bit dated. Seems a bit mean to jump into MK8 owners gallery to tell everyone their pride and joy is a bit ugly, if you ask me. Looking at the two front photos, I don't see a sad face in the MK8, if anything it's an aggressive narrowed eyes with fangs look. I can see the happy face in the 7.5, which kinda makes me thin
  6. Had a chat with my dealer. Looks like my estimated build week was originally 41 and has moved to 37. Prior to adding the Estorils I thought it was 29. 37 is fine, hopefully it doesn't move backwards.
  7. I tried removing my car from the tracker and re-adding. Of course, the tracker can't find my order number now. 😀 I should just ignore the tracker and come back in November!
  8. Are there any voice commands that can change fan speed and temp?
  9. Do we need to use a cable? I assumed we have wireless carplay and wireless charging?
  10. Won't be long until there's a jam and icing sugar from donuts all over the back seats, and those little crunchy bits from KFC hot wings down the edge of the passenger seat. My soon to be 16yo manages to get half the mud in Scotland onto the rear carpets, scrunching up the mats in the process.
  11. Working again. Weird. It kept asking me to register again this morning and last night. Now it is back to normal. And still on stage 2. I do hope these delays quoted further up don't push the car out too much - we need to hand our current car back (one of them anyway) at the end of November - but we are using the equity in that for our trade in on the R, so the stars need to align!
  12. Is the myVW site broken for everyone else too?
  13. They haven't really made an attractive Type R for years. I owned the 7th gen bread van style from new in 2001. It was ugly. Shame.the Integra wasn't available in the UK. It was fun but hard work to drive. I don't know what the engines are like nowadays but back then the vtech power kicked in around 7400 rpm and hit the limiter around 8500 rpm. You needed to be really focused to keep it in the power band. The Accord Type R I owned before was marginally easier. Neither were as easy to enjoy as the WRX, MkV GTI, and R32 I owned after. The R32 and WRX were also fantastic for getting up the hill to
  14. I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I apparently have an unconfirmed build week of 29. I don’t know if that’s because the dealer had a slot already - I know someone on this board cancelled an order with the same Group I have my order with so perhaps they were able to repurpose that slot. Dunno. Maybe I’ll get a confirmed slot of 47. Given most folk are seeing a 4 month turn around, week 47 seems a bit unlikely though unless the lease company are messing you around?
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