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  1. Head an email yesterday (14th Jan 2022) from my car salesman and I have a provisional Week 11 from r my new car, still to be locked in by VW, so now expecting my R late April to early May 2022. 12 months it is then 🤨
  2. Hi all, Just looking for some examples of current UK purchased/ordered Mk8 Golf R build/lead times. I ordered mine late May from a well known Scottish Dealership and have yet to receive a Stage 3, guaranteed build date. The salesperson states he has no idea and is periodically checking VW’s order dealer order system. To be honest I am not expecting it before the 22 plate in Narch but I have a mate who is a new car/lease deal broker and he has told me that it’s more likely to be around May - that’s a full 12 months FFS 🤦‍♂️
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