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  1. Looking good. lapiz blue looks awesome when clean under lights. had lapiz 7R and loved the colour, but went white this time for a change. (Black hides too many details imo. Unless you’re after the murdered look)
  2. Jack up back take rear off and put spare on. Then Jack up front and swap that. One jack only 👍
  3. Looking good @AHG did the spare wheel come with the tools and Jack to be able to swap it when out and about? Or did you buy those separately?
  4. I’ll be driving mine in eco mode all the time….. 🤥😂
  5. Would be great if MY23 brought PP as standard in UK 😍 I seriously doubt it though 😁
  6. Yes, new phones come with USB C lightening cable 👍
  7. Sticky pads work fine. I only used 3 and holds plate on no problem. yes taking the off will leave a residue. As typically you end up cutting through the foam of pad and not under the sticky part. I don’t know how they’d clean up on a ppf covered car…
  8. definitely a shortage. Still can’t order HK Ona VW car in UK. Many other manufacturers also removed HK from orders due to HK shortages. google Harmon Kardon Shortages and you’ll see BMW and Mini from Europe and US having issues.
  9. you must feed the birds by you really spicy curry’s or something 😂 bird mess by me makes a mess but doesn’t etch the paint thankfully 😁
  10. Yep, the PP got hidden away under wheel options when the 20y model was announced, but it’s even missing from there now. I think it’s just they’re that slow at updating the configurator tbh. 😂 the new “performance model” will appear in a few weeks I imagine.
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