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  1. Sorry i got to 10 pages then went snow blind. . . . . . is there a page for vagcom mods specifically ?
  2. Correct chaps - £155 It was a June 2017 car, but the options came in below the magic 40k number. Arrives Tuesday !!
  3. Cheers all for the welcome just to clear up, i know i dissed the TTS but i felt that was more aimed at the Audis S Tronic mapping compared to the VW mapping if that makes sense. I had previously owned a standard TT 2.0 TFSI manual same as the golf GTI and it was epic, it was light, revvy and great fun a proper drivers car and would often easily return 40+ mpg with ease. The TTS i felt was not worth twice the price as the more basic car - and actually lost something in the driving dynamics along the way. Sure the TTS was loads quicker once all spooled up, but the handling suffered
  4. I appreciate i am the new kid here, but thought i would share with you as some may just "get it" I have owned this for many years and its a low miles car (45k) but had a few owners over the years. I put it into storage back in 2018 and left it until early 2020 before being called to "pop over and take a look" when i asked my garage to prepare it for use in 2020. Sills were showing signs of rot, a couple of small holes appearing, bubbling on arches - all usual stuff for a Mk1 focus. However it was also at the point where if i was going to sort it - now if the time. I spoke
  5. Not a newcomer to golfs - having owned a couple of R32's over the years which i enjoyed immensely and after around 7 years just one day around a year or so ago woke up and fancied a change, so advertised my 58 plate loaded DPB car and it sold way too quickly (perhaps undervalued it) I have always loved the 3.2 and DSG combo after getting my first taste in a Mk1 TT, granted not the fastest things in the world, but they sound lovely and are not even offensive to fuel. However i can tell what was offensive to fuel - i had a short spell in a TTS which after 5 months i was done with. Yes it
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