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  1. Here we got pop and bangs with a remap.. https://instagram.com/p/BavvyTrgM2_/
  2. Do not underestimate another rumor... One of the items covered by the 24DK update above says: “Optimization of the durability of the catalyst by adjusting the ignition interventions and cylinder deactivation when changing gear with double declutch throttle input in gear S or dynamic operation.” They know they’ve disabled them. This is from the changelog of the update. Perhaps it was killing the catalysts?
  3. As promised.. see the video here
  4. Sorry Doc83, but it really turned out to be the ecu mapping. I agree that the aluminum block sounds slightly differently but is certainly not worse than the iron block. The new engine sounds even heavier/deeper at low rpm opposite the iron block, unfortunately the pops and bangs have definitely disappeared by software because of the emission norm/rules. When I come home I will post a video from a person who had an engine update carried out by Audi. The difference is clearly audible. Several RS drivers now want the previous software again but Audi claims that this is no longer possible. In any case it remains a 5 cyl which still sounds very beautiful and even more mature. Verstuurd vanaf mijn WAS-LX1A met Tapatalk
  5. This has nothing to do with the aluminium block..it's all about ecu mapping for the stronger emissie-norms. Some owners say after 1600 miles it becomes to give loud bangs... Verstuurd vanaf mijn WAS-LX1A met Tapatalk
  6. Audi will refused to loan the five-cyl to VW. The masters of Wolfsburg will developed especially for the Golf 8R.. a 3.0-liter twin turbo VR6 with 400hp and 450Nm.
  7. Everything remains the same as long as the key stays in the car . From the moment you get out of the car with the key and close the door It will close automatically. If you leave the key in the car, nothing will happen.
  8. Just talked with a tuning specialist and it's as Silk thought, It's not possible because it's another different ECU version. Game over so far
  9. "Automatically close when the key is outside the car" You can do this via VCDS Thx to PRND(S) from the golfmk7 forum To enable this behavior, do the following: 1. Open the "Access/Start Authorization" controller: 2. Selecting "Coding" 3. Select "Long Coding Helper" 4. Select Byte 2 (the first Byte is Byte 0), and check Bit 4 ("Locking for door slamming active") 5. Exit the Long Coding Helper 6. Click the "Do It!" button
  10. Indeed, I have the same thoughts. Why we want this..? Because it actually gives 10 horsepower, but also more pops and bangs are heard. You can clearly hear the difference. Of course, I also understand that we are in the meantime with the 7dsg, which will also affect the software. But the manual 6 gear has remained the same so it must be possible here. Also wonder if the performance pack does not fit the pre FL.
  11. Also got an engine software update for my car manual ( built in 2014). I also notice a strange behavior of the exhaust...only with my update it happened the other way. The exaust valves now stay closed in normal at idle, switching into eco it seems the same. Before they were open at idle. Do not know if they are going to open while driving in normal now. In race, it seems unchanged so all the flaps are open.
  12. Just pick up this old topic ... Been past the dealer for a small service today and they told me there was an engine software update for my car ( built in 2014). The only thing I've experienced so far is that the exaust valves now stay closed in normal at idle. Before they were open. So I'm pretty sure that the operation mode of the valves has been changed. Do not know if they are going to open while driving in normal now. In race, it remained unchanged so all the flaps stay open . Are there any members here that ever have a engine software update ? Any idea what can be more changed ?
  13. Wondering if we would get the FL software to use in the current 7R.
  14. Thanks for the info... Can you give me the picture of the pump repair set ? I think my dealer will start with the pump. And if the oil find traces of wear they are about to renew the entire Haldex.
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