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  1. Any Performance mods will carry an element of risk higher the stage more the risk I'm on my 3rd Stage 3 Golf (MK6, MK 7 and now MK 7.5) as well as a 500 BHP Turbo R32 Apart from the MK6 (That was Stage 2 with All Handling mods already Done and it Cost me Another £3.5K to go Stage 3) The others were purchased already modified and with all the mods the Previous owners spent well in excess of £15K which for the extra performance over a Stage 2 doesn't seem worth the extra cost. Stage 3 can be quite safe (Although always will have a higher risk factor) and I think a-lot of the horror Stories are from Cars that are chasing numbers who are on the Drag Strip or Track most weeks and always trying to get a few more bhp out of the Car or shave another tenth of a second off but then I suppose most would say why have a Stage 3 Modified car if your not going to use the Extra Performance 99% of the time
  2. Purchased Car with them already fitted think Previous owner bought them 2nd Hand Only purchased Car week before lockdown so not had chance to go anywhere really
  3. DynoAudio Leather Upholstery Reversing Camera Panoramic Sunroof 6 Piston AP Racing Callipers with 390x34mm 2-piece discs Rear 356x22mm Disc Upgrade APR Lowering Springs Full Scorpion Valved Exhaust Scorpion Downpipe R600 Intake Turbo Technics V5 Hybrid Turbo AEM Water Meth Kit MRC Custom DSG + ECU Map ( 540BHP ) Wagner Intercooler RaceingLine Catch-Can SuperPro Engine Mounts SuperPro Front and Rear Anti Roll Bars Carbon Wing Mirros , Carbon Engine Cover , Battery & Fuse box cover. GTI Headlights Blackvue 4K Dash Cam System
  4. Feels as I'm following you around Chris just re-joined the R Fold with this before the lockdown began:
  5. Real Thing

    Hello all

    Welcome Matt wasn't my favorite colour Red for a Car (unless a Ferrari) for many years but having had a GTR in Red and A TTRS found I quite like it and as it does suit the R bought this a few weeks ago as well so looks like you've picked a great colour too:
  6. As it's a Golf Forum thought I'd just stick to My Golf Ownership take to many pages up to list all Marques: lol Couple of R32's to start with: Followed by a Pirelli and Hurdy's Old Edition 30 Another R32 This time Forged Engine & Turbo Charged (550bhp) Couple of MK6 R's to Follow Including Huwgo R's Favourite Finishing with the more recent MK7
  7. Yeah it ended on the 14th but guy who won it is trying to sell it as don't think he wants it and probably won it for it's cash Value
  8. Saw this for sale on eBay as New Owner just won it on Dream Cars he doesn't have much info on the Build etc (Was done at VRS/MRC so will check with them) but wondered if anyone on here knew the Car or Previous owner: https://dreamcargiveaways.co.uk/current-competitions/2018-golf-r-540hp/?fbclid=IwAR3lGfkqMwArhxrQegdm_sBTbgfPDIpWeyZzyuzB0dYOvAoWPv6CtLRzthI#&gid=1&pid=20 Tia
  9. If your going from a MK7 to an R32 think you'll find the Technology and Handling to far behind I had a Couple of MK5's when they first came out and the sound was great but performance even in it's Day was lacking Did like them Thou and Tried reliving the experience 5 Years ago with this: 500BHP DSG Turbo Great Fun and Should have been made when First Launched
  10. Coast2Coast quoting 9% Discount which seems good for being such a New Model A45S OTR Price £46205 A45S Plus OTR: £51665 No Options STD Colour
  11. I've just put a Carbon one like this in the Classifieds.
  12. I Scratched the Itch when they first came out and Pre-Ordered so got a Day at Silverstone with one as well collected mine in July 09 and think every Petrolhead should have one at sometime but large and not an ideal everyday user friendly Car to live with on A Daily Basis but I've been back and scratched the Itch serval times more:
  13. No Problem finding the MPH to KPH Settings just wondered if there was any way to recalibrate the Top Speed Settings so you don't loose your license if you can't find a Private Road lol
  14. Is there a setting for the 60-100mph time or do you only get a reading if you continue to 130mph?
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