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  1. See he now has it on he's Live Dutch Auction Site: https://www.binca.co.uk/cars/volkswagen/golf/2.0tsibluemotiontechrhatchback3drpetroldsg4motionss159gkm,296bhp/266837/ Looks like it's going down by about £100 a Day so carry's on like that Raffle winners might have some money in there Bank in about 3 - 4 Months
  2. Not Studied Calvin's Web Site but quick glance think he has a Fixed Price policy with a Reduction in Price Fortnightly (Similar to Dutch Auction) so couple of weeks time he might realise it should be fixed at nearer £25K lol Shouldn't thing he's worried thou Probably collected over £40K for the Car in the Raffle after Charity Donation, prizes and other Expenses. It's The Winners I feel sorry for spent £50 (£25 Each) Traveled upto Luton (I Think) By Train had a quick ride around in the Golf with Calvin Driving then back to the Station to catch the Train home and Calvin's still got the Car lol
  3. Might be someone that will give over the value due to it's status but not by more than £10K I wouldn't think I Purchased Prince Harrys (Audi Owned) RS3 few years ago Dealer tried selling that at a Premium after about 6 Months I got it and paid quite a bit less than well specked Cars for sale at the same time: https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/482504/Prince-Harry-s-old-Audi-RS3-fetches-underwhelming-price-at-auction
  4. Winner of the Car would be better off selling it themselves for about £20K (only cost them £25 quid in the Raffle so nearly all profit) because they're going to waiting a long time for any money if they think it's going to fetch £35K
  5. I Reckon he's hit the 3 instead of the 2 on the keyboard even then overpriced by about £2K (Blakedown have 2 Stage 3 Cars for Sale at £26K and £27K with a heck of a lot better spec and Mods than Calvins R)
  6. Profit that can be made might make other dealers consider this option we could be seeing the new way to buy cars they'll probably find a way next for you to win the car have a cash sum and the rest on pcp lol
  7. Lot of used Car Dealers finding it hard to shift Cars at the moment so fair play to him for finding a new way of selling cars for good profit by tapping into the nations gambling addiction. 5% to charity is probably a legal loophole to get round the Gambling Laws
  8. Great Thread Kieran were you able to get the Correct Mileage Transferred on the Virtual Dash or are they still struggling to find the Software?
  9. Although you have got to win it first at 2000-1
  10. Unless it's on Finance and you end up getting it reprocessed 😊
  11. Think it's been For Sale on the Facebook group since before Christmas most people were avoiding it there as well.
  12. Just done the Same and ordered The Xenonz Diffuser as well as there CF Roof Spoiler (Expensive Saturday Afternoon 😊) although should get a bit back for the Maxton bits when removed.
  13. £45K Won't put you in a Very Late Model GTR so running cost will probably need to be taken in to consideration as a Daily Driver they are not very practical also don't think the wife would enjoy nipping around in such a Big car (especially come parking time) the earlier models are more track focused and tend to be a harsh ride and do make some strange noises when cold lol RS3 F/L would be my favourite as already said you will get similar performance from Stage 1 Map to a Stage 3 R with out the Modification Cost plus every-time you go out less likely to see dozens of them on the Road unlike the 7R
  14. In your favour if ECU did flag up as VW shouldn't have sold it under the Approved Used.
  15. Being the 2nd Owner do you know for sure the Car wasn't modified (Mapped and returned to stock when sold on) Did you purchase the Car from Main Dealer? Reason I ask is If VW do carry out a lot of work and ECU does flag up a TD1 your going to get a large bill with no possible chance of any goodwill.
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