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  1. Think it's been For Sale on the Facebook group since before Christmas most people were avoiding it there as well.
  2. Just done the Same and ordered The Xenonz Diffuser as well as there CF Roof Spoiler (Expensive Saturday Afternoon 😊) although should get a bit back for the Maxton bits when removed.
  3. £45K Won't put you in a Very Late Model GTR so running cost will probably need to be taken in to consideration as a Daily Driver they are not very practical also don't think the wife would enjoy nipping around in such a Big car (especially come parking time) the earlier models are more track focused and tend to be a harsh ride and do make some strange noises when cold lol RS3 F/L would be my favourite as already said you will get similar performance from Stage 1 Map to a Stage 3 R with out the Modification Cost plus every-time you go out less likely to see dozens of them on the Road unlike the 7R
  4. In your favour if ECU did flag up as VW shouldn't have sold it under the Approved Used.
  5. Being the 2nd Owner do you know for sure the Car wasn't modified (Mapped and returned to stock when sold on) Did you purchase the Car from Main Dealer? Reason I ask is If VW do carry out a lot of work and ECU does flag up a TD1 your going to get a large bill with no possible chance of any goodwill.
  6. 40+ Years and over 80 Cars later (10 Golfs) didn't get my 1st Golf until 2007 when I bought a Silver MK5 R32 had 2 More R32's after that then Purchased a MK5 GTi Pirelli Edition Couple of Years later got a MK6 R as well as Hurdy's Old Edition 30 (running a modest 300+ BHP by now) Started looking at Modified Golfs after that and purchased this MK6 R (ABT/Evolution) which wasn't liked by many on this Forum. Then Found a 500+BHP R32 Turbo: Purchased a MK6 Modified R from Member off Here and went to Stage 3 with that. Then last year Bought a New 7.5 R with the intention of Modifying that but just didn't really Gel with it so Sold it March and have a TTRS at the moment but looking at getting another RS3 Soon.
  7. Yeah, a massive difference from standard. Still plenty of room for improvement though haha. Might be worth checking the Condition of the Brackets from time to time as after about 20000 Miles this happened to mine: https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/20828-bbk-check/?tab=comments#comment-341534 Car was never tracked or even Driven hard.
  8. If it was on LongLife 1st Service would have been due at Around 18000 Miles or 24 Months so not missed service if that was the case and have you checked to see what was carried out at 30000 mile may have had the DSG oil done then if that was the last service is definitely due one now at 47000 Mile what has the Supply Dealer ( Dace German car centre) Said regarding the missing History? Also when is the DIS saying next one is Due?
  9. Yeah sorry about that just had text back from him came to his senses in time too nicer a Car to part with lol Think Ironside (Ian's) https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/1382-ironsides-r/ Old Car Might be available but could be above your budget as think the new owner whats about £22K Mega spec (£40K List) and only done about 15000 Miles
  10. Hi and welcome Huwgo has my old Car in the for sale section it's stage 3 but within your budget and a very well looked after great looking R
  11. Can you guys talk about something else please I miss it as well you know lol
  12. As you know George I have the Black on mine which when trying to sell will be convincing people there the best 😂 but if I'm honest when standing back and looking at the Car think I should have gone with Silver may get the Calipers done in Red which might improve the look but as selling in June will probably just save my Money
  13. Try coast2coastcaes there've just come back with a great deal for me on the TTRS which subject to the Finance contribution being included may mean my R could be back up for sale (May/June) I'll know in the next couple of Days George so will text you to see if it's still of interest to you as soon as there've got back to me with the figures.
  14. £800 Std Wheels £1200 for the optional wider fronts + an extra £695
  15. All Factory options will be included in the ROTR Price which is the figure that the Road Fund License will be calculated from so you can add aftermarket options once delivered but if you want OEM parts it will probably work out more expensive
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