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  1. Go for Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Not cheap but best gripping tyre I have ever had fitted.
  2. Forgot to enter my message above. But the message is always pays to do your research before buying a car. If it seems too good to be true it normally is!!!
  3. cocovs6

    Gap insurance

    Used both ALA and Total loss Gap before. Total loss Gap was cheaper but ALA gets a lot better reviews. Never had to use it fortunately. Audi use Premia Solutions for their GAP insurance at £499.
  4. Change to Michelin Pilot Sports will make big difference to the handling. Had Pirelli P1's on my RS4 and got rid of them and replaced with Michelin Pilot Sports and made a huge difference. Got Pirelli's on my Golf R and will be replacing them with the same.
  5. Might have to replace the actuator. Had to replace on Audi A3 as well, slightly different fuel flap but same actuator.
  6. Been driving B7 RS4 for last 5 years so wanted 4 wheel drive replacement. Was looking for a daily driver which the RS4 wasn't used as and was between Golf R, Audi S3 saloon or older Audi RS3. Audi RS3 ridiculously quick but didn't think I could live with it as a daily driver so was between the other two. Struggled to get the spec on the Audi S3 so went for the Golf. With little bit of tuning expecting to get similar performance to RS3 but with a bit more comfort and toys.
  7. Michelin Pilot Sports
  8. Despite the cars having same drivetrain I feel the Golf R drives that little bit better for some reason. Personally I love Sepang Blue S3 saloon which has the slight edge on my Lapiz Blue Golf R. I went for the Golf as I was struggling to find Sepang Blue S3 saloon with the spec I have in the Golf such as virtual dash. Not a lot between them but everyone will have their own opinion.
  9. Another vote for Collinite. I use 476 for the body and 845 for the wheels. Really good finish with very little buffing required. Have used 845 on the bodywork and it is great too.
  10. I would take it to a recommended Specialist rather than main dealer. Have still to find a main dealer for any car I have owned that I would recommend!!!!
  11. Another vote for Michelin Pilot Sports. Best tyre I have fitted on previous performance cars and always better than the recommended tyre.
  12. Probably been asked many times but is the MK7.5 Golf R fitted with timing chain or belt? If belt what is recommended change intervals?
  13. If you are still looking for place to refurb alloys would recommend Alloy Wheel Specialist in Cumbernauld. Had several wheels done here and they have the contract now for Audi.
  14. Looking to get diagnostic scanner tool for MK7.5 Golf R and looking to see if this will work with MK7.5 Golfs. Anyone know if it will work or not? Cheers
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