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  1. Bazgti

    Help Needed

    Is there anybody close to Oldham that will be able to help me log a few runs on my car with a lap top? Ive had an intermittent loss of power on the 6R for about 4 months. Ive booked it in at Awesome 4 times. 3 of them times ive cancelled because the issue has disappeared. Last month i lost all patience and took it in. They found nothing untoward. They reset the throttle body etc and it ran fine for a few weeks and now its been Sh*te for last week. I cant find anything obviously wrong. Changed the plugs, cleaned the filter, checked for leaks on the pipes. The usual stuff. The issue i have is around work and the booking times at Awesome. Betime i can get it up there, the issue has disappeared and im back to square one. Can anybody help?
  2. Bazgti

    Shell petrol stations price errors

    Im unsure if anybody else experiences this. My Stage 2 + 6R eats Shell V power twice as fast as it does the Momentum.
  3. Hi, Any one from here making the trip next weekend?
  4. Hi, Im just wondering how i go abput selling an item on the for sale page. I cant seem to find anywhere to start an advertisement. Thanks
  5. Bazgti

    19" Talladega Alloy - MK6 Golf

    Have you tried measuring the hole depth? Can you not get in contact with your local council and ask them to pay for it? Apparently theyve spent millions in pay outs on people's cars.
  6. Bazgti

    MK6 Golf R Engine Noises

    Sounds the same as mine does tbh... 🤔
  7. Hi all, Im just looking into the pricing of discs and pads for the 6R. Im looking to keep them looking standard. I havent got big brake kit kind of money after buying a house recently. Ive had a look around and most places are suggesting that there is more than one size, fitment etc. Can any one shed some light on this please? Fitments, sizes, dimensions etc Thanks
  8. Bazgti

    What brand of fuel?

    Youre joking, right?
  9. Bazgti

    Havent posted in a while...

    Very very small. I used to manage the little gym in Greenfield next to the Tesco. And i live literally a stones throw away from Denshaw. Yeahhh for sure. Im game for that 😊
  10. Bazgti

    What brand of fuel?

    Incidently, has anyone seen that uplpad on Youtube where tge pumps arent calibrated properly. Someone was lightly pressing the trigger. I think it got to a £1 before any fuel actually came out.
  11. Bazgti

    In the Snow

    Ive just posted the same topic without seeing yours. Youve had the same experiences as me. Very impressed with the 4motion.
  12. Bazgti

    Havent posted in a while...

    Hi all, Havent posted in a while but i thought id gauge the thoughts of you all after the recent weather. Ive had my 6R 3 years in November. Its the 1st time its properly snowed since i bought it. I live in Oldham at the side of Saddleworth moor. It was absolutely brilliant. It left next doors posey 4x4 Jag looking stupid tbh. It never missed a beat. Hows everyone else found theirs?
  13. Bazgti

    What brand of fuel?

    I use Shell V power when i dont have Tesco Momentum close by. I prefer the Tesco because i get better fuel economy. The R drinks Shell quicker than Georgie Best in his hey day. Performance wise, Tesco feels better with my Stage 2 + setup. Awrsome GTI did some homework on this with £5 of fuel from all the leading companies and a rolling road. Tesco came out on top from what i remember.
  14. Bazgti

    Sad news....

    I still see the the odd 1 on a very rare occasion. But they're usually tired and not well maintained. Its ridiculous to think theyre now 15 years old. I bet there's still a few minters sat away somewhere. I remember seeing 1 on pistonheads a few years back with about 900miles on it. It had been dry stored from new. The owner wanted mega money for it. Itd be interesting to know how many of the 1600 are left.
  15. Bazgti

    Sad news....

    Hi all, Its not major news. But had a quick search on the DVLA website last night to see if my old Mk4 25th Anni was still going. I had it for 4 years and i got rid at 82k and tbf was absolutely mint. Turns out its been SORN and not MOT'd for just under 12 months. It would appear that the old girl has gone to motor heaven. Still though, i sold it nearly 7 years ago. Its was a 52 reg. She didnt have a bad innings as the saying goes! haha I loved my anni, it was ultra rare in my area. My Mk5 GTI is still going strong it appears. Its just been MOT'd. I had a spot of nostalgia kicking in. It's insane to think i owned it 7 years ago. Sheesh... Time is flying.