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  1. Bazgti

    Old Skool modding....

    Calipers today...
  2. Bazgti

    Old Skool modding....

    They look a really good job. I havent done around the vents yet and havent done the plate at the back where the ESP is. But now ive seen yours. I may have a bash. 👍
  3. Bazgti

    5 Things you look for in buying a car

    1) Price 2) Brand 3) Condition 4) Looks 5) Performance and potential Brand quality is a huge thing to me. I havent seriously looked at any other brand than VW and particularly the Golf. Ive had a gander at an S3 every now and then but i still prefer the Golf. RS3 would be lovely but my budget would only stretch to the early model which is looking dated in my opinion. Im having the the same issues with the 6R to 7R. I prefer the 6R for looks. In my opinion its a much better looking car and rarer. 7R has the fresher look and the newer engine.
  4. Bazgti

    What was your first car?

    C reg (2 years older than me) Vauxhall Nova painted in Ford Mallard green. Had 3 spoke alloys, GTE interior and body kit with a 1.6 carb Cavalier engine in it. I spent 1200 on a set of speedline alessios. Nice cheap little motor. From the there its always been Golf's. Y Reg 1.8t GTI, 52 reg 25th Anni (1602), Mk5 Golf GTI and now a 6R.
  5. Thought id have a bash at painting my gear knob, stereo and a/c surrounds last night. The gear knob surround needed replacing because the grey material on top had come off. As per the replacement price was insane as you have to buy the full unit. I dont think its a bad job for a tenners worth of aerosol piant and some flatting pads and paper. It has a few specs of dust in but its much better than the flaky material previously. Updates the 6R dash a little too.
  6. Bazgti

    What did you do to your R today?

    £892.46p for a new one from VW 🤢
  7. Bazgti

    What did you do to your R today?

    19" Talladega
  8. Bazgti

    What did you do to your R today?

    Cracked my alloy on a f*cking pot hole!! I hate the roads and this country more and more 🤬
  9. Bazgti

    MOT fail... Help needed

    I have on previous models. But ive since bought a house and the drive is on a slope. Any bigger of a drop and it wont get on it. It scrapes the bloody bumper now 😣 And just making a much bigger and more expensive job when the handling is more than capable on its current set up.
  10. Bazgti

    MOT fail... Help needed

    Ooooo thats something id never considered. When ever ive modifide cars previously ive replaced all 4 to get a lowered look so never experienced a failure. The R is the only car where ive made no modifications in that area. Thanks.... For the bad news! More expense haha
  11. Afternoon everybody, The 6R has just been in for an MOT and unfortunately has suffered a broken rear coil spring. Does anybody happen to know the brand and the part number. Europarts are advertising 3 different versions Anscler, Sachs and KYB. Ive heard of Sachs but not the other. My car is a 2010 plate with Acc upgrade if that makes any difference. Thanks
  12. Bazgti

    Help Needed

    Is there anybody close to Oldham that will be able to help me log a few runs on my car with a lap top? Ive had an intermittent loss of power on the 6R for about 4 months. Ive booked it in at Awesome 4 times. 3 of them times ive cancelled because the issue has disappeared. Last month i lost all patience and took it in. They found nothing untoward. They reset the throttle body etc and it ran fine for a few weeks and now its been Sh*te for last week. I cant find anything obviously wrong. Changed the plugs, cleaned the filter, checked for leaks on the pipes. The usual stuff. The issue i have is around work and the booking times at Awesome. Betime i can get it up there, the issue has disappeared and im back to square one. Can anybody help?
  13. Bazgti

    Shell petrol stations price errors

    Im unsure if anybody else experiences this. My Stage 2 + 6R eats Shell V power twice as fast as it does the Momentum.
  14. Hi, Any one from here making the trip next weekend?
  15. Hi, Im just wondering how i go abput selling an item on the for sale page. I cant seem to find anywhere to start an advertisement. Thanks