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  1. Now that is a question. Im really not sure. As i said in my original post, he gave a little tub that looked the one furthest right on your pic. There is no name, branding or anything on the tub though. The wax itself is quite greasy and orange. Il take snap when im in the garage tomorrow. It probably would help to know which variant it is.
  2. I went to Elsecar VAG car show last weekend at Doncaster race course. Other than the nostalgia of there being every car ive ever owned being there (Even a Vauxhall Nova with Speedline Alessio alloys) I kept getting drawn back into an MK5 R32 with a supercharger. As far as show cars go, it was simply stunning. The paint work was like glass. Anyway after a bit of a chat with the owner he have me a little tub of the wax he uses, he was obviously sponsored by them and raved about how good the wax was and is apparently made from fruit. Got to be honest, he had a point. Ive just washed mine with Meguirs shampoo and then put a coat of Meguiars carnuba wax on. That usually is perfect enough. I decided to stick a coat of new wax on. The owner said stick in liberally, I put to much on now in hindsight because you cant see it smear on like normal wax. It took a fair bit of time to polish it, but it looks absolutely unreal. Almost glass like. Ive had a look on the website and they do a £25 tester bundle, which I think im going to have a bash with. Id recommend it to anyone to give it a whirl.
  3. Anybody going to this at weekend?
  4. I was exactly the same with mine. Even as i was getting into my nee car i was still thinking about the decision id made. 6R to RS3 isnt a bad switch. But the 6R was just a beaut of a car. Im particularly anal with my cars and the condition of the R didnt warrant a swap. But i wanted 1 last fling with something special before the Mrs got pregnant. Had the RS a month.... Guess what 🙈
  5. Sounds awesome. And great price too. What did they about the decat?
  6. Definitely stage 1. I went with APR as i always do on my motors. A VWR induction kit soon followed, then a miltek turbo back with a decat and were into stage 2 territory. I added an APR FP and i was up to stage 2+. They really are a force to be reckoned with at Stage 2 +. I changed the diverter valve and the N75 that connects to to the turbo. Along with Haldex change and DSG service it was reliable power too.
  7. Where from Greedy? 6R or 7R.
  8. Ahhh... I was looking at Yellow's picture! ha
  9. The debate about the third party insurance is absolutely correct. I was hit in May 2016 by a 'driver'. I knew something wasnt right from the off. From wrong addresses on his original driving license, to ringing friends up to prove to me he was insured. His friend then told me a totally different address because i knew he was telling porkies. I threatened to hang him upside down at one point, he pulled out a second license with yet another address. Both provisional but adamant he'd passed. It was like that for 2 weeks. He changed his phone number twice trying to pull a fast one. Anywayyy... turns out he was insured, but on a provisional license policy. He didnt have a passenger with him over 21 etc and therefore was in breach of his insurance. Although not a modification issue. The insurance said hed lied (still dont get that to this day) and they pulled his insurance. My insurance said that under Article 75 they have a responsibility to cover my personal injury, policy excess and costs but not the damage to my car. His insurance company are still trying to wangle their way out of paying costs to this day. My costs are £1000 short of the estimated costs from my insurance and my insurance company are looking at taking them to court to recover costs. Its been a longggg process! As for being towed and charged, if you dont contact the police within 24 hours of the incident. They cannot do a thing! This also happened. DVLA didnt want to know either.
  10. Bazgti

    Tragic news.

    Horrible news this morning. We all love our performance motors, but there's a time and place for doing that sort of things. RIP little uns https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/15/two-children-dead-care-hit-audi-bentley-street-race-8907080/?ito=amp-trending-0
  11. Ahhh oooops! My bad. I wasnt really selling them. I just have them lying about because they dont fit on my new motor. Was just trying be of use.
  12. Like a carbon fibre effect with a silver trim. They look great against the R interior. Il send you some pics if you like?
  13. I have some that ive just taken off my R before part exchanging it if youre interested?
  14. That actual one is simply known as a 'Forge twin air twintake.' There are other brands that do something similar.
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