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  1. Hi booth thanks for the reply mate,they have actually been working fine and only just stopped working! Strange one I've checked all the usuals
  2. Hi folks I've just realised the head light washers not working on the golf,any thoughts or fixes would be much appreciated cheers
  3. Hi I actually had the imported hybrid clutch from America
  4. Performance centre in Sunderland north_east, they do custom remapping £325 they have some great reviews and a pal of mine had his BM remapped there and he actually recommended them!!!!
  5. Hi all getting the golf remapped to stage1 this Wednesday!!! Iam not to sure what to expect I've actually just covered the recommended running in time after recently upgrading the clutch and flywheel,so here goes!!! Keep yous all posted on the results cheers
  6. Hi Evans the total cost was £1600 all in,very true what your saying about the feeling/components and apparently all hand built! 5weeks from ordering to actually have it fitted but worth every penny in my mind that's only my opinion by the way ,cheers kev
  7. Hi Evans,Iam not sure we're the lads bought it in from there's a place called revolution performance who done the clutch, I just done the research on the clutch told them which one I wanted and they done the rest!!! it had seemed to have good reviews,not the cheapest but never the less
  8. Hi folks just got the golf back after having the clutch and flywheel replaced,I went for the rsr hybrid clutch and flywheel,just running it in for 1000 miles as recommend by the garage,only just covered 50 miles but since changed and the car feels fantastic well happy.iam thinking about a remap but don't want to ruin the drive!!! Any thought would be much appreciated cheers
  9. Thanks slider09,never even thought about trying that approach it's well worth a try,I will keep you posted how I get on cheers
  10. Hi folks,I've had to top up the washer bottle up a bit recently,I've also noticed there's a drip coming from directly under the bottle,I've had a look and it looks a right chew on,any thought on how to remove it or any quick fix if there's such a thing, or is it a bumper off job!!!! cheers
  11. Thanks for the quick reply it’s much appreciated, I think al order 2 new bulbs hopefully that will do the job👍
  12. Hi folks I’ve just had a fault appear on the dash which stated cornering light!!! Has anybody had this?? Is it just the bulbs???any thought please
  13. hi I was just reading your post and wondering if you have to specify that you want both oil and filter change when servicing your haldex? Just that vw have quoted me £79 for this service!! And possibly thinking now after reading this post this is probably only for the oil change??
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