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  1. Hi all does any body no were I can source some centre caps some little rascals stolen the ones of the r360 racelines ,, any ideas or links would help massively cheers
  2. Kev1970

    Seat covers

    Hi all,can anyone recommend some good quality seat cover,just starting to use the golf for work and was not wanting any building site dust on the seats cheers
  3. Hi laths I feel you pain,mine went at 31k so a bit more mileage than yours I did try the warrant route but was unsuccessful, ended up going for an uprated hybrid clutch and also a new fly wheel,it bit pricey but well worth it,,,,only my opinion though good luck and hope you get sorted
  4. Hi sorry for the late response, I ordered them from CLP tuning they cost£138 all in hope this helps cheers 👍
  5. Hiya fletch,Ive recently bought new black alloys all I had to do was ask the fitter to put black weights on it didn't cost anything extra,,,I used Kwik fit mobile fitting service they were really good,,
  6. Hiya booth,just need to add some decent disc and pads,then that's all Iam spending on mods tbh lol ,,,,,it's 15 plate just clocked 40k,although well looked after it won't be long before Iam persuaded to part with in for turmeric 3door dgs 🤔
  7. Hi folks just added some new black gloss mirror caps that now match the race line alloys,well happy with the results cheers kev
  8. hi all I’ve added a photo of my new race line alloys,got them from awesome just now looking to change the mirror caps to black cheers
  9. Hi all just fitted the golf with19""black raceline r360s alloys from awesome and fitted them with PS4 mitchelins,which has totally transformed the car from the Cadiz and was wanting to upload some pics,can any one tell me the best way to get some pics uploaded thanks
  10. Hi booth thanks for the reply mate,they have actually been working fine and only just stopped working! Strange one I've checked all the usuals
  11. Hi folks I've just realised the head light washers not working on the golf,any thoughts or fixes would be much appreciated cheers
  12. Hi I actually had the imported hybrid clutch from America
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