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  1. Hi, due to collect my R next week, previously owned a 6R about 4 years ago before moving to an S1, S3, RS3 and then to BMW earlier this year. I've now decided it's time for a change from Audi and fancied trying the 7.5 R. My spec is 5dr DSG, indium grey, pan roof, leather, discover nav pro, DCC, Spielbergs and some other stuff like keyless, carbon mirrors, rear view cam, 90% privacy and a service pack. Still not sure on the Spielbergs and will possibly swap to silver Pretoria's as soon as I find a set. Looking forward to collection & will post up some photos soon after.
  2. Answer NO, initially wash with soap water, dry them then use some metal polish such as Autosol, autoglym metal polish or AF mercury to get them back to clean & shiny with a microfibre. I also put some wax on top very couple of months. Then it's just a matter of washing them each week, generally I wash them when I do the wheels and not with the bodywork wash to minimise any risk of scratching.
  3. Apologies for the thread, I know it's been discussed many times but I need some opinions on spec. I have 2 short listed cars, both black, both manual & both have discover nav & prets. I always said after my cloth R32 never again as it was difficult at p/ex. My 6R had leather & that helped at resale I'm sure. So question is 3 door with leather or 5 door with cloth? Prices are identical (ish).
  4. My Tiguan R Line seats were very similar, I bought the VW ones & they were great, especially through last winter. The covers were properly designed to accomodate for side airbags as well.
  5. The dealer staff are very scared of the customer satisfaction surveys yet they still seem to f**k things up which to me points at an inherent problem with the whole way the dealers work. Last new car I bought (June 2014) the dealer said if Audi contact you make sure give us a high satisfaction rating, yet when I took my car back the following week with paintwork issues they couldn't give a Needless to say I gave a truthful opinion on the feedback survey & the dealer can't be bothered with me now
  6. Hi Been reading this forum over the last few weeks as I'm looking to go back to an R. I have had a MK6R previously and many many GTI's 6/5 I've started looking around for the right car & thought I'd try & get real world advice on the MK7 R. Preferred spec is black 3 or 5 door, manual (sorry!), leather, nav and that's pretty much it. May even compromise on the leather. Anyway, just a brief intro, keep you posted on the search. Thanks
  7. I was searching on Autotrader & found this car, thought I'd checkout this forum & amazed to find a pic of the car I was going to look at. Does anyone recognise this car? It's up for sale at present in a dealer so assume this pic was taken when the car was a demo?
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