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  1. Very useful to know and very glad you got it sorted. Kudos to that master tech.👍
  2. Lovely finish! The most durable wax for Winter use, I've used to date is Auto Finesse's Spirit. Two thin coats applied after thorough prep and lasted 5 months. Car was washed every fortnight. £90 for a 150g pot so not cheap.
  3. As far as I know, yes. I've been using it for 5 years now with no ill effects in various VW group cars.
  4. Alternative to ECP... http://vwmotorparts.com/genuine-vw-5tr-quantum-longlife-3-engine-oil-p-11.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Merchant%20Feed
  5. Thanks. That's exactly what I tried to do last night. VCDS saved the changes alright but the flappers remained open in all modes. Switching off the ignition and pulling the key out before restarting made no difference either. Fast forward to this morning - started the car and the flappers are behaving normally again! Perhaps leaving the car locked for a while made the difference? The electrics in this car take a good while to power down completely after ignition off and locking doors.
  6. Anyone tried reactivating the exhaust flapper in VCDS? Got mine to switch off okay and undecided whether I want the drone all of the time so went back in and ticked the appropriate box but the flappers remain open in all modes. I'm wondering if it's a case of physically disconnecting and reconnecting the actual connecters as well, to get them to work again. Just curious.
  7. This was in part what I was getting at, but rather more subtly than you gazzab lol! If they find out about the gift they could very well threaten to use it against you as easily as you can against their apparently errant sales operative. Why is my post now in here? I know it is a lease issue, but I would have thought it has wider interest and would be good for people to be able to search/follow it in case something like this happens again, rather than being lost in a large generic thread. Oh well, looks like it has come to an end anyway.... Got a phone call from the dealer, he said that he has been going round and round and had a "hot poker shoved up his a**e" by his superiors due to the way the deal was handled. They have offered me a cheque for £1000. This is minus VAT and the £300 in exchange for the 'gift'. Which means all in I am £400 down over 2 years, but will not be paying for a third. I am happy with that as it resolves things quickly and should hopefully mean I get my car today or tomorrow - providing there are no other problems... Happy for you man! +1 As for merging of threads - counterproductive and off-putting to be honest.
  8. I would ask the lease provider. In my case, was advised - VW franchised dealer only. Hope that helps?
  9. Haha, still not specific enough.... far aboot? I'm a fetternear / chapel o garioch expat now living in edinburgh. Davit
  10. You're probably right with the allocation theory, for private/retail orders at least. When I was getting my GTD, ordered March 13, I knew of at least 4 GTDs ordered privately with my dealership, the first being delivered on July 1st, I had to wait until Sept for mine, yet there were others ordering in May who got theirs before mine, they thought they were the first orders in at their dealership, so allocation there was going begging. Lease deals might not be treated in quite the same way, being fulfilled by the fleet side of the dealership, maybe they are less restricted on allocation. Hi, just joined the waiting list last week - 5dr Man with no options - and the two VW dealers I was in contact with quoted differing waiting times. Specialist Cars, Aberdeen were quite definite - 23 weeks waiting time irrespective of lease or purchase. Hawco, Inverness were less certain - 4 to 6 months. I went with the latter option as I'm in the fortunate position of being in no hurry and the business/leasing manager there is very helpful and honest. Not sure if that helps or not?
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