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  1. Its a Seat so pretty much acts like its a VW. I've only done 4500 miles in just under the 12 months and the first service (oil service) has popped up. My R did exactly the same thing at around 12 months and about 6000 miles. I don't really understand the servicing but read somewhere that lots of short journeys will mean the (roughly) 12 month servicing. If I got it on schedule I'd need to service it mid December. I plan on leaving it until mid January so its not showing it needs a service when I return it end on November next year. Sent from my Swift 2 Plus using Tapatalk
  2. I'm sure this was covered extensively at the peak of lease hysteria but i can't seem to find it. What have 24 month leasers done in terms of dodging the second service? I dodged it on my R as I ordered a new car that turned up a few months before the R went back so I terminated early. With my current (cheapo 2wd not an R) lease it's following the same service pattern. 12 months in its looking for a service but i'm inclined to string it out a month (i'll be drunk the whole of December and not driving it anyway) over its due date as i'll be keeping it the full 24 months and don't want to be paying for the second service at hand back.
  3. Used to drive a BMW then a golf, now a seat so I guess I'm really in the cheap seats... In more ways than one. (Just the photos I've got on my phone...there are more) Sent from my Swift 2 Plus using Tapatalk
  4. Apologies for this very, very late reply bodman, I don't frequent these parts much since the Golf went. I dare say you've already made your decision but i'll give you my thoughts anyway. No regrets on switching and i'll be a year in to ownership in roughly 2 weeks time. The only bad thing about the car is the wheel hop in cold, damp or wet conditions (so more or less all the time in Scotland). Once underway its not a massive issue. You'd expect a bit of wheelsman from any FWD car with the power but the trouble with the cupra is the violence of it. It sound and feels like someone kicking the dashboard out. Fortunately it can be reduced significantly with a replacement bushing costing about £60 and taking no more than 20 minutes to fit yourself. I think all things considered the Golf R is a better all round car but the Cupra is more fun when you want it to be. About the only thing I miss about the golf is the occasional full bore launch.
  5. My well heeled mate has 2 of them. Grey one which he's owned since new, it's in storage and never really gets used now. He never bought it as an investment and the amount it's increased in value is pocket change to him. And a black one with a few mods (exhaust suspension and brakes mainly) which he uses as a track car. He picked this one up when they were cheapish, bought off a city boy in London who had lost his job in the credit crunch. I did a weekend at Ascari in it with him. Not the fastest thing I've driven and SMG is pretty horrible (his has broken a few times). It does have great steering and makes a great noise. A really metallic rasp from his and it shoots flames.
  6. Warrington Seat are offering the cupra 300 for 285pm on a 1+35 basis 8k per annum if anyone is interested.
  7. As most of the leased golfs were owned by VWFS which although not legally part of VW.... pretty much is VW. It just shows how much the manufacturers and the dealers profit puts onto the price of a car that is sold via the traditional forecourt. I'm pretty damn sure VW still made a profit on this car leasing it for £6500 then selling it for £18000 at auction. I know dealer mark up is pretty small so it makes you wonder just how big the manufacturer mark up must be. I always thought of the cheap R deals as being a bit like a factory outlet sale.
  8. Aesthetics are the only reason for picking a Scirocco. Because as well as all the reasons given above it also misses out on having the VAQ differential that you get in the performance pack GTi and the Cupra. The cupra obviously having the more powerful engine same as the scirocco as well as a higher standard spec. The Scirocco is the fast VAG car for people who don't really know much about cars.
  9. Older Volvos always get a good rap over on Pistonheads. I once started a thread about PH cars that you just don't get the attraction with and Volvos were top of my list. The justification for them being rated was the characterful 6 and 5 cylinder engines in the older ones with easy tuning potential so for very little money you could have a reliable, well built family barge with up to c300bhp. This makes sense. The new ones with shared Ford engine tech just seem dull.
  10. No pics as yet as it's been wet, dirty and dark since the moment it was delivered. It's a fairly uninteresting looking thing anyway so if you want to get an idea of what it looks like go into your kitchen and look at the washing machine/fridge or any other appliance and you'll get the idea. Anyway, that rather harsh comment aside here's a quick idea of what it's like in comparison to the mk7 Golf R. Its a very strange experience going from the R to this car. Everything is the same but almost completely different. Many of the interior parts are the same but in a slightly different position and there's a bit less "decoration' in the interior parts which does make it feel a rung below the Golf in terms of class. However, it doesn't feel cheap, it's all soft touch and sturdy German Spanish plastic, doors close with a similar thunk, steering wheel is nice leather, everything is will finished and fits well and most importantly the seats are about a gazillion times better than those in the golf (I always hated the Golf seats) although you do sit higher. This has a weird effect in that it makes the car feel physically smaller. In turn this has convinced me it drives like it's noticeably lighter. Going by the official specs there is naff all in it in terms of weight difference, especially since i've went for the heavier DSG. It could even be the eagerness of the DSG keeping the thing skipping along that's convinced me it's more responsive to inputs or perhaps it's the wheels are lighter (the black edition gets the multi spoke sub 8 pack wheels). In terms of drive it's a less grown up experience than the Golf. Many of us that jumped on the deal over on pistonheads have been running a discussion and a few guys have described it as being a bit like a bigger, faster, Fiesta ST which i think translates to "it's more hot hatchy". The soundaktor thing sounds nothing like the golf, it's far more 4 cylinder in it's sound. The driver profiles seem to make more of a difference to the car but i think a lot of that has to do with the DCC. In the Cupra you get Comfort, Sport, Cupra and individual. There is an Eco engine mode hidden in the individual settings but no actual Eco profile so as it stands Sport is like Race mode in the Golf and Cupra is like Race mode on Crystal Meth. The suspension in that mode is harder than a Glasgow housing scheme and with DSG in S the wheels spin violently in this weather in all gears. The comfort setting for the suspension is brilliant. I thought it felt very similar to the standard suspension on the Golf but damping seems far better on rough roads yet you get the same limited body roll. I don't feel much need to change out of comfort although if the road is smooth sport is noticeably better. In it's various settings the steering feels lighter than the golf (that lighter car feeling again). I think VAG have maybe done this on purpose trying to imply that heavier equals solid/better built. You get about the same amount of feel through the wheel as in the Golf but there seems to be a bit more communication about road surfaces possibly being generated via better tyres (continental sportcontact5 rather than the bridgestone nonsense on the Golf) or bigger/lighter wheels. Turn in at speed is pretty positive, it builds faith even in the wet. I've not properly challenged the diff but throwing into a roundabout like an idiot you get a sense of why many reviews describe it as "biting" into the corners. It's very hard to draw a comparison on the same engine, especially when i've not got the same gearbox. I'm inclined to say the Cupra feels a bit more responsive but I'm also inclined to credit DSG for that. I'd be amazed if it was down on power/torque on the Golf despite what the marketing material says. As an overall driving experience it has been more of a change than I was expecting, better in some ways and worse in others. For me it is a little more exciting to drive, it just feels a little edgier, it's harder to use the power well (lots of people will hate that) meaning you need to know the car and read the conditions. Going DSG has probably been the weirdest thing for me. D mode feels like it's often in the wrong gear and there are a few other quirks i'm not keen on. I know you loved your RS megane Bodman. The Cupra is a step in that direction from the Golf but it's not as focussed. Maybe a manual driven 100% of the time in cupra mode would be more megane like. If i'm honest cupra mode reminds me of the time I floored it in a GT3 and nearly shot over the top of a roundabout on an industrial estate. In the Golf i pretty much drove around in Race mode for 2 years. In the Cupra I've set up an individual mode that has steering in cupra, suspension in comfort, differential set at full and engine in Eco mode for 90% of my driving only switching to sport on B road blasts. Don't know if that says anything about how much more things seem to be dialled up in the Cupra.
  11. Great way of spraying screen wash all over the bonnet. Hardly a fine spray.
  12. Delivered yesterday. I've only done about 10 miles in some of the wettest weather we've had in weeks so far so I'll reserve any judgement on handling until I've actually had a chance to sample it. Quick list of initial observations; The seating position is higher than the golf but the seats (buckets in the black edition) are miles better than In the golf. The interior is a bit of a sea of featureless textured black plastic. MIB2 is much better than MIB1 but the Seat software also seems better from a user experience perspective. Cupra mode is like Race mode on steroids. Honestly, the car is harder than my mate big Tony in that mode. Sport mode is like race. Eco mode does not exist. The driver that delivered the car averaged 40mpg. Never seen anything like that. The modes of the adaptive dampers are actually noticeably different. Comfort feels like standard Golf R Theres more road noise in the Cupra The soundaktor is far less obvious and sounds totally different. I'm actually wondering if the dealer has turned mine down. The big plastic backed seats rob some rear seat space but the boot is a fair bit bigger cant really think on anything else. Think I said I've got the golf for another week so I'm going to do a long drive (not in 1 inch of standing water) in the Cupra then jump in the golf again and get a proper back to back.
  13. Those are early used prices. The cupra 300 ST will be c£30k as that's what the cupra 290 was. Granted, you can get a decent discount but still at least £25k. Still decent VFM as they come with a pretty high standard spec.
  14. I'll post a wee mini review/comparison to the R along with some photos. BCA aren't picking the R up until the following Wednesday so i'm going to have 1 week with the 2 of them at my disposal. Mine is coming in Dynamic grey which is so dynamic it actually just looks like white. I've heard figures of 450 and 750 cupras ordered during the duration of the cheap lease deal so either way there still won't be a massive number of them on the road. I think some people felt the brand was just too much of a compromise for them so they didn't attract the same sort of volume as the R or even the recent S3 deals which were a fair bit higher. Anyway, it was a condition of the offer that all cars were delivered no later than the end of December so if you aren't seeing them everywhere yet then those figures can't be far off the truth. For a lot of people who ordered Seat and some of the leasing firms have been rubbish. Communication has been poor and Seat discontinued a few of the colours after accepting the orders so quite a few people who ordered Dynamic Grey or Alor Blue have ended up with either a Monsoon grey (dark grey) or Nevada white car, often without even being told. Delivery times were also well off but such things are no surprise to us R owners.
  15. I've got a 290 taken on the cheap lease deals arriving this coming Wednesday. I will miss the mash the pedal and go ease of the Golf but only time will tell how bad the traction of the Cupra is, this probably isn't going to be the best time of year to be changing. Fortunately i'm not one for taking part in traffic light GPs (i like having a license) so hopefully it won't be too frustrating, I'm more entertained by stringing corners together on some B roads so i'm looking forward to the adaptive dampers and seeing how the techy mechanical diff works in it's various settings. I've also gone DSG this time for a bit of a change. I should really have done it the other way round as I think the DSG suits the R more although being able to have both hands on the steering while scrambling for grip may well be a good idea. As for the facelift i'm not really sure how real those extra 10 horses will be. 280s and 290s that have been dyno'd on the various owners groups have all been the same and amazingly they have all been more than claimed by the factory already. Think only 1 guy had less and it turned out his car was broken. Academic anyway if all it does is spin the wheels.
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