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  1. sorry ive not updated for a while guys heres a few pics of my mag feature(ill try and get them in order for you to read) cars still in Aks tuning(been there for nearly 6 months now)hopefully fully built back up with a few extras
  2. Good speaking to you yesterday mate,couple of pics i took
  3. replace with a 501 led or full led replacement
  4. sorted with a brand new latch and adjustment of the catch so its solid now
  5. was nice to meet you yesterday andy,cars looking on point and a deserved trophy for all your efforts
  6. bloody great,my boot wont close 😢 it just bounces and wont latch on ive wd40 the latches and checked the body latch to check if its loose etc but nowt,worked like 20 mins ago now nothing,any help please? oh and it opens off the key fob when you press the latch in manually,inters at the weekend also where the boot will be full,ive had to bungee it closed for now
  7. ill be there Saturday and sunday mate,camping sat night 👍
  8. simon well looked after this,very pampered,now again going that bit further to this is immense,love a well looked after car welcome to the club also matt👍
  9. pm me your spec mate,will be nice to compare😎
  10. Niki at R tech needed an extra metering of air flow etc as the supplied wastegate I had wasn't removed to find the size of the spring in it and couldn't control the boost etc was supposed to of been done prior to mapping but was forgotten about
  11. its had its moments lol was off the road for 4 months around xmas time and just on the final stretch something else popped up and put the time back ill play around with it over this season then decide its time to move on with a sensible car and watch from the outside but still get involved with the clubs etc just trying to get the launch on its sweet point https://www.dropbox.com/s/gbm3mhmeduxuh0e/launch.MOV?dl=0
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