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  1. 5 door Red with winter pack, 20k, got a quote to buy and they wanted 20500 so declined. Odd that others quoted substantially less. Scirocco R comes the day it goes back for a few £ less per month but might have cancelled and kept the golf if they'd have been in the 18,000 range.
  2. Meant VWFS and alphabet not WBAC
  3. Likely they'll have the same standards as VWFS and probably even be collected by the same auction companies.
  4. Would have liked to buy the wife's R that ends lease mid April but they want full dealer retail for it.
  5. My wife will be going from leased Golf R to leased 'rocco R It's about £400 cheaper over the same 2 year 10k terms at just under £7k
  6. Ordered a 'rocco R to replace the leased Golf R that goes back in April. Cheaper than the golf by a good few £ a month and similar enough in performance for most of the time.
  7. We have one of these, great for occasional times need to transport our dogs: https://goo.gl/images/P6oJJb
  8. Was thinking of extending but probably going for a scirocco R, very good deals at moment
  9. Grew up just off Winkworth Road, used to cycle there to go watch on Sunday afternoons then ride/drive on/in various motorbikes and cars (early - late 80s!) Guess it's all 40 or 50mph and cameras everywhere now?
  10. Anyone ever tried any Team Dynamics pro race? Already have 18" winter tyres so looking for wheels only. Thinking could be a bit light usage for winter/potholes etc
  11. Been looking for a pcp as lease deals rubbish compared to the £200 of the current one which goes back in march/April. So far local dealer is best on carwow which is useful. Basic spec plus metallic and app connect are only options desired.
  12. Need a set of 18" for winters, don't want to spend too much but had issues with buckling the last cheap wheels on potholes.
  13. A big screw driver will do it, might be possible with a coin too but didn't try that. Although replaced the plug as bought another as recommended nothing wrong with the removed one.
  14. At the VW dealer in the showroom, good spec car but shocking list price.
  15. Kev, interesting to see your name on here! Ever get on the tt forum these days? Was a white estate in Bath VW a couple of weeks ago.
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