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  1. I am a possible - even though it's 90 minute drive and I hate the A27 😬 - but depends how i feel after Saturday watching Rugby in the boozer. Make that a maybe ... 🙄 If not will try and do one in the New Year and especially if I have decided to sell the R...
  2. No worries - I came from 8P to the Golf R and have written before how much i prefer the agility and feel of the R over the RS3 so echo some of your sentiments. The RS3 , capable though it is, and quite good looking in the right colour (mine was an exclusive colour which I never really got to love although others did) was never a car I truly enjoyed. It always felt like just too much work and like you said always wanted to understeer into the nearest hedge/tree/kerb! The tech was 2010 and I was starting to tire of the Milltek/secondary cat delete set up that I had. I did
  3. What a stunning colour ! Would definitely have been my choice if available back in September 2015 when I ordered mine! And could just be the colour of my next Golf .... although I guess I will be forced to leave the R forum then !!!
  4. Update ... Well I had a change of plan with my winter project, after a few enjoyable MINI shows and only 1,500 miles in the year. Sold the GP1 for pretty much what i originally paid for it (although I did let the private plate go with the car) and for 48 hours I was cash rich and second-car poor.... And then I bought this ..... A bit more "me" and a little bit less raw than the GP1 and hence can do more miles comfortably. And there's less work to do if I want to show it because its only 4 years old , not 11 like the GP1. But current plans are O
  5. An update after what seems like a real long time ... all my pictures have disappeared from the thread once Dropbox (spits on the floor) changed their policy - I then removed all my photos and my account in disgust. At least I had all the pictures stored on One Drive and that works for sites where can't host the pictures .. So attached a picture that didn't make the 2017 Calendar ... I still have my Golf R and its just clicked over 9k miles! Other car projects (a MINI GP1 and now a MINI GP2) have meant that its been relegated to a daily driver , albeit a very capable o
  6. Sorry mate - did not get a PM here ? If it was a Tapatalk thing then would not have got it anyway as Tapatalk was off my phone for a while
  7. Hang on a minute !! have I been away that long from here ??? Sean - you have a Golf R ??? Better head off to RS3OC as well now .... Pat might have finished his build 🤔
  8. Interested having missed Inters this year - Just have to wait till after MINI show this weekend to work out future commitments!!
  9. Might be able to do this as the car will have been repaired and there no conflicting shows... Only problem will be a mild hangover i suspect from the day before watching Rugby from 8:30am and then who knows how long may stay in the pub !! 😁
  10. Really sad to hear that the general feeling on Inters was pretty negative and that the turnout from VWROC was poor (I obviously partly at fault for my £1100 of parking damage). I am debating now whether to go to VAG Tuner event at Donington in July as just got the first V.W.G magazine yesterday and am interested now in my modifications list again , having bought the GP One instead of modifying last year!!
  11. Well its worse than I thought - I have actually deformed the rear valance (bumper cover). You cant see it in the photo but where it meets the wheel arch does not sit flush anymore. The bodyshop say they have had mixed results trying to refit as once deformed the plastic does not return to its original shape/position. And even if I had not deformed it they would be painting off the car so it's just the cost of the rear bumper cover to add to the bill ... plus taillight , plus labour to dismantle and re-fit plus re-coding (parking sensors).... plus dented pride (priceless!) Sad to m
  12. I will not be attending GTI Inters this year as I have damaged the rear of my car in a car-park-brain-fade-thinking-about-work incident and it cannot be repaired in time to grace the R Owners Club Stand. Seems likely I will be out of pocket by quite a few hundred squids as well ...
  13. Is it still really just 2 for Sunday and 1 for Saturday ? 😞
  14. Nice colour - wish that had been around a year ago! Silver mirrors dont work for me with that colour though - should be black i think ? Although then maybe black pretorias would look better. Anyway its all hypothetical for me - not going to give up a 6k miles car in the spec I wanted that easily!! Not even for the car i got from the dealers for a few hours while I had my first service today
  15. I had one of these (from nearly new) back in the day.... Wish I still had it ! Back then there was an active site (BM3W.co.uk) and there were a couple of CSL only track days organised. Think there were about 20 or more photographed together.
  16. Saturday GazzaMK7R Sunday Raffe ColinC2 A Silver Sunday so far... 😁
  17. Looks a bit like the old Phoenix yellow of an E46 M3 and/or the recent Austin yellow. It would be a brave choice and not for me.
  18. Started a thread on this some time ago http://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/17313-gti-international-3rd-4th-june-2017/
  19. Definitely silver if your prets are silver
  20. Would rather spend the money that I would need to change on the performance enhancements ,especially the Akrapovic exhaust, if they become available especially as that lower grille just doesn't work for me (i want to try and fill it with eggs ...) and the side vents just a bit too lairy. An with my decreasing annual mileage (spread over 2 cars now) come the Mk8 probably wont have done 30k miles so be a difficult decision to change even then. I think I would be more tempted to add a well cared for GTI Clubsport in 2019 than update the R ...
  21. I dont think that the reception is any better with the phone in the armrest compared to my back pocket where it normally lives ! I have an iPhone 6 so it does fit under the armrest and won't be upgrading handsets anytime soon. I have speculated before that i wonder if the reception is worse when the heated screen is actually on ?
  22. Recommend - Breeze VW in Poole. Great help when I was deciding whether to buy an R including giving me a demo car for 36 hours. They were great at keeping me informed of build progress / dates (that were not always the same as the on-line tracker) , allowed local detailer to detail car on-site after their own minimal preparation. Always friendly people. Not heard from them for a while but the 1st service due just come up in the last 2 days so contacted service and again very helpful (if not super cheap @£153). Avoid - Twickenham VW (Sales anyway). Have not a clue, never returned calls, a
  23. It's not always about the headline number of power - it's about how you can use it ? With fwd there can always be the loss of horses through wheelspin however clever the differential is. And my RS3 had more power and yet the R feels quicker because the chassis is better sorted , the steering a little easier to control, and the small weight difference actually feels like a bit weight difference. Overall even with a 30 odd bhp difference (8p RS3) , or even a 60 odd bhp difference (8v RS3) I would rather be driving the R. It's just more nimble, less hard work(imho of course) I would be tempte
  24. Quite a few .... at times virtually all of them!! But definitely 3 - This (even after I drove it into the side of a moving tipper truck and had all of one side repaired ) Possibly this but it was a real challenge to drive And my Subaru P1 (lost all the pictures along the way but had it in 2001 - think an ex-demo car) [Makes me more determined not to be swayed by talk of falling mk7 R prices, and some of the temptations of a 7.5 (but I don't like the front reworking, as I have a plan to modify to my specification at some point in the future. And my car will
  25. Thanks for posting that! Looks like it would have been a Cat D ? Nice to add to the growing history of the marque. There was no previous history recorded on the register for your old car - there is something now
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