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    Footy (NUFC) Mountain bikes, bit of running, old VWs The four dogs and i suppose the missus and daughter to a degree :) LSG 7R Standard for now but a BCS powervalve is only a few short months away

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  1. @Kev1970is that Revolution in Newcastle (well Gateshead)
  2. Picked up both front and rear. Rear wiper seems worse than the fronts for dragging. will get them changed after this bout of rubbish weather
  3. Still got a set of Prets to go on so interested in how these run with 19" wheels and no DCC
  4. They look stunning much better than my factory ones
  5. There was another thread on this and Nige from BCS mentioned if there was interest enough he could probably look into it
  6. I pay mine monthly at about £16 or something if that helps, don't notice it leaving
  7. I agree its more than the mk6 R jump to Mk7 R and its not all about BHP as you rightly say but I bet once the car lands and its not up with the latest figures it will be off to a bad start rightly or wrongly. A better exhaust note is a must
  8. I personally thought they should have retained the Rallye title rather than switch to R, probably didnt help that we had no mk3 4 wheel drive fast Golf. The Gti has the heritage but again I dont think VW push the heritage off their brands enough, Wolfsberg edition models G60 edition 1 etc appeal more to me than Clubsport or TCR IMO. Now Iam not hating on the GTI, I get the clubsportt s, limited run but some of the models are a waste of effort or lack of any vision, when you see what the modding world can do with the R for not a lot of cash it makes you wonder why tge R400 was not rollled out as a limited production run like the S rather than this TC.R model. I truely believe that these Rs will be the last of what you could call driving cars...electric and tech will take over maybe not fuly for the mk8 but its coming Glad I am keeping mine.
  9. 350HP so not even touching its rivals figures for this gen, bit of a disappointment but hey ho if your new to the R then its winner.
  10. bodas73

    Sad day indeed

    got to think of the family and future first but you can still have a good car, plenty of good R32s kicking about still.
  11. bodas73

    Golf GTI TCR

    completely pointless car this I personally think, how many variations of a Mk7 GTI do you really need.....only one car they should be pumping out and that's an R special
  12. 400bhp is fairly easy to achieve for a lot less than a new mk8, would rather they went for a driving experience over tech and batteries but I doubt thee will, ohhhh and they really need to make it sound good. I also thought this jumped out ..”there’s a space where customers are willing to pay a significant amount of money”. that to me sounds more like fleecing our customers than delivering what they actually want, hope I am wrong mind
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