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    Footy (NUFC) Mountain bikes, bit of running, old VWs The four dogs and i suppose the missus and daughter to a degree :) LSG 7R Standard for now but a BCS powervalve is only a few short months away

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  1. cheers. Do you have a link to these, also did you stay with standard pads
  2. Cheers sir, do you have a link for them. The rears are basically due first according to the MOT but was going to get both done.
  3. Just had a quote from Lookers Silverlink Newcastle for CS front Discs and Pads and OEM rears Discs and pads with brake fluid. £1050 I think that's pretty expensive but not sure what others are charging.
  4. are the rear brakes for the Clubsport and 7 R identical was hoping for an aluminium bells on the rear.
  5. just getting set to do this, download zip file from VW, unzipped it at 28.8GB. Now do i need to copy the whole file folder P189_N60S5MIBH3_EU_NT onto my SD card or just the MIB2 folder within it for my head unit. Can it be done via USB also
  6. Cheers Stobsie, have a few options now. Will check with my mate when I get back home but its looking like AGM battery for me. Im not getting rid of the car for a MK8 so its a no brainer
  7. Thanks again matey. The stuff you learn haha
  8. Thanks bud will look at the thread. So would any garage not do the coding as part of a battery change as well. Got a mate who runs a garage who used to do a lot of work on my older VWs before I got the R new.
  9. Cheers Mate didnt know about the coding part. Suppose gone are the days you just swap batteries over haha. Don't know anyone with a coding kit so that might scupper me. Might have to get the regular EFB Bosch.
  10. Cheers mate think that link you posted will be the cheapest then
  11. Pretty poor form really at least you got yours done under warranty and its ok at the moment. Might give VW a call when I am back as its due its service and MOT next month.
  12. Can only go off putting my reg in on Eurocarparts.
  13. Had the 12v warning on Sunday. With a full car ready for our trip to the lakes. Switched everything electrical off waited 30 mins and it started. Been fine since but reckon a new battery will be needed. Its a 65 plate with 12500 miles so its a bit disappointing its gone. Looking at S5 A08 BOSCH AGM CAR BATTERY 12V 70AH TYPE 096 S5A08 from Euro carparts which is 96 quid with the MOT2020 code. Is there anything specific needed to be done when changing the battery.
  14. @Kev1970is that Revolution in Newcastle (well Gateshead)
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