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  1. casper22

    Clutch & flywheel (warranty?)

  2. https://www.triplercomposites.com/golf-mk7-r these were the ones i was looking at don,t know how good they are tho or the maxton design ones paul
  3. casper22

    smallest decent dashcam??

    i will see if i can sort some for you not sure how to upload them tho paul
  4. casper22

    smallest decent dashcam??

    i use boblov viofo a119 v2 small stealthy and 1440p and only £75
  5. casper22

    Pedal box on a manual R

    how do i do that ? 25 posts
  6. casper22

    Pedal box on a manual R

    only need 1 more post
  7. casper22

    Pedal box on a manual R

    i,m at workington about an hour down the coast ,where do you work ?
  8. casper22

    Pedal box on a manual R

    are you far from carlisle ? could meet you there if so
  9. the bottom plug came off easy for me (first time) with a small flat screwdriver , i did watch a video first tho on how to do it , its worth when you put your foot down tho
  10. bet you miss the jb1 , i was going to use it till next summer then take it to unicorn for stage 1 or maybe 2
  11. yes its spot on worth the money have you gone for the jb4 ?
  12. casper22

    Pedal box on a manual R

    how old is it and why did you remove it ? (building my posts up)
  13. lighting mcqueen i fitted a jb1 in december watched a few utube videos first drove it up on to a couple of solid breeze blocks ( did have a jack but lazy) had it all fitted in under 30minutes definitely worth it makes the golf come alive i am only on map 1 so far but its great and worth doing
  14. casper22

    Pedal box on a manual R

    marshy sorry to butt in but i havent got enough posts yet will the downpipe you are selling fit on to standard system thanks paul