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  1. There was no security guard, and from what I overheard 6 of the cameras weren’t working! It was a customers car, 18reg. They also had 2 sets of GTi wheels taken off cars at the rear of the garage.
  2. Someone else has just told me another car was also done around the back of the garage.
  3. Just dropped my car off at jct600 in Sheffield and this is in the car park, been done overnight . There will be an unhappy customer somewhere. Wheels, brake discs, callipers, bumber, headlights, steering wheel all taken.
  4. I was considering them, but in the end went for Michelin pilot sport 4s, as there was only £15 difference and I figure the Michelin should last longer (from previous Michelin’s I’ve had).
  5. You got anymore details on the battery cover please??
  6. Replacement part for me as well, no arguing with the dealer they never suggested anything else.
  7. Hi BlueR, did you manage to find that link for fitting the lights/wiring??
  8. Yes please, I’d be interested as well. Thanks
  9. Hi, did your car have the door lights or did you have to wire them in??
  10. Dropped my car off at the dealers yesterday, phone call this afternoon confirming they have diagnosed the fault and parts are required (gear selector in their words). Parts on order for arrival on Wednesday, so get to drive around in the 1.0 Up a bit longer.....lucky me!!! 🤔
  11. That looks good, do you mind me asking how much and how long it took to do??
  12. To be fair to them, they have been really good. I’ve had a couple of issues and all of them have been sorted without any drama.
  13. Brilliant, thanks for that. spoke to the dealership and it’s booked it for next week. They even said they have heard of it before and were aware of the issue.
  14. Wondered if anyone could help, I’ve had this message appear twice now on my 2017 Golf R DSG. Both times the car has been left in P with the handbrake applied. Turning the engine on and off doesn’t clear the message, but driving off does clear it?!? Any help much appreciated! 🤔
  15. Is yours a mk7.5 golf r? Mine is just a mk7.
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