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  1. I wasn't aware you could buy them from vw I will look into this before I take them off to be ceramic painted
  2. I just did 15mm on the back with vw racing springs on a 20 mm drop and think it's perfect now
  3. Cheers chaps, it's tuned and sat just right, only thing left to do is get black exhaust tips as I'm fed up cleaning the sliver ones.
  4. Roof now gloss black, think it looks ace
  5. 15 mm on the rear didn't bother with front as I think it sits fine
  6. Get ppf it's the only way... I had put more info on what's good but it's been removed.
  7. Please be aware this is a sponsored forum with paying sponsors that enable the site to exist. I’m afraid unless you are a paying sponsor you cannot advertise your business services on here, and that is why both your recent posts have been removed.  Please don’t post any more advertising posts.  If you are interested in sponsorship packages please contact [email protected]


    Thank you. 


    Bec (VWROC moderator)

    1. dubwear


      I'm sorry I wasn't trying to advertise I was trying to give the guy advice as it's what I do for a living.... I've not put contact details of my company and also recommended other products that we don't even sell, I think you have taken my help the wrong way.... 

    2. Booth11


      Thank you for replying.  Appreciated.  


      We appreciate you are trying to give advice and that you might not be have been aware of the rules on here until recently made aware.  However in your initial post you named your company and gave details and price of a service.  That’s advertising I’m afraid.  And your second post still makes it clear you are a business through the phraseology and pushes product and price.  I’m afraid are rules are strict around non sponsoring businesses posting details of their products and services and hope you can understand that paying sponsors who help finance this site may view things differently to you.



  8. 15mm on the back and sits perfect
  9. Just had the latest vw racing springs fitted and 15mm rear spacers, the car still drives just the same but looks better
  10. Well this week I decided to add a few little subtle touches to the car, so I made these and think they look really smart. I'm also selling them on eBay on our i4stickers shop. Ordered some vw racing springs and some spacers so will get more photos up as soon as they are fitted.... Loving this car!
  11. Hi welcome, I read that you had a clubsport s what was the reason for selling. I’m thinking of changing my lapiz blue 65 r for one. Any advise on owning one would be grateful received. What colour was your, did you trade it in? Thanks Carl 

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    2. Cdj3.2


      thanks appreciate the comments.

    3. Cdj3.2


      Out of interest what number was it?

    4. dubwear


      140 get one you only live once 

  12. It's not as raw, the clubsport s was a different animal but think once this is tuned it will be great. Wish I could have afforded to keep the s but that's life
  13. Sits very nice on those springs, is the ride still good? I'm going to order a set
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