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  1. don't get the Dyson one, they are [email protected]!*
  2. V Power makes no difference, I use it religiously and looking at the state of my exhausts I would say its getting coked up. Awesome GTi do offer an Intake Valve Clean And Injector Clean And Test for just over £500 which is annoying as seems all TFSi engines will have the issue at some stage.
  3. exactly the same happened to me a couple of years ago, Cost nowhere near £63 though - sure it was only about £20 - £30 quid ?
  4. https://auctions.hills-motors.co.uk/auction/items/?make=volkswagen&fuel=0&transmission=0&category=0&layout=r20&seller=0&location=0&time=all&distance=&search=&sort=0&tab=0 the above link will give you an idea, register and create an account, new listings are added daily, these companies get them direct from the insurance companies, it is definitely worth viewing the vehicles before buying and take your time, with the number of R's on the roads they tend to pop up frequently.
  5. Have you thought of signing up to Salvage Auction sites and buying a damaged repairable which you can fix ?
  6. Ottomobile have today announced they are to make a 1:18 scale MK7 Golf R 3 Door in Lapiz Blue - link as below to pre order https://club-ottomobile.com/en/june/449-volkswagen-golf-7r-2014-lapiz-blue-9580010208517.html?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=NL_Club_OttO_Mai_Juin_2020__EN&utm_medium=email For those who are not familiar with Otto models, they are high quality Resin models made from 3D images. They have no opening or working features such as doors or steering but are good to look at and excellent value for model.
  7. Just got my renewal through £230.43 for 12 months full component cover with £250 excess and no more than 10000 miles, thats based on a 5 year old car with 60000 miles now. Interesting that the figure from VW is a to less than price quoted online. Pretty chuffed really
  8. After chatting with Gareth at Progressive Parts booked in for Wednesday to have Vagsport Res Delete pipe fitted. Price quoted included fitting was a lot cheaper than Awesome GTi and Progressive are not that far away. Been reading up on Res Deletes on hear and see that they also offer an Anti Drone one. Would be interested to hear owners views with both Drone and Non Drone units Many thanks
  9. Hi Craig, I bought my 2015 Golf from a dealer 3 years ago with 31k on it, it has now done 60k and clutch has had no issues whatsoever. Car isn't thrashed at all but when given the opportunity to do so it does get opened up a bit. I was aware of known issues when buying but luckily this has been great since day 1.
  10. Sorry to hear your bad news. If you replace the wheel with standard fitment you could have the same happen again and they are expensive to buy. You could go with the option of buying a set of replicas, they have a brighter finish than the original VW wheels but are said to be slightly stronger from the OE ones. I had the Cadiz wheels before changing with OE Prets and they are a stronger wheel than the Prets but the Prets make the car look better. If you decide to buy a replacement 2nd hand wheel be careful to check it doesn't have the same issues as your damaged wheel or is buckled. Hope you get sorted one way or the other
  11. Genuine VW Prets have always been Blue Chrome or Black apart from the 18" versions which are a bright silver. Aftermarket non genuine Prets are bright silver. Chances are that in the past they could have been refurbed by someone in bright silver or that they are in fact non genuine. Just a suggestion. Easiest way to tell is to take one off and see if it has VW stamp and part number on inside of one of spokes.
  12. how about the idea of a secondhand door in the same colour ? Just bolt straight on and no filler and paintwork required ? if damage is literally just to the door seems a better option ? Chances are my work place will have one in stock too 😀
  13. Had a Golf in work last week with a 19" Santiago wheel with same issue. It had been written off in a crash though, not just a Pothole, they aren't the strongest of wheels though
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  15. I had an R32 for 2 years prior to the R. Used it as a daily and loved it, good spec, heated Wingback bucket seats, just felt the car was dated and tech was falling behind current models. Worst thing of all was rust was coming through in various different places so decided to sell it. Sold it through the R32 Forum - 1st viewer bought it, I do miss the sound and probably think an RS3 will be for me next when I can afford one.
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