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  1. Hi, Congratulations, Welcome to the forum
  2. Degsy


    Nickname from work nearly twenty years ago as initials are DEG
  3. PS4 from me too, great tyre
  4. Hi, Welcome to the forum Liking the S2000 part, what was it like ? Considering one as a third car for summer use.
  5. Degsy

    Advice buying used R

    Welcome, Just do it, you won't be dissappointed some clutches have issues, others don't, ad vice would be to take it for a very good varied run to check all possible conditions. Good luck.
  6. you will have a higher chance of buckled wheels with 19" Pretoria's than 18" Cadiz
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4x-Genuine-VW-Golf-R-GTI-Pretoria-Silve-Alloy-Wheels-7-5Jx18-ET51-5G0071498A88Z/392242858085?epid=21018961750&hash=item5b537f0865:g:vW4AAOSwSjpca-5x these are the genuine 18" silver option I've looked at these a few times, if I were to purchase would get them repainter Hyper Silver like the 19" ones as they come in Bright Silver as standard
  8. As mentioned earlier in the week, Fitted Clubsport S front Discs and pads. Surely Discs should be sided so they face the same direction ?
  9. I just googled VW extended warranty, followed the link put in car details and the quote came in, 3 days ago was quoted over £500 though and not sure why, when it came in at £230.18 bought straight away - link below https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/warranty/extended Never had car out of warranty, last year VW extended carried on from standard warranty and this year has been the same. Apparently I can continue this until 100,000 miles. Car does have full Main Dealer VW history but MOT's are always done at a local MOT station, there is no way I would have VW MOT my car.
  10. Just extended my warranty for another 12 months through VW 4 years old, 51900 miles All components cover with £250 excess £230.18 which I think is very reasonable, gives me another 12 months hassle free motoring hopefully
  11. One thing I will add to get your quote down, if you are the owner person on your policy add your partner as it makes a difference.
  12. I'm with Bisl / Lloyds / Axa depending on which website you are on, As I bank with Lloyds they offered me a Insurance quote when logged in so thought I'd try it out as it is due next month. £230 fully Comprehensive for me and the Missus, granted we no additions, Added Key care, courtesy car - which was free anyway - and Legal protection which takes it up to £287 before 10% discount due to being account holder. Currently paying £395, with the same company, so made up really, can use the saving towards renewing the extended warranty
  13. Degsy

    Hello Everyone

    welcome to the forum, lovely looking car
  14. Mine came off when heated mirrors were turned on during the cold spell, put 2 blobs of Sikoflex on it which stuck it back on, all works fine and hasn't come loose since, ordered a new one just in case but that will be going back tomorrow.
  15. Brake pad wear warning light came on 😁😁 Been waiting ages for that to happen , so naturally, rang TPS and ordered Clubsport S Front Discs and pads, arriving Monday will fit Tuesday, pics to follow.
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