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  1. Hi Rebecca, Plenty of lubricant was applied as well as water and then clayed. After this car was rewashed and then thoroughly dried, haven't re-waxed the car as it was done about 4 weeks ago. The next plan was to get the DA out and polish out the swirls using Farecla cutting compound but seriously, they are no longer there ! I'm probably more surprised than anyone because everywhere you read this simply doesn't happen. To be honest I'm made up because it saves me a job. Not used any light other than the sun. If they reappear I will let you know
  2. Clay Bar'd a 2015 TT Roadster today which came up brilliant but was even more surprised that it also removed swirl marks at the same time. Has this been mentioned before ? Car now looks brand new, products used were Bilt Hamber auto clay and Born Slippy clay lube
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