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  1. how about the idea of a secondhand door in the same colour ? Just bolt straight on and no filler and paintwork required ? if damage is literally just to the door seems a better option ? Chances are my work place will have one in stock too 😀
  2. Had a Golf in work last week with a 19" Santiago wheel with same issue. It had been written off in a crash though, not just a Pothole, they aren't the strongest of wheels though
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    , Wigan

  4. I had an R32 for 2 years prior to the R. Used it as a daily and loved it, good spec, heated Wingback bucket seats, just felt the car was dated and tech was falling behind current models. Worst thing of all was rust was coming through in various different places so decided to sell it. Sold it through the R32 Forum - 1st viewer bought it, I do miss the sound and probably think an RS3 will be for me next when I can afford one.
  5. VW warranty is good value. You can renew it each year up to 100k miles
  6. roof bars with carriers, works no problem and easy to put on / off, saves plastics in car getting scratched
  7. you should ask why it isn't it offered free of charge, we got ours for free with a new TT Thats why there are so many cheap sets on eBay
  8. Amazing, so smooth and relaxing especially with the roof down. Gets so many comments too, not as quick as the R but its great to be able to switch from one to the other. Just passed 3000 miles with no issues, definitely worth driving one, boot space is great too as compared with other roadsters
  9. I had the same issue regarding continuous blowing of bulbs. Since replaced both with Lucas standard bulbs and have had no issues
  10. I had the Pilot Sport 4 on my 18" and loved them , recently upgraded to 19" Pretorias with Pilot Sport 4's and there is no difference really, you tend to point where you want the car to go and thats what it does easily.
  11. Hi Tom, Hope it goes well with VW, if not try Hills Motors for an engine - massive Car Dismantlers based in Skelmersdale, they are currently breaking around 6 Golf R's, all their engines are thoroughly inspected before resale and come with a range of warranties
  12. upgraded to genuine prets with new mps4's hopefully I've done the right thing, have spacers but not fitted them yet ?? they look so much better than the Cadiz wheels though, best thing of all missus hasn't noticed, thought it had just been washed
  13. Fitted genuine Prets to mine today so listed my 18" Cadiz wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres on the classified listings. £600 ono as per advert - take a look
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