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  1. Degsy

    Winter Tyres

    Stacking Tire experts recommend that tires be stored vertically, or upright, on their treads to minimize stress and tire distortion. If tires must be stored horizontally, tires should be stacked flat so that the bottom tire will maintain its shape. Do not stack too many tires on top of each other. Too much weight can distort and damage the bottom tire. Be sure to allow air to circulate around all sides of the tires, including underneath. It is advisable, especially for long-term storage, to wrap tires in coverings made especially for tire storage that guard against environmental damage. These are available from most truck tire retailers. If mounted tires are to be stored, they should be maintained at a pressure of 10 psi. Keep in mind that the longer the storage period, the greater exposure there is to potential damage. Always use first the tires that have been in storage the longest.
  2. Degsy

    Winter Tyres

    tyres are date stamped when new, your tyres will have a DOT code on the outside edge - it will say DOT followed by 4 digits, the first 2 digits are for the week and the second 2 digits are for the year so DOT 3416 will be week 34 2016 as an example. As previously mentioned older tyres dry up and go hard as the oils dry from within the rubber, a sign also is perishing and cracking, this is mostly seen on low mileage FWD rear tyres that are just purely trailing tyres, if you look at the outer edge they will give a kind of crazed effect through cracking, cracking also appears between the treads on the surface but is harder to spot unless the tyre is physically off the wheel. One thing also worth noting is the storage of tyres when not in use, ideally tyres need to be standing up side by side and not stacked up on top of each other.
  3. Andy from AC Turbo's in Skelmersdale is excellent He reconditions them too, If you contact him say you've been recommended by Hill's Salvage and Recycling.
  4. Degsy

    iPhone6 and Golf R my2011

    I have an iPhone 6 and works with no issues, check the settings maybe ?
  5. Degsy


    I agree with you on this Main Dealer Service History is what I would be looking for if looking to purchase 2nd hand, together with matching tyres all round. You do pay extra but it shows you care about your car, I wouldn't go as far as to get tyres, brakes or any additional work done at a main dealer, but regarding routine servicing it speaks volumes. I've had no issues with my local dealer so far and used them for many years. My missus is the same with her TT nearly 9 years old now with full Audi History and not even 45k miles It does come down to personal preference but if you are planning on keeping it a while in the end it will have an impact on resale price.
  6. Degsy

    19" prets and potholes... wtf!

    Count your blessings they are not Runflat tyres, they have virtually no give at all resulting in the wheel taking the impact hence the number of BMW / Mini wheels cracked or badly buckled
  7. Degsy

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    I'll be honest, at time of purchase it was nearly £2k cheaper than a DSG with similar spec Truthfully would love a DSG though
  8. Degsy

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas everyone
  9. Degsy

    Small hatchback

    Audi A1 would get my vote - especially with a black roof
  10. Degsy

    New Television

    Samsung will def surprise you, we are on our 3rd, buy through John Lewis - they price match and their after sales is excellent
  11. Degsy

    Bend Lighting (AFS) Error

    Last year I had an issue with the left bulb going, this year the whole thing isn't working on either side, just get an orange triangle warning light on the display, not had a chance to book it in with VW yet due to all the running around required.
  12. Degsy

    BMW 435d

    For me I feel with current cars in general, Diesel's are not the way to go.... maybe look at the Petrol alternative ?
  13. Degsy

    18 inch pretoria

    if you put it in google and look at images, there are a few on there.
  14. tyres speak volumes about how the car has been looked after. if they are cheap and nasty it asks the question regarding what other cost cutting has been had. if I viewed a car with FSH and matching branded tyres all round its a completely different story in my opinion