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  1. I had the Pilot Sport 4 on my 18" and loved them , recently upgraded to 19" Pretorias with Pilot Sport 4's and there is no difference really, you tend to point where you want the car to go and thats what it does easily.
  2. Hi Tom, Hope it goes well with VW, if not try Hills Motors for an engine - massive Car Dismantlers based in Skelmersdale, they are currently breaking around 6 Golf R's, all their engines are thoroughly inspected before resale and come with a range of warranties
  3. upgraded to genuine prets with new mps4's hopefully I've done the right thing, have spacers but not fitted them yet ?? they look so much better than the Cadiz wheels though, best thing of all missus hasn't noticed, thought it had just been washed
  4. Fitted genuine Prets to mine today so listed my 18" Cadiz wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres on the classified listings. £600 ono as per advert - take a look
  5. It was missed off for whatever reason when it should have been done and noted when booked in so all done now.
  6. Been to Dealers for 4th year service and brake fluid change, very impressed with Corkills in Wigan, been using them for years, dropped it off at 8 and ready for 13.30, only reports were rear discs and pads 80% worn, Michelin Pilot Sport 4's have 5mm left all round which is impressive as fitted March 2018 around 14000 miles ago, nothing else to report which is good for 2015 model with 54700 miles 👍
  7. I've had no issues with mine, just over 54k miles now and clutch hasn't packed in either, there are many owners on here that have had clutch problems at very low miles, but so far so good. overall after 2 years ownership I've fitted a set of Michelin tyres and other than routine servicing and MOT's it's needed nothing other than cornering light bulbs - they don't seem to last long at all. Let us know how you get on with VW
  8. found this link on Google, may help you out : http://www.blueengines.co.uk/mechatronics.html
  9. fingers crossed VW will help you out, this is the main reason why I bought a manual.
  10. If you are in no rush try them individually as a wheel and tyre, I have done this in the past through work and achieved £450 each + shipping, ideal for someone who has a buckled one, Good luck which ever you decide
  11. Is it for just yourself to drive ? If you add a partner or additional driver the policy tends to be lower, I found that years ago when I split with my ex, I asked to remove her from the policy and it increased so I kept her on, she was never going to drive it anyway so happy days.
  12. Degsy


    Hi Paul, Welcome aboard. Reflex silver are a rare breed, bet it looks great with all the black bits too
  13. if you put the following in the search box at the top of the page, scroll though the topic and a picture of a triangle with the exclamation mark comes up, if this is the same as yours then you just need to change the bulb. type in cornering bulb replacement for golf r in google, click on videos and you should get a video showing you how to do so. Error: Bend Lighting (AFS)
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