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  1. Degsy


    Hi Paul, Welcome aboard. Reflex silver are a rare breed, bet it looks great with all the black bits too
  2. if you put the following in the search box at the top of the page, scroll though the topic and a picture of a triangle with the exclamation mark comes up, if this is the same as yours then you just need to change the bulb. type in cornering bulb replacement for golf r in google, click on videos and you should get a video showing you how to do so. Error: Bend Lighting (AFS)
  3. have you a picture ? it could be cornering light bulb failed
  4. Degsy

    Hi from Cheshire

    Hi Mark, Used to live in Wilmslow, in Disley now, hope you enjoy the car, they are great fun
  5. love it, hasn't aged at all
  6. Degsy

    Hi from Cheshire

    Hi Mark Welcome to the forum, what part of Cheshire are you from ? Dan
  7. definitely recommend this mod, they look great, lighter discs than original too
  8. beat me to it 🤣 would be interesting to know your thoughts on the hybrid as this will be the norm very soon, quite curious about the GTE at the mo
  9. Have a look at Ferric Grey as used on BMW 1 and 2 series
  10. Have a look on eBay but at German sellers, postage costs are very reasonable and they are a lot cheaper and you are still covered through eBay / Paypal if anything goes wrong
  11. Exactly my thoughts too, these cars very rarely go wrong, mine has no issues and I'm more than happy to carry on with it for many years to come, gave it it a good wash and polish this morning and it looks brand new so why bother changing it.
  12. I got offered £13k in px for mine last week against a 2018 Audi S3 which basically ruined the deal. 2015 Lapiz Blue, 3 door manual,53k miles, heated black leather, Nav, full VW history, VW extended warranty, matching Michelin tyres and not a mark on it other than stone chips. It just didn't add up and left me speechless. As a result I will prob go APR stage 1 and enjoy it longer
  13. Degsy

    Back to VW in an R

    Great looking cars, welcome
  14. Hi Michael, Welcome to the forum. With 2 under 5's I guess you would be looking at a 5 door, DSG seems to be the popular choice but its probably best to drive both and see what you think for yourself. With a budget of £20k there are plenty of Pre facelift models available, check service history to make sure Haldex and DSG services have been carried out if and where applicable. Take your time and you won't be disappointed. Happy Hunting.
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