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  1. Hi Rebecca, Plenty of lubricant was applied as well as water and then clayed. After this car was rewashed and then thoroughly dried, haven't re-waxed the car as it was done about 4 weeks ago. The next plan was to get the DA out and polish out the swirls using Farecla cutting compound but seriously, they are no longer there ! I'm probably more surprised than anyone because everywhere you read this simply doesn't happen. To be honest I'm made up because it saves me a job. Not used any light other than the sun. If they reappear I will let you know
  2. Clay Bar'd a 2015 TT Roadster today which came up brilliant but was even more surprised that it also removed swirl marks at the same time. Has this been mentioned before ? Car now looks brand new, products used were Bilt Hamber auto clay and Born Slippy clay lube
  3. I bought this last year knowing I was on the look out for an S3
  4. Don't know if this has been mentioned before. Currently using a Dyson but the battery life is shocking What is the best alternative in terms of suction and battery life, hope to pick one up through Black Friday deals Thanks
  5. Part ex'd my old car recently. Here it is for sale if anyone is looking for one : https://www.swanswaygarages.com/used-cars/11791945-volkswagen-golf-2.0-tsi-blue-motion-tech-r-4-motion-s-s-3dr/ It has the dealer fitted Kenwood Sat Nav fitted also which was a genuine VW accessory upgrade. Just keep your finger on the Set Up button on the radio when you turn it on and the Sat Nav will come on. Also has the Lockwood Sill protectors fitted by me - purchased through the Forum. In short has full service history, all VW except last one which was VW / Audi specialist, had the dreaded coolant leak issue about 4 months ago which was all replaced the specialist using genuine VW parts. Matching Michelin Pilot Sport tyres all round Originally purchased April 2017 with mileage at 33208 from Lookers VW in Blackburn Bodywork in near excellent condition other than couple of stone chips. Hope this is of use to someone, its not been ragged or used on track days and there is no issue with the clutch in my understanding.
  6. regarding the badge thing, one of my neighbours commented on the S3 this morning followed by ' about time you got a flash car !! ' I was mortified, I'd had the golf for years and prior to that an R32 which in my eyes were amazing. she drives a Toyota Aygo if that helps in anyway ??
  7. Thanks guys for your comments, Audi approved bodyshop will sort it out, I was surprised that Ageas don't use them ? thought they were a large insurance group ? Colour is amazing, really goes well with the Black. The car is fantastic, has the Mag Ride suspension as standard with 19's and you get a good mix. Seems a lot lot faster than the Golf coming from a manual, would be interesting to see the comparison against the DSG Golf. Best thing I like when in Dynamic Sport mode when you are slowing down and it changes down gears the exhaust sound is amazing - and thats on a standard car, don't know if the Golf makes those noises ? Don't use the Manual option , just the Auto, also when driving in Dynamic Sport it seems to stick to 3rd / 4th gear, put it in comfort drive and you are 7th in no time, it feels nice to have the choice. Tonnes of space in the Saloon, whacked my head on the boot lid a couple of the times so was pleased when the missus said she did it at the airport. It only did 3000 miles it its last year - probably down to lockdown, got the brake fluid and Haldex service done prior to collection, they didn't clean the filter but a good friend of mine will sort that out. Even after what happened the other day still dead pleased with it, Bodyshop owner loved the car and said they will put a brand new wing on and blend the paint through to get a perfect match. Will upload pics when it returns. Still not found a decent S3 forum, might have to just put Golf badges on it as it seems weird still posting on here, hope no one gets offended.
  8. yes definately she was very apologetic which is why I was very calm with her, my missus came in from work when she was here and the first thing she asked was if she was ok , never crossed my mind tbh, her car was scraped down the passenger rear door into the rear qtr and wheel arch
  9. After nearly 3 and a half years of Golf R ownership collected my S3 Saloon from Carlisle Audi last Thursday afternoon. Loved the drive back to Wigan and getting used to it over the Bank Holiday and was pretty chuffed with myself. Then yesterday afternoon there was a knock on the front door, ' Is that your yellow car ? ' asked the woman at the door, ' Yes ' I replied to which she said ' Oh, I've just hit it !! ' I walked past her towards the car praying she hadn't battered it, luckily she had just caught the front wing and front bumper due to a van coming straight for her. Anyway, booked in at a local Audi Approved bodyshop tomorrow and they have managed to get me an S3 as a courtesy car, ironically in Ara Blue which is what I wanted in the first place, fingers crossed everything will go smoothly.... It could've been a lot worse though.
  10. November last year I got offered £10k part ex for a highish spec 2015 Golf R manual with 60k miles against a 2019 model, Last week Audi offered me just short of £14k against an S3, Think it may be due to supply / demand, presently can't buy a new Golf R so secondhand ones are the only option ?
  11. Great news, good luck for the future...
  12. only driven it on test drive as not collected yet but coming from a manual it pulls like a train, feels very solid inside too I will do a comparison on here in about a months time
  13. Stunning Stephen, RS3 out of my price range but sound superb
  14. Thanks for your comments Finally get the DSG I've wanted for the last 3 years 🙂 Thanks Andy, I've joined a couple but the set up seems complicating This forum has it right
  15. After 3 and a bit years it's time to say goodbye to the Golf...... ..... And say hello to S3 Saloon If anyone can recommend a decent Audi forum please let me know Thanks for the advice and info over the years
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