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  1. I'm keen to see where you end up with this as going through a similar quandry myself. Even considering going old school scooby (not sure I can handle the image) or a late gen1 997 911 (not convinced it's a daily given values seem to have bottomed and may soon be on the increase)
  2. This is absolutely epic Ron! Massive respect to you and all your hard work. I googled mk1 golf r 6 months or so back and didn't turn anything up but when I did I had no comprehension of just how much work would be involved, but I certainly do now! Keep up the good work and cant wait to see the end result...
  3. Hi Mate I know you posted this a week or 2 back but I'm interested coz I'm thinking of getting rid of mine so I'm interested in what sort of mark up they look to achieve v the part ex or purchase price paid. If you don't mind me asking how much did they give you for it? Chris
  4. Could have done with that a month or so back, get em while you can!
  5. That does sound strange. I have a manual and the issue I had was with it snagging going into 5th, like it would would get part way in but go no further. Coming back into neutral and then into 5th again and it would go in fine. This was regardless of speed, would be fairly random but sometimes high speed, sometimes just pootling It had a gearbox rebuild under warranty as the diagnosis was sunken cones (or something) Sounds a bit different to yours though?
  6. Maybe it's just a random number generator with a web front end 🤷‍♂️ Or maybe they are in short supply
  7. Just put my reg into WBAC and to my surprise had £22685 returned. I say surprised because I got quoted 23k through the same source back in March. With all the covid doom and gloom I was expecting it to have dropped off a cliff. What's going on with used values? It's a 2018 Indium Grey with Prets
  8. Depends very much on the dealer in my experience. If you mention the technical bulletin it might help your cause, plus maybe it would have happened earlier had we not been in lockdown and you'd done more miles, all worth a try Plus you dont get if you dont ask... good luck
  9. Thanks for looking mate, appreciate it. Just reading back over this thread to price up some alternatives before deciding and ordering on monday 👍
  10. Anybody know of any offers on 19" MPS4S at the moment? Looks like £160 a corner and no discounts for multiple at Blackcircles I told my local VW dealer the Blackcircles price as the car is there for some warranty work and they are getting a price but am certainly not holding my breath on that one
  11. Hi Jack I cant really comment on mileage, mines only got 13k but just been reading another thread and seems most have a problem or two (mines had more) but not necessarily with DSG, one guy had 100k+on his with no probs what so ever. Worth checking if its had the thermostat fix, quite common on the 7r for it to leak. Bent or cracked Pretorias also a common issue it seems Usual stuff to check I spose, good service history, make sure haldex and DSG services done on time, matching tyres always a good sign I think and a warranty of some kind will always provide some peace of mind. In terms of stage 1/2 unicorn and APR seem well regarded Good luck with whatever you get
  12. Not done much exploring of the roads round that way, but have enjoyed the trips between trail centres in the past so was considering doing a bit of both this year. Sounds like the Evo Triangle is riddled with cameras now but plenty of good alternatives on the fringes
  13. Where are you thinking in North Wales? If your mtbing as well then you cant beat Coed y Brenin, Betws y Coed and Llandegla
  14. Lesson learned on this one, pay attention to more than the 0-60 times @slider09 I have driven the JCW, not far and not fully warmed up but I really liked it. Seemed more raw, plenty of feedback and flowed with the road plus sounds quite rorty, which should have been how the R comes from the factory imo. Horses for courses with this stuff though The quick R56 minis seem to get a good write up as well
  15. You did you find the Cooper S, any good?
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