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  1. Yes, IIRC there’s a setting in the infotainment system where you select whether or not you want them to fold when locking the car.
  2. “I was thinking if it was a cloned number whybother for £1.90 toll when you could drive toa petrol station and steal £100 worth of fuel.” It’s not necessarily so much about being able to avoid the toll but rather it means they’re not linked to an address.
  3. If it has Dynaudio the A post speakers will have a chrome surround and a Dynaudio badge on them, plus there’ll be the sub woofer under the boot floor. Keyless was an option on the 7.5 so could have it. Climate screen is a distinctive bronze colour easily identifiable visually. IIRC although the digital instrument cluster was standard on the 7.5 it was possible to spec analogue dials as a no-cost option. Heated front seats were standard in 7.5 as were f/r parking sensors. The rear view camera was an option.
  4. Has anyone been able to spec. a towbar? I’m sure that when the R estate first appeared on the configurator (UK version) an electric tow bar was offered as a factory fit option (similar to Tiguan R) but it doesn’t seem to be there now.
  5. Good to see you got it sorted👍🏻
  6. Good to hear someone’s R is almost with them. They are great cars and I’m sure you’ll love it. When I first enquired about them just after launch I never intended to order one immediately but I did and it arrived in 12 weeks. When I see current waiting times I realise how lucky I was. Plus I see the price has now gone up c£3K!
  7. And as a further twist, on the estate aren’t the valves always open so D or S manual doesn’t affect exhaust noise?
  8. I don’t think the OP was asking for the dealer to revalue his car, I think he wondered if he could now sell some other way rather than trading in. Like others above, when I ordered my new car in March last year there was a value for my trade in. But as second hand prices rose I was able to get much more value from it selling through Motorway. Dealer supplying my new car was quite happy for me to sell the car however I wanted.
  9. As above, sounds like they may have turned off your autohold. I think you just press the button again to reactivate.
  10. I say no need to refrain - it’s an interesting read. I just wish I’d been one of those that Skoda helped with an engine swap. I had to pay the whole lot when mine needed replaced. My dealer showed a lot of goodwill because I was a regular customer but Skoda UK did nothing for me.
  11. Had a similar issue with an Octavia Scout at work a few years back in which the nbiblers went through a rubber hose. It result in the car going into limp home mode. I think it was a straightforward fix just replacing the appropriate hose.
  12. Never had an issue with golf but experienced something similar with a previous Octavia vRS. The steering wheel was slightly off centre so I asked Skoda dealer to check wheel alignment. They adjusted it but shortly afterwards when checking over the car prior to going on holiday in it I looked under the front to discover to my horror that both front tyres had totally worn away on their inside edge. I dread to think what could have happened if I’d not realised and just headed off on my 2000 mile road trip. Then got alignment checked on a Hunter rig by Audi and never had a problem thereafter.
  13. Sold my R through Motorway and while taking the photos was a bit of a faff the customer service was very good and I got a great price with no hassle. Buyer collected and I had the money before he drove off.
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