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  1. +1, and a brand new car too😬
  2. Use the right hand steering wheel buttons to scroll left/right till you get to ‘driving data’ (iirc) and then scroll up/ down till you get oil temp. That way it can be permanently displayed in the DIS.
  3. DSarge


    Filled up yesterday - 461 miles since previous fill! Am I driving it wrong?🤔
  4. DSarge


    How about 50+ to the gallon!
  5. I had a squeaking noise start which I thought was coming from somewhere round the b pillar area. Was driving me nuts and then I discovered it was actually being caused by the inside edge of my right shoe catching on the edge of the brake pedal as I made minor adjustments of the accelerator. Sounds bonkers I’m sure, but if the noise starts now I just adjust my foot and the squeaking stops!
  6. Irrespective of the transmission surely comparing your stage 1 to a stock car will always make the stock one seems slower. As Gavras suggests it’s not really a fair comparison.
  7. Had mine nearly two and never used it!
  8. Keep a stash of Autoglym bird-crap cleaning wipes in mine and a hi vis vest in the passenger one.
  9. DSarge


    I wouldn’t disagree but I do enjoy having the 306 horses and 4wd at my disposal if I want to call on them - and I do occasionally.
  10. DSarge


    My most recent refuelling was having done 460 miles on the previous tank. One of the biggest surprises to me of the R is how relatively frugal it can be. Regularly into the 40+ mpg bracket.
  11. No OEM ones specifically for the R but I think some folk have modified GTI ones to fit the R hatch. I thought of trying GTD estate ones for my R estate but haven’t got round to it yet.
  12. When I ordered my R the brochure said voice activation was an extra for audio and nav functions; I naively thought voice control for the phone must be standard. Alas, not the case. I had it retrofitted and find for the limited use I make of it that it works really well. Just frustrating that retrofitting was more expensive than going for it from the factory.
  13. I fully appreciate your issue and had similar problem with crows at work attacking the rubber door seals and wipers on my previous Octavias. Used a car cover daily for a while and it’s a massive pita. Took two people to put on and take off carefully and in windy weather it often got blown around. And as noted above in the rain it was problematic to get stored/dried. Personally I would say it’s not really a long term solution.
  14. Just once. Saved me from making contact with a wheelie bin when reversing into a parking space in the dark.
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