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  1. DSarge

    Heater vent control

    Of an electric/ hybrid golf, I think. Hence the blue dials and blue stitching on the steering wheel.
  2. I definitely had to bin my case to get the triangle in the tailgate holder. At the time I remember thinking it was poor design but in hindsight I figure there’s no real merit in having it in the case. I’ll try and dig out the part number later.
  3. You can buy the VW warning triangle separately but it needs to be removed from the case to fit in the holder in the tailgate.
  4. I think they all had red reflectors only. Cost cutting by VW I suspect. My Skoda Octavias all had proper red lights. So that won’t be the cause of your problem.
  5. DSarge

    Cross climate + tyres

    Cross climate + are a summer tyre with winter capabilities; insurance companies should be delighted to see folk fitting them!
  6. DSarge

    Seat covering

    I seem to recall Skoda having an issue with some models (Octavia springs to mind) with the airbag cover (?) under the upholstery causing a similar issue. Seems like a poor response from the dealer but not quite sure how it would be rectified.
  7. DSarge

    Frameless rear view mirror

    I don't think there's a choice as it's standard equipment. Works well - just wish the wing mirrors dimmed as well.
  8. DSarge

    Cross climate + tyres

    I'm going to be keeping mine on after the winter. Cross climates have 'winter' capabilities but are essentially a summer tyre and I'll be interested to see how they perform across all four seasons. Not put their performance to a real test yet though but they are wonderfully quiet.
  9. DSarge

    Down side to dynamic cruise control

    Never even tried mine!
  10. DSarge

    Golf R DRL's

    Only if you have a hatch though! No sweep on the rear indicators of the estate 🙁
  11. DSarge

    Cross climate + tyres

    Due to get some fitted next weekend so can post pics then if someone doesn't beat me to it.
  12. DSarge

    4 Wheel Alignment

    Collect the car for a two hour journey!? And presumably two hours back. No way would I be letting them do that.
  13. DSarge

    VW Leeds washed my car...

    I now tie an A4 notice to the steering wheel. How hard can it be for them not to wash a car? There's really no excuse so I would pursue correction at their expense. I bet they'd be quick enough to recoup costs of you if you marked one of their showroom models.
  14. DSarge

    Popping exhaust

    Never had any pops and cracks from mine but I can get DSG farts quite easily though!
  15. DSarge

    New here and turn off Screen

    Great feature. Loved it in my previous Octavia and was delighted to find it possible in the 7.5 golf.