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  1. No OEM ones specifically for the R but I think some folk have modified GTI ones to fit the R hatch. I thought of trying GTD estate ones for my R estate but haven’t got round to it yet.
  2. When I ordered my R the brochure said voice activation was an extra for audio and nav functions; I naively thought voice control for the phone must be standard. Alas, not the case. I had it retrofitted and find for the limited use I make of it that it works really well. Just frustrating that retrofitting was more expensive than going for it from the factory.
  3. I fully appreciate your issue and had similar problem with crows at work attacking the rubber door seals and wipers on my previous Octavias. Used a car cover daily for a while and it’s a massive pita. Took two people to put on and take off carefully and in windy weather it often got blown around. And as noted above in the rain it was problematic to get stored/dried. Personally I would say it’s not really a long term solution.
  4. Just once. Saved me from making contact with a wheelie bin when reversing into a parking space in the dark.
  5. I’m nearly 20K in and still drive pretty much like that! 😊
  6. Good to hear you got it sorted. These noises can be so annoying!
  7. Don’t get me started on potholes..... I’d be here a while!
  8. The main brains in the glovebox are of the order of £5k. I enquired from my stealer previously about this. Don’t know screen price but shouldn’t imagine it would be as much.
  9. I previously had two 2010 Skoda Octavias and despite both having to have the dashboards removed to replace an air vent sensor, both were so quiet. No squeaks or rattles in all the time I had them.
  10. No, wasn’t possible with standard nav. when it first came out. I suspect it’s just a software thing but having the maps on both screens was reserved for Nav Pro.
  11. The OEM rear one for the estate is a single unit. Highly recommend the OEM blinds - had full sets in my previous Octavias and also work really well in the R. But they are a bit pricey.
  12. Of an electric/ hybrid golf, I think. Hence the blue dials and blue stitching on the steering wheel.
  13. I definitely had to bin my case to get the triangle in the tailgate holder. At the time I remember thinking it was poor design but in hindsight I figure there’s no real merit in having it in the case. I’ll try and dig out the part number later.
  14. You can buy the VW warning triangle separately but it needs to be removed from the case to fit in the holder in the tailgate.
  15. I think they all had red reflectors only. Cost cutting by VW I suspect. My Skoda Octavias all had proper red lights. So that won’t be the cause of your problem.
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