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  1. Not on the 7/7.5.. You can adjust the brightness though.
  2. That would be great, thanks.
  3. Excellent info. Thanks for that. Puts a separate set of winter wheels back on the table as an option.
  4. Thanks for that. Sounds a good plan. Did VW give you a price for the sensors? As an option they are priced at £160/£165 I think but don’t know how that relates to buying when not part of a vehicle order.
  5. NRW - No problem! Simonj67 - that’s the bit I’ve been wondering too. If I fitted a new set of sensors to some other wheels would they automatically ‘talk’ to the car and display on the infotainment system without any jiggery pokery. Please keep us posted if you manage to find anything out. Thanks.
  6. Yes, sensor on each wheel is standard spec. for Tiguan R. An option on other models. It gives the tyre pressure reading for each wheel so is a bit more advanced than the golf system which just compared rolling circumference of all tyres.
  7. Been pondering the winter wheel/tyre issue myself. Not keen on having the tyres taken on/off the estorils too often I was thinking perhaps a set of 20” rims from the R-line was the way to go. But then I remembered the TPMS and not sure how that would work if fitting new rims. I guess it would need a set of new sensors/valves but not sure if they would just link to existing software. So now thinking maybe just swap the tyres. Would be interested in others’ experience.
  8. I think mine was about 12 weeks from order to delivery but that was right after the order books opened. Not that I’d intended ordering so soon!
  9. The handbook (eg pg 25) suggests it’s possible to set a speed warning, something I had on the golf R, but I can’t for the life of me see how to do it. I’ve been through different menu option repeatedly but with no joy. Is it me? Or is it not available in UK cars? If anyone has managed to find it, please could you say how you did it. Thanks. At the moment I’ve resorted to the winter tyre warning but it’s not ideal.
  10. That was the average as displayed by the car. It is quite remarkable. The journey starts a couple of hundred metres above sea level and ends almost at sea level, so trend is down but there are ups on the way and an intervening village to go through. No other traffic getting in the way though, car empty, weather dry and so on, so very favourable conditions. Plus I drove it with a view to getting good mpg. But it does show, I think, how efficient the R engine can be.
  11. My 2017 estate went up for sale a few weeks back for £25,995. I don’t know if the garage got that but it was sold within a couple of weeks. It was a crackin’ car though complete with DCC amongst other options.
  12. Over the 11.5 mile run into town I had over 50 mpg on several occasions and my best was 55 mpg. Almost on a par with a previous diesel vRS. Interestingly, I found that eco mode wasn’t the best for fuel economy. Totally unscientific and based on very limited data but I generally drove in comfort mode. Had a very easy life my R!
  13. On my 2017 7.5 the sensors were flush.
  14. Great job on the exterior but how did you get on with the interior?
  15. May also be worth seeing what other car manufacturers have. I used an old Volvo V70 bumper protector in my Octavias and Golf R estate and it worked really well.
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