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  1. Your car will ignore the undertaking with ACC if you just press the accelerator a bit too... On the thread topic I had this happen once and it was a surprise but kind of glad to know its there.
  2. Either a neighbour or other traffic has scraped my rear bumper, not huge damage but to the plastic in a couple of points, anyone recommend a good sprayer in the SW london/surrey area? Thanks, R
  3. 19000 miles on mine, had 2 oil services but never topped up in between
  4. I just click another app then spotify again and it seems to clear this issue, R
  5. The steering wheel is shiny as hell - 22k... I dont think so!
  6. Shocker... majority of those with analogue dials prefer them, majority of those with digital prefer them... people will always discredit if they don't have something on their model but it is just progress, there will likely never be another analogue dash on a performance golf and probably most people won't mind.
  7. I'd be interested in this as mine seems to have an intermittent slight knocking too also only at slow speeds.
  8. Colour looks right to me, its pinky coloured in mine
  9. Could be you have it in Race? Steering is notably heavier in Race Mode (by design).
  10. Also bought a near perfect spare on ebay for £200, noice to have the full size in the boot in the case of a puncture and worked well while TWS had the wheel (3 days).
  11. Paid £148 incl vat at TWS near chessington so that does seem over the top...
  12. In Eco I get no pos and bangs, same in comfort and even normal I think, the only good mode for pops and bangs is Race... I was playing with the engine sound when i noticed this the other day. I thought it only changes the soundakator thing but seemed to change the exhaust fun too (Mines an estate so exhaust always fully open)
  13. Hi, I am looking to get a full size spare wheel so it could be driven on normally in the event of a puncture or wheel damage. Does anyone know of any steel wheels with the same dimensions of the 18 inch Cadiz? I am thinking it would be ideal to have a normal identical tyre on it if possible rather than a smaller wheel option - I also dont see much clearance on the cadiz so assume an 18 inch would be needed? Anyone done this in the past got any links to where to buy? Thanks, R
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