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  1. Restate2018

    Heavy Steering - 7R Estate

    Could be you have it in Race? Steering is notably heavier in Race Mode (by design).
  2. Restate2018

    Cadiz Alloy Wheel Refurb

    Also bought a near perfect spare on ebay for £200, noice to have the full size in the boot in the case of a puncture and worked well while TWS had the wheel (3 days).
  3. Restate2018

    Cadiz Alloy Wheel Refurb

    Paid £148 incl vat at TWS near chessington so that does seem over the top...
  4. Restate2018

    Eco Mode - Exhaust

    In Eco I get no pos and bangs, same in comfort and even normal I think, the only good mode for pops and bangs is Race... I was playing with the engine sound when i noticed this the other day. I thought it only changes the soundakator thing but seemed to change the exhaust fun too (Mines an estate so exhaust always fully open)
  5. Restate2018

    7.5 Wheel Nut Torque

  6. Hi, I am looking to get a full size spare wheel so it could be driven on normally in the event of a puncture or wheel damage. Does anyone know of any steel wheels with the same dimensions of the 18 inch Cadiz? I am thinking it would be ideal to have a normal identical tyre on it if possible rather than a smaller wheel option - I also dont see much clearance on the cadiz so assume an 18 inch would be needed? Anyone done this in the past got any links to where to buy? Thanks, R
  7. Restate2018

    SW London wheel refurbishment

    Thanks both!
  8. Restate2018

    SW London wheel refurbishment

    Looking to find a good wheel refurb in SW London (ideally close to Wimbledon) I found a place called the wheel specialist that gets good reviews but wanted to check if anyone had any other recommendations or experiences with TWS? The damaged wheel is of course a diamond cut Cádiz 👎🏻 Thanks, R
  9. Google maps and Waze now supported if you're running ios 12 and the latest version of each app, this is a game changer!
  10. Why not just park yourself in a long-stay or short-stay? I wouldn't use one of these companies, too many reports of abuse.
  11. Restate2018

    Wing mirrors

    Mine work pretty quickly and get pretty hot.
  12. Restate2018

    About to sign on the line for a 7.5 Estate - Q's

    Arteon is still 5.6 to 60 which is pretty respectable... probably not as good dynamically but it depends how often you're actaully on B roads/tracks where that really matters... That said the Golf R Estate is a great car, as suggested I'd try both out and see which you prefer
  13. Restate2018

    Worx Hydroshot

    I have one as I have no hose access in my place and it's pretty decent all in all. The pressure is actually very good from it though as you say not as strong as from a proper pressure washer, the thing I actually miss is being able to 'sheet' with low pressure. Can clean my estate from top to bottom with 2 10L buckets of water.
  14. Restate2018

    About to sign on the line for a 7.5 Estate - Q's

    40 MPG is vry do-able on the 7.5, we get that pretty often when just motorway cruising. The 7.5 has an extra gear (7) which likely means slightly improved economy over the earlier models. Overall love the estate, we have the reversing camera and it is legitimately useful.
  15. Restate2018

    Service confusion

    Mine is the same, I have the service pack on the car so not worried for now, will change when that runs out I reckon. I would say from new its not a bad idea to change oil after the first 10k anyhow... clears out the early wear etc...