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  1. Can't seem to find any decent lease deals either
  2. Only plus out of this mess so far, early days but was tempted
  3. RIP Candy White DSG R This happened this morning, totally gutted but thankful no one was hurt A right royal pain in the arse tbh, oh the tree collected my daughters fiat 500 which is also written off as her car took the full weight of the trunk -S
  4. Sabz

    Winter Tyres

    Morning, what do Scirroco R (235/35/19) owners recommend?, as the two above don't come in the size we need Thanks in Advance -S
  5. Hi No group discount, had a good chat but not gone ahead with it yet, but will be once my funds recover -S
  6. Update Just been on their website and sent a message, they are away **Please be aware we will be closed from 9am Thursday 1st November until 9am, Monday 12th November**
  7. Hi did you get a response from him? need to get one myself but weighing up who to get it from Thanks in Advance
  8. Another Rocco R owner, the last 8 months have been a blast tbh - still not got my seat position just right (feel to far away) but getting there
  9. Sabz

    Scirocco R

    Hi all Thinking of picking one of these up and wondering is it worth it for my Scirocco R? I see lots of neat changes for the Golf R but not much for the Scirocco. Whats peoples opinions? TIA -S
  10. Not a legal eagle, but I'm guessing it will be the people that start the claim, and then depending on the final result (guessing VW will appeal any fines) a second wave of claimants will start, but will be within a fixed/agreed range of years - or that sort of thing.
  11. Hi I had a Passat Alltrack - 190bhp DSG (2L diesel, 4x4) prior to the R, but was registered March 2016 so just outside the current claim window (Jan 14-Jan 16). So will be interested to see what happens. -S
  12. Welcome to the club, and that's the million dollar question lol
  13. Thanks for the reply and robbing gits Spoke to the dealership today and they want £290 - needless to say, it will be staying un-activated
  14. Hi all, Picked my R up back in March and loving it, this morning went to use my App-Connect feature and got a message telling me I needed an activation code for it? Is this right, or has the dealer missed this? Also, I purchased the car via a PCH direct with VW - would this be a reason as I have no cables for connecting my phone to the car Thanks in Advance
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