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  1. Do you work as a graphic designer? That's uncanny! 🤣
  2. Wind deflectors are relatively transparent, not sure how good they'd look if you sprayed them - could try tinting them with film?
  3. Cat backs are usually just for noise (it's not a bad thing, they sound mint) and if you take it to a place that does exhausts they'll be able to make sure it fits up nice.
  4. You've got some sound logic there mate 🤣 I don't like listening to posh twats that drive lambo's but it'd not stop me driving one 😁
  5. Revo RV019s wrapped with PS4s on DCC with VWR springs, it can be harsh in race mode but in comfort (when I feel like being boring) they're absolutely fine.
  6. Loz

    I'm new!

    Welcome mate you gotta post some pics ASAP...
  7. Hi, The classified section is wheels, cars and cars wanted... is there any section for parts?
  8. I ran USDMs (always on indicator) on my MK5 for 3 years no issues with the police - there are other cars (BMWs and Land/Range Rovers) that I've seen that come like this stock. As long as the indicator blinks when you need to use it it's not an issue.
  9. Nope not me, but that does explain the police chopper I heard...
  10. USDMs! They seemed almost frowned upon in this forum (I've found very little info on them compared to when I had my MK5 and they were every other post on the forum) Thanks for sharing this
  11. Not me but I got excited when I saw Watford so I had to comment (I live 5 minutes away in Croxley)
  12. Loz

    Newbie incoming

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Loz

    Newbie incoming

    So I’ve got the car, it’s amazing, and I’ve tinkered with it a little already - much more to come I promise If you want to have a look it’s @pearl_7r on instagram I always appreciate some love there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. This look mint! Where do you work and what's the cost of buying and fitting there?
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