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  1. Well, I expect the MK8 R to go 20-30HP higher than the current version, that is the one that makes sense. GTI can then remain below 300, around TCR numbers I would say. And no electrical power yet, maybe on facelift. And 2.5 TFSI is confirmed for 2021 RS3, so not going higher than 430 BHP I would say.
  2. It's also interesting to note, that Prets are about 2kg lighter, which can be noticable when driving.
  3. This is exactly what I was a bit worried about, because I do around 3k miles per month and this would be a real problem. But it's actually really great, I just put it in comfort, drive normally and it's quiet enough.
  4. Had both 7.5R without one and I am not sorry for upgrading to one with it. The sound is the best in my personal preference, it is overpriced, sure, but I don't regret the money weirdly.. Will go with Akrapovic downpipe as well, when modded.
  5. Thanks for the check, I kinda feel stupid not taking a photo of both spoilers with a small object next to it, just for a reference..🙈
  6. I had a detailed look at both spoilers in IRL. The TCR's is definitely wider, by about half a centimeter. Are the part numbers still appearing the same in ETKA @blower?
  7. Taking a detailed look at a brand new WLTP, these are the changes I noticed that aren't mentioned in the first post: 1. AUX is now removed, there is only one USB in the tray. 2. Steering wheel buttons are reorganized: Lane assist button on the side of blinkers is no longer there, mute button is replaced with assist technologies button below the ACC button, which opens the menu. Voice button below 'OK' on right side of the steering wheel is now replaced with 'VIEW' button which changes the view on Active Info Display. I can also confirm there is no chrome on the Hazard button.
  8. Sorry to bother you again but VW actually said to me that MK7.5 Stock Akrapo has different coding on the valves than the stock exhaust. It's actually interesting, that unless you are driving in Race (Park or Neutral doesn't work), only left side valves are open.
  9. I know several cases of even Tiguans with lane assist, that just a VCDS flag turned traffic sign recognition on, but sure, I am not sure about the details and firmware revisions. As far as I know, they are a separate systems on Golf, so does not require different firmware for the lane assist. I think you could be right about the lane assist firmware in conjunction with Traffic Jam Assist, but can still be done with just software changes. Absolutely correct regarding BSS and Rear Traffic Alert
  10. It is really odd how VW calls this differently across countries. Here in Slovenia, they call this 'Assistive Technology Pack' and it includes everything you mentioned. However lane assist function is just the lane assist. You can skip this option and turn on Traffic Jam, Traffic Sign, Emergency Assist on using VCDS, free of charge. I can confirm there is no special camera in Golf for emergency assist. I am assuming that having the lane assist function standard, the multifunction camera is installed in the windshield, however I've seen WLTP R's without one, so might be a good idea to confirm. If dynamic light assist is a part of this package in UK, then I would definitely go for this, otherwise you can already have it all, if normal lane assist is standard. Apart from Blind Spot Sensors, which costs around 500 GBP to retrofit and is the only thing you can't get for free. Not sure about UK, but ACC will not obey traffic signs recognized by camera. As far as I know, only Arteon has this function so far.
  11. Looks quite bad indeed. For me, it looks like someone gave it some kind of lip filling that worked out quite badly, to get this odd front shape will small headlights.. Happy I ordered RS3 already..
  12. Exactly, the beauty of Virtual Cockpit is that you can set it to display pretty much any variant VW offers. We were trying Tiguan and Arteon's dash few weeks ago on my R and it works flawlessly
  13. I am wondering, did any of you order the High Performance pack available on Pre-WLTP 7.5R's? VW reopened orders here in Slovenia and the option is gone from the configurator..
  14. There are a couple of MK7's driving with Active Info Display and Discover Pro 9.2" on this site already. @alexretro can help you here.
  15. To me it looks like a mashup of old Peugeot 508 and some Seat..
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