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  1. Dunc245

    How to remove C5

    Anyone know how to remove C5? I treated my new wheels to C5 coating prior to them being balanced, and the weights keep coming off. I want to remove coating from the section where new weights will go, and then once rebalanced, recoat in between them. Is there a product that will get it off? Probably a numpty mistake to coat prior to balancing.....😊
  2. I just purchased a set of genuine VW, new 18 " Prets in gloss black, and they were 1190 incl centre caps. This was via a VW dealer (Barnetts) selling them on eBAY; (they still have them available) and my buying experience through them was faultess. They come with the VW 2 yr guarantee, and TUV paperwork etc. The also have them in silver. I'm putting some winter tyres on mine, and wil mount them to my Atlantic GTI PP next weekend.
  3. Dunc245

    Top 5 Car Wash?

    i've been using Supernatural from DoDO Juice for last 5 months sinse I got my car and am very impressed with it. A little seems to go a long way.
  4. Dunc245

    Brand new wheels - and sealant questions

    No, not yet. I'm going to put Mich CC+ tyres on as my 'winters' (mild down here) and waiting for temps to drop a bit more. C5 not arrived yet either.... This chap has vids though of his 18s on his GTI: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOQb17Kro9L-iuT91cKxsjA/videos
  5. Dunc245

    Brand new wheels - and sealant questions

    Moi, lazy!? Some might say, but.....I'm keeping quiet😊 Thanks for all the tips folks; I'll be sure to follow some before their first fitting to the car. Currently one of them is acting as a rather attractive ornament in the lounge! 🤩
  6. Dunc245

    Brand new wheels - and sealant questions

    Thanks; will do.
  7. Dunc245

    Brand new wheels - and sealant questions

    Thanks Rebecca for the info. These are new straight out the boxes so the first go should be simple I think; no need for iron / decon etc. I'll check out the C2v3 then too.
  8. HI Detailing Folks, I have just treated myself to some new black 18 Pretoria wheels, and will fit them up with some CrossClimate + tyres for when the temps eventually drop. I did some reading up and sounds like sealing them before fitting to car is a good idea, so thinking of using the Gtechniq C5 stuff. If I do this, will I still need to use a clearner (I have DDJ Ferrous Bueller) or should most dirt come off easily with just a hose / shampoo etc? I noted that the Gtechniq site said not to use acid wheel clearners with the sealant - would Ferrous B be ok or not? Also, when sealed with this stuff do I need to put anything on top to ensure shiny after washing? I have a pot of Supernatural Hybrid I could dip into... As you can tell - I've never used a wheel sealant before, but want to do as much as poss to look after these black beauties. Any tips appreciated.
  9. Dunc245

    My Golf R 7.5

    I agree; but admit to bias as my GTI is Atlantic. So far, I've only seen 1 other GTI on the road in Atlantic, and 1 R in 4 months of daily driving.
  10. Dunc245

    Worx Hydroshot

    Would I be correct in thinking that you can connect a standard hozelock type connector to it from existing garden hose i.e. conector is the same? If so; I'm goin shoppin....
  11. Has anyone had experience on 18" Prets rather than 19"? Are they any less vulnerable due their slightly reduced spoke length etc? I've seen new, genuine 18" ones available on the Bay and think they would look very smart on my Atlantic GTI PP. Tempting......
  12. Dunc245

    Engine bay different colour?

    My Atlantic Blue ar is the same - dull, different colour under bonnet.
  13. Dunc245

    OCD and touchscreens

    Anyone seen at Atlantic Blue MF for my pocket? 😊
  14. Dunc245

    Wax recommendations for me

    ....and I did!
  15. Dunc245

    Wax recommendations for me

    Thanks for all this advice n tips; much appreciated. Aha; "......... in small circular overlapping movements. " Reading the above, I now realise why I used far too much as I was thinking no circular movements allowed; only straight. So I used up lots of wax putting on lots of straight lines and then trying to gap fill etc. i.e. without overlapping swirling motion. Where's the 'Numpty' emogee I should insert here!? Thanks for tips on beeding etc, as I do rather like that (looked v cool day after the waxing; driving out my drive and seeing all overnight rain just vanish pronto).