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  1. Woo hoo - car delivered next week and it is coming on the back of a trailer (which is good given that I am 400 miles from the dealer)
  2. Just got a voicemail asking me to call the dealer to arrange a delivery date 🙂
  3. Use discount code MSE25 for 25% off with ALA
  4. Woohoo - months of nothing, never went to 'Being Built' even though the build week was apparently mid-Jan then yesterday notified that it was in the UK and today it is final stage (Nearly There)
  5. Mine (estate) went last night from 'build week scheduled week commencing 14th January' to 'Arrived in the UK'. Apparently it was never built 😉
  6. Even if GDPR applied here (I am not sure that it would as it is a business transaction) all they would need to do is blank out the name of the individual who sent them the email. If there is no personal information on the email (other than your own personal info) then there is no GDPR problem. If they try that line again, you can tell them that a) you will speak to the information commissioners office (ICO) for guidance and b) ask for their Data Protection Officer. You could also tell them that you are going to make a Subject Access Request under GDPR whereby they would be legally required to release all the information that they hold on you. The ICO tells you how to do this along with a template letter here.
  7. I am still "Build Week Confirmed" for 14th Jan. No update about build in progress yet. Lapiz Blue Estate.
  8. I get that you want an answer to this (I understand, I am in a similar "what is happening to my order? place) but posting the same question on two other threads and then creating a third? Overkill?
  9. They found that asking the customer to assemble the car led to better build quality.
  10. Nothing at all ;-) http://www.spiegel.de/international/business/huge-hail-storm-damages-up-to-30-000-new-volkswagens-a-562478.html
  11. I had week 4 (estate with a few options although both those options are now standard) which is still reporting as 'Build week confirmed'. It hasn't even gone to 'Build in Progress yet' 😞
  12. My car is still showing as Build Week Confirmed starting last week (14 Jan). I wonder where or what it is doing now.........
  13. Non-updated? As in the MY18 spec? It must be a banked car from a cancelled order?
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