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  1. I've got this and it is good enough. WIth the boot in the lower position, it isn't a perfect fit but it is good enough to keep the boot fairly clean. If someone were to spill liquids it would be a problem but that isn't my primary use case.
  2. An update to my review: The first 'tap' version that I received didn't work and I contacted the UK reseller (3D AutoKeys) and they sent a replacement. The replacement didn't work either and this also had to be returned (at my cost). After returning the second one, they tested it and found it to be faulty. At this point, they noted that the first one also didn't work but that it was physically damaged. This was news to me and they suggested that it may have been damaged by fitting (although they noted that it was "possibly .... as they are so delicate,"). At this point, they organised a refund for the purchase price (but not the cost of returning the two devices) So, in my experience there may be a 50% failure rate or a 100% failure rate and, even if you get a "good one", the fragility of the device means that it may apparently get damaged beyond repair when fitting. Overall, the experience had cost me two lots of return postage and I have no faith in the efficacy nor the robustness of the product. Definitely can't recommend.
  3. I have just bought the newer version that requires you to 'tap' the device twice approx 1 second apart to enable the key fob. I am on my second one (first one was replaced) and I can't get this one to work, so the replacement is about to go back. It doesn't matter how I tap the keyfob, it won't unlock the car (keyless or by pressing the unlock button). The effect is the same as removing the battery!
  4. Just ordered one - I'll let you know if it is any good when it arrives.
  5. Frustratingly, my car thinks that I live in a 20mph zone so it flashes up a big '20 MPH' sign for the first and last 1/2 mile of my journey as it thinks that I am exceeding the speed limit. I wish that there was a way to 'correct' it so that it knew it was a 30 zone.
  6. Cheers - if that works well in the lower position, I might give it a go!
  7. Follow up question - the Roofbox boot liner looks ideal but it is only for the boot base in the 'upper' position. I can't find anything for the boot floor in the lower position.
  8. Have a look here:
  9. When I had my GTI, it was just after the MK7 came out. I remember lots of owners asking dealers about this and 90% of dealers denied that there was a problem and the other 10% just said "tough"
  10. A feature that they haven't fixed changed in the last 5 years then!
  11. The result is that if you prefer to dive in, say, Eco all the time, you'll have to reselect it each time.
  12. I had a Mk7 GTI and it had a 'feature' that seems to persist in the 7.5R. When you turn the engine off, it defaults back to "Normal" mode. On the GTI, it would say 'Sport'/'Individual' in the mode selector, etc but it wasn't (you could tell from the exhaust tone (thanks, Sounaktor), the throttle responsiveness and the weight of the steering. It said Sport but was actually in Normal. I have noticed that if I turn my engine off and then on again and go into the mode selector, it may say Eco/Normal/whatever but it is really in normal. It will show D1, D2, D7, etc in the gear display. If you go back into the Mode screen and reselect Eco (just click on it even though it is apparently selected), it will correctly show E1-E7. Turn engine off and the same happens. One part of the system says Eco but other parts act and display Normal mode. Is this what you are experiencing?
  13. Yes, it has lane departure. There just seems to be no way of knowing from within the car which you have. The icon on the dash is the same for both!
  14. I think that my (MY2019) car has Advanced High-Beam assist (Dynamic Light Assist) - the one that masks part of the beam so that it can keep high beam on rather than the simpler version which just turns high beam off completely when someone approaches. It certainly has one of them and it has traffic sign recognition. I have done a VIN decide and I think that it had the *advanced* high beam assist but I can't see any difference from within the car (the icon for the advanced system and the simple system seem the same in the manual). Is there an easy way to tell?
  15. Woo hoo - car delivered next week and it is coming on the back of a trailer (which is good given that I am 400 miles from the dealer)
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