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  1. PaulR


    Best I’ve got
  2. If it doesn’t work get back to me. I have another one somewhere just can’t find it at the min
  3. MK7WNRS at checkout for 10% off.
  4. PaulR

    Failed to stop

    Report it for information only. He has committed an offence by failing to remain and report an RTC. Doesn’t matter if there’s damage or not. Report it to keep yourself right. The bare minimum by law is that both drivers must exchange details as in name , address and reg details of the car. Again. Just keep yourself right
  5. Welcome. Look forward to the photos. You’ll enjoy. 👍
  6. I had the same thing with an 04 Passat. It’s the clear coat as part of the original paint process. I made my worse with a pressure washer which I suspect vw will use as getting they’re way out of it.
  7. Have used Sainsbury’s super since I got the car 4K miles ago. Always used it on the Cupra R 225 BAM engine as well. No issues with either. Never looked at fuel for power but for smoothness. Have never had any issues previously or currently. Think people get very caught up on the marketing side of things that have been carried out in a lab. Just like MPG figures that get quoted by manufacturers. I remember looking into vpower and vpower nitro a number of years in England. Decided against it once I was in New Zealand and seen the same vpower and nitro but both products where either 92 or 95 Ron. Knew then it was a marketing gimmick which they get away with as long as the can get the results in a lab
  8. I’m running mK7 . No issues at all to be honest. Sounds pretty normal under light acceleration, until u put the foot down. I’m running an estate so my exhausts aren’t valved and have to do most of the control through light or heavy right foot. Mrs drives it most days as well with the baby in the back and he just sleeps so no issues there. Done 150 mile round trip yesterday with my grandmother and great aunt and they made no comment at all. Just said the seats where great. So overall 4 month old baby to 80 years plus have no issues , not sure many can review it like that to be honest.
  9. Car parts 4 less are cheaper to begin with and sometimes I’ve found that the higher % discount code from ecp works, but only sometimes
  10. Owned by discovery. So they pay the bills and wanted the format to cater for the yanks. Hopefully will get back to the uk soon. Maybe he can look at a golf r and replace the turbo etc lol
  11. Did the seats come out of a 3 door. Apologies for the obvious question. I know people might think it doesn’t make a difference but it did with the 3 door 206 GTI I had. The mechanism within the seat was different to allow it to return the way u have mentioned.
  12. Wouldn’t worry about it. A full documented service history is what I always look for. I have every invoice and receipt for my car including stamps. Mine was bought in December with full VW service and if I have my way VW won’t ever have their hands on it again. Anyone who is interested in cars will know what way the franchises are run and how they cut corners. A good Indy is worth his weight in gold. That followed by the paperwork is worth more to me than a couple of faded VW stamps and a signature from whatever 16/17 years old apprentice was working on it that day
  13. The new guy, Ant, did a couple of programs on c4 called For the love of cars and it was really good. Really talented guy
  14. You'rejust hearing the diff. It’s a thing they seem to do in first. Mine does it. My 2 mates R’s do it. The superb 4x4 in work does it and mates a6 Quattro does it. All with haldex systems. Seems to be ‘a thing’.
  15. Yea I found the R very front biased for a brief second. Hard to get your head around to just be confident and the car will sort itself out. Strange one compared to the Skoda 4x4 I drive at work. It’s manual and is a lot more controllable in the snow, easier to control the rear end of and when and appears to be more sharper when doing so. Think the DSG side of things changes the dynamic a bit.
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