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  1. PaulR

    Estate Res Delete

    Probably was then. I spoke to the guy to make sure it would fit the estate and he said definitely no issue and that he’s just fitted one. That was end of December...... small woRld
  2. PaulR

    Estate Res Delete

    I got the delete from progressive parts. Good outfit. The guy there stated that he had just fitted one a week or two ago and they’re a great fit. Was it u by any chance lol
  3. PaulR

    Estate Res Delete

    Yes definitely get it checked. When Paul at dubtech fitted mine I watched everything. He tightened everything as tight as he could. He suggested taking it a run to get it up to a hot temperature because he wanted to be sure. I care back and we checked it again and with the heat two of the bolts needed tightened. He want me back in a weeks time to make sure. He really takes pride in what he does and wants everything to be right. A couple of heat and cooling down cycles might be the cause of your noise. Just a final tighten should do it. Sent u a message 👍
  4. PaulR

    Heavy Steering - 7R Estate

    Bet u the car felt quicker than the hire car as well 😀
  5. Just got the vagsport res delete fitted to the R estate today. Unbelievable difference from start up , eco , Normal and of course race. She now does super DSG 💨 farts. A real simple Piece of kit. Plus side is I’ve also found a fully qualified tech who knows everything about the car. dubtech in Ballymoney Northern Ireland. We aren’t really spoilt for choice here when it comes to specialist but I’m glad I’ve found this one. Thought I’d test the water and chat about the haldex service. He knew where I was going with it and he does the whole pump out , what we would call a proper service. Unbelievable find and easy to pay.
  6. PaulR

    New Television

    If going 4K make sure it’s 4k certified as some of the cheaper versions only upscale. And try and get it with HDR10 to make it future proof. The ‘What’ magazines are always really good or just check their website for reviews. Consider Hisense. I moved from LG to Hisense and haven’t looked back
  7. PaulR

    What will your next car be?

    Waiting for a decent RS6 avant to come up. Something 3 or 4 year old
  8. PaulR

    Any insurance whizzes?

    Speak to the insurance company. The normal practice used to be if u had ful comp insurance your are covered third party to drive another persons car provided there’s policy on that car. However. Insurance companies are starting to withdraw this but not state it or inform you. Not all but some. I’m with Hastings direct and they informed me that although fully comp I won’t be covered to drive another car.
  9. PaulR

    Euro Trip

    Looks amazing , a year or two to early for me unfortunately
  10. PaulR


    Haven’t checked but I remember the work car , Skoda superb, have two recommendations. On for normal driving and load and the higher psi for a heavier car as in full of passengers and full boot if that makes sense.
  11. PaulR

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Soooooooo I’m off today. What time will I call around just to sit in that beast lol In 2007 I looked at a Impreza 22b with 1600 miles. One owner. 22.5k was too much money. Now touching £90k in some places. WTF love the escort cosworth. Grandad had a lotus Cortina and dad had a white sapphire cosworth. It’s just me that has let the family down with car choice lol
  12. PaulR

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    White lightning i call her............. oh wait the car we’re talking about 😂
  13. PaulR


    Would 38 be a wee bit much? I’m not sure what it should be. But the psi will increase durning the journey with heat and other scientific things happening. If u find a roundabout or corner where this happenes I’d try and take a few psi out and try the corner again to see if there’s any difference. Simple but a bit time consuming. Now I must go and check mine. Had a big sideways moment during the week but I was doing it at a corner I know well and on purpose so doesn’t really count lol
  14. PaulR

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Should have gone to spec savers lol He has my dream garage. I was saving for ages for ultimate green FRS , then baby 👶 number 3 came in November which sort of out that on the back burner. I was told be sensible and get an estate , which I did R Estate. She still hasn’t caught on 🤣
  15. PaulR


    Are u getting any traction control lights flashing at u when this happens. I remember a Skoda superb I drove at work which was 4x4 , same haldex system , and fairly new it was losing grip. A haldex service or reset sorted it out can’t remeber which. When your driving off and feel that the front wheels are spinning up as like in the old fashioned fwd cars it could be a haldex issue. But I wouldn’t go that deep straight away. Start with tyres and their pressures. Too much will actually cause u to loose grip and well as too little. Getting the sweet spot could be enough to sort it out