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  1. I’ve had my R a few months now and still putting a massive smile on my face. I want ant to start doing a few family days out cycling but am being a little special in finding the right thing and also a little nervous about use. I have a Thule roof bike rack from an old Alfa 147 sitting in the garage. I assume I just need new feet to fit the 7.5 in 4 door? Also nervous of the pan roof as I have seen the horror stories of them cracking. Can anyone enlighten me as to what feet are needed and also if these are fine with the on roof?
  2. Hi All, I've used the search function and can see this topic has come up a few times but I couldn't really find the answer I was hoping for... As standard, even after an 8 month wait there's no voice control in the car which I know is standard. The dealer can activate this for £200. Is there any way someone with VagCom or one of the various other bits of kit can activate this? I used to use it all the time in my Audi so guess it will be worth it but begrudge paying VW for the privilege. Thanks in advance
  3. Apologies if these have been asked before! 1) what does the little globs symbol with an x next to it mean. Assuming it’s something to do with being connected to the internet. If so, how do I connect? 2) can you set the maps to auto rotate? As in so the direction you’re heading is always at the top? thanks
  4. The long wait is finally over. So happy with it! The delivery driver was very apologetic that the Morrison’s car wash was broken so he had to clean it with the lance instead.....
  5. That does sound decent! It it does raise the question, do we need to break the new cars in such as this guy’a doing? I’ve never owned a brand spanker before but surely they’re quite robust nowadays??
  6. I love seeing all these cars turning up! Bit of a long shot but do any of you fellas work at Inchcape in Cheltenham?? I’d love to view my car but it’s a 4 hour round trip, seems a bit wasteful...
  7. I’m also hoping for 1st March after 8 months of waiting. I don’t have much faith in live chat to be fair but now my cars here and collection expected so soon I just wanted to see if it was now all cleared.
  8. I'm getting really excited now as mine is in the country, however I'm just on live chat with VW and they're saying WLTP approval is expected first half of March. Has anyone heard any different??
  9. Mine was ordered through a lease company back in July as their retailer had pre-ordered a number of cars. Mine was built the week of 5th November, only option was pan roof. Just getting really impatient now.
  10. I've been hasssling the live chat daily with no updates, as recently as this morning. To clarify, are we looking good to have cars ready for 1st March?? I've completed YouTube on Golf R videos in the time I've been waiting so just need the real thing now.!!
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