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  1. I put B14's on mines. Not as expensive as the B16's but still height adjustable. I put them on for the ride quality though through experience as that mattered more to me than the standard dampers. If your budget allows for coilovers I would go for them as I doubt you'd regret it but ETTO
  2. My local indy tracks Vw's and Audi's and told me similar. Needs a good thrashing to keep the haldex filter clean and get the oil circulating at temperature. If you're just commuting and the odd B road fun it's far more likely to need cleaning annually.
  3. Had a new air-con condenser fitted at great expense to my 66 plate MK7 R, due to a pin hole leak from stone damage 😭 Does anyone fit stone guard mesh behind their grills? πŸ€”
  4. I have a set of CM wheels Cadiz and they are spot on. They weighed the same as the originals my local petrolhead tyre fitted was very impressed with them when he put the tyres on.
  5. Dropped tyre pressures a little to try? My 5 door hatch is very quiet on PS4's but 18" and not the 'S' admittedly, also I have Bilstein B14 coilivers which may help a little too with their sublime damping πŸ˜€
  6. Concur with above sentiments. I’m early 40’s (holding on to that as long as I can 😬) I drive mines 45 miles everyday for work, mostly motorway. It’s such a good car for that, then at the weekends I can kick the arse out if it on the back roads and it just creates big smiles all round.
  7. Yup +1 for DHAutomotive. What he doesn't know about VAG engines can be written on the back of a fag packet. Mines gets all work done there even though I'm still under warranty as I know Dave will do a excellent job. Just recently had my coilovers fitted and very soon a stage 1 map there.
  8. Sport and 1 green for me. I must be getting old! 😭
  9. Had some B14’s fitted today. Not had a chance to test them much but very impressed so far! 😎 think I need spacers now though πŸ€”
  10. You can't still be here for the weather! πŸ˜‚
  11. Mr_G

    New R owner

    Great colour on the estate! WTTF! 😎
  12. Mr_G

    Collecting Tuesday...

    Very nice! WTTF 😎
  13. Yikes! Bad experiences can put you off a marque for life. I came from 4 previous BMW's to my current R and totally love it! Good luck with whatever you decide. 😁
  14. Finally got round to fitting my Spoiler and intake hose/turbo elbow. Fitting the spoiler was a bit of a bum clenching moment but it went well using the vw fitting kit thankfully πŸ˜…
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