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  1. Really sorry to hear this, these individuals are absolute low life's🤬. Hopefully agreeing a value with your insurance company won't be too painful. There is a chap over on the Gti forum who had his Clubsport 45 stolen recently. He reported that his insurance company were offering 49k to replace like for like. Fingers crossed you have a similar experience 👍
  2. The ever elusive Oak Green Mk2. Had a Tornado Red and Royal Blue 16v, but never managed to track down a decent Oak Green one. Looks in excellent condition. I do often think about revisting either a Mk1 or Mk2 again.
  3. My dealer said to allow 1-2 months, however he has seen quite a few orders just rock up at the dealership completely unannounced.
  4. There is a dedent short section within this clip that shows how to remove and replace the mirror caps 👍
  5. Absolutely disgusting. I hope the poor guy is ok, it looked like a very vicious attack. These people are scum of the earth 🤬
  6. It did cross my mind I must admit🤣, Carlsbergesque timing for sure. There was no way I was cancelling the R though, we got it at such a good price it was too good to give up. I just couldn't take anymore of the wife's Mini Cooper (don't tell her though 🤐) and the thought of it rolling into 2023 tipped the scales.
  7. I placed my order in late May 2021 (Blue, PP, DCC, Winter Pack). Like many of us I have endured the moving goalposts almost every month since then. Last week my July unconfirmed build week moved to late August with an Octoberish delivery. As my date was once again unconfirmed, and the likely prospect of it slipping into a 2023 build, I decided to buy a MK8 GTD and run it in the interim. So here I am enroute today (Cornwall to Paddington train) to collect said GTD, when I receive a phonecall from the supplying R dealership with a confirmed build date of Week 39. They did say
  8. I ordered in May too. Looks like mine will also most likely be a MY23 build which commences week 25 apparently. Very few significant changes though according to a chap on the GTi forum.
  9. Don't forget the 'high gloss' centre console 👌🤣
  10. Me too. Last week the dealer told me unconfirmed week 26. This week VWUK told me unconfirmed week 29. Really hoping to hear news of a confirmed build week soon, but not holding my breath 🥴
  11. Here is the link to current information relating to MY23 https://www.golfgtiforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=288679.0
  12. According to someone on the GTi forum MY23 is due to commence week 25.
  13. I share your pain mate having ordered late May 21. I've probably had in excess of 8 or 9 different unconfirmed build weeks in that time. My latest update yesterday morning was week 37 😡 which was almost the final straw and I very nearly bought an M340i in the afternoon. However after a decent call with the supplying dealer this morning my unconfirmed build is actually week 26 (someone didn't read the print-out correctly) which means its only slipped a week since April. I don't know why, but I am feeling fairly optimistic that it will go into build sometime
  14. Just had a similar update today for my end of May 21 order. Now moved from unconfirmed week 25 to unconfirmed week 37 😭 That M340i I recently took for a test drive is looking oh so tempting right now🤔.
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