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  1. I wish i never put this on about the alloys, it was just about paying over a £1000 for 18” Pretoria’s, unreal, I do 10 miles a day, until the weekend, then it changes, the R gets to play, as does the M3 E46, I put the 19” fake alloys on today and do you know what, they look great and it felt great so they will be fine until I change them out to top rubber.
  2. It’s 310 mate, my m3 has the serious rubber if I want to rag it, it wasn’t personal thoughts, it was a reach out to anyone that didn’t want to lay £3000 for oem wheels!
  3. Just a hardware failure, a bit worrying as the car was just over 4 weeks old, I’m keeping my fingers crossed
  4. You’re call mate! If I was blasting it down motorways all day I probably wouldn’t, I live in Dorset where there are no motorways, so for what I do they are fine, the post was for people who might want to see the alloys, not the tyres. Keep your personal thoughts to yourself, we all have different circumstances and requirements from the car and it’s evryday use
  5. The reviews I looked at were pretty good, I will probably go top brand when these ones run out but for the money what a great package, thinking about whether to keep the 18” Cadiz alloys or sell them.....
  6. I do 10 miles a day through single track roads so I’m not too worried! 😂👍
  7. Just an update, car went back to VW last Tuesday, picked up yesterday, new screen fitted, £2500 worth of warranty work done, back to her former glory, new wheels fitted tomorrow, happy days, thanks for the input gents
  8. Saw a discussion on the site the other day regarding 18” Pretoria alloys, found these 19” ones on ebay, ordered, with tyres, delivered today, look amazing, if you want some let me know, total cost, £790.00! Not OEM but you would never know!
  9. Hi, I have a brand new Golf R collected on 2nd April, went to use it yesterday and there is no dashboard, just warning lights across the top, has anyone experienced this? I know the other screen has issues but the main dash itself which is obviously critical for speed etc......
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