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  1. I keep thinking about getting a wireless adapter but then I realise I like arriving with a charged phone. Is there a wireless adapter that also does wireless charging?
  2. I'm guessing the 57mpg is in your 2.0 TDi? Still a good result for 35 mile mixed route. The other day I had to drive 500 miles in my R with a heavy friend in the front and a dog in the back. It was mostly motorway cruising at 80 but was pleasantly surprised to average 40mpg at the end of the day. I'd never have the patience to have done that mileage at 60mph but I suspect it would have returned very high 40s if I had. Despite the high cost of fuel I refuse to worry about petrol cost day to day. Back of fag packet calculations told me the cost of having fun over trying to save fuel is a few hundred quid a year so not worth it IMO.
  3. Have you got a picture of your steering wheel? I'm thinking of getting the same from Royal.
  4. Thanks for the interesting replies chaps, as I suspected really, I'll have to take it easy when my dog is with me. I'll start with short trips and work up, hopefully I'll be able to take her on longer trips to visit family later on without too much trouble. The wife and I had been talking about a god for years when suddenly a colleague said they needed a foster dog urgently re-homed and gave us a trial 2 days later. All of a sudden my life has changed considerably but a month in and its a great change!
  5. I've had my 7.5R for a couple of years now and really enjoy 'making progress' whenever I get the chance, (i.e. when the wife isn't in the car!) But now I've got a dog and I'll be taking the creature with me quite often so I was wondering how do other peoples dogs get on with travel sickness? Do you drive much smoother slower when your dog is on board? I've got a great back seat protector from Amazon that envelopes the whole back seat area and still allows me to clip the dog to the seatbelt and hopefully protect the interior from the worst of the hair and vomit!
  6. How did they sort the paint scratches from cleaning? I live in fear of mine being cleaned with a filthy rag when its in for work. I always take mine in clean and explicitly tell them not to clean it.
  7. Can confirm the OBD app was the problem, now resolved by coding Central Electrics, section 22BR MA57, subsection B22 to "Nicht Aktiv" if anyone else needs it.
  8. Thanks, I'll look into it. I looked at my OBD history and found I used an app in the summer called 'Third brake light with lock/unlock' I wonder if that's related. Unfortunately I can't find the app anymore and with OBD you just don't know how their apps mess things up which is why I stopped using them.
  9. I’ve just noticed that whenever I indicate, my third brake light also illuminates. This is very strange and obviously not normal. I wonder if OBD could have done it when I was changing a few settings last year. Has anyone heard of or come across this before?
  10. I like to have satnav set to my destination but I don't like to hear the instructions so I put the nav announcements to mute but it always seems to revert to a low volume. If it doesn't do that, then I don't hear the instructions but it still lowers the volume of the music playing so I get silents gaps where it tries to give me instructions. How do I have satnav active but never hear it or have it interrupt media?
  11. I've tried searching for an answer but just ended up more confused. The coolant level on my 2019 GPF 7.5 is on MIN and I want to top it up. I went to a VW dealer when I noticed and was sold a bottle of ready mix VW G12evo coolant. The thing is my manual specifically says to use G13 and it even says G13 on my coolant tank. The dealer didn't even ask what type of car I had and just said G12evo is the new standard. He was very dismissive when I queried the difference. I haven't topped it up yet as I want to make sure I'm not mixing different coolants. Is this G12evo different from G12 and is it a suitable to top up a tank of G13?
  12. When it says "firmly pull the seat base upwards from the front" I had to pull as hard as possible to get mine out! I was convinced something was going to break.
  13. Also, once you get it displayed between the dials, use the up/down buttons on the right hand side of the steering wheel to change the zoom, then note that if you press 'OK' quickly after changing the zoom, it sets the map to auto zoom which I really like.
  14. It would be nice to have clarity on the actual problem too, the word 'sway' doesn't impart much sense to me of what was actually happening.
  15. I'm wondering about trying Jet97 RON since my local Shell is £1.49 a litre now and no Tesco station nearby...
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