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  1. Thanks dv52 I will check the current the coding on my car.
  2. The engine just got rebuilt and needs running in. Its gonna be about a week or two until these are fitted on. Can't wait to show them off!
  3. Does any know where to the coding is to change this Climate Control Screen from RHD or LHD
  4. I want to share some knowledge regarding the retrofit of MIB2.5 I went on my own with retrofit MIB2.5, thank god I didn't choose Bill EZT. I bought MIB2.5 activated though eBay user 'naviandbmwparts' who activated everything for me, even the Thai Map where Bill said was impossible and unavailable. I received the Navigation unit all plug and play. My retofit ended up costing my much cheaper than Bills kit. MIB2.5 Navigator with Thai Map enabled by eBay seller 'naviandbmwparts' 5NA 035 043 D (690USD) MIB2.5 Screen part number 5G6919606 (choose second hand from a large selection) (300USD) The bezel for RHD 9.2 screen piano black is this part number 5G2819728AKQYI (Bill would never share this, so FU Bill) (120USD) GPS antenna Fakra C Connector for VW (10USD) USB AUX cable 5E1970316D (20USD) USB AUX socket 5G0035222E (20USD) these are all the parts you need to retrofit the MIB2.5 successfully without over paying using Bills rip off and shitty service. Talk to 'naviandbmwparts' they are most helpful and polite.
  5. got some others here if you like them.. piston ring gapping piston ring alignment clearance checking Engine before cam timing chain installtion Timing chain markings and alignment Balance shaft timing Crank timing
  6. Thanks man, hopefully by next month when the tires arrive and the car fixed and ready to roll I got 245/35 19 Sport Cup 2 coming for these.
  7. Some pictures during the build Piston and rods prep Piston ring gap positioning Clearance checking WPC treated main bearing Crankshaft, pistons and rods installed Sealed the head with ARP studs Brand new engine New Oil Pan and dampener All done pretty much, now mating the gearbox to engine then mount and ready for run-in However I had to custom made a EGR plate to close this hole, I bought a new head from US and so it comes with this hole. compared to original head Engine Build sheet if anyone is interested.. the clearances were all within factory spec.
  8. Thanks man but I was going to build it sooner or later so no worries. The basic engine rebuild is not that much. piston, rods, crankshaft costs around 1800-1900USD. Cheaper if you dont need the crankshaft. But I went with some headwork, and clutch also.
  9. nah.. the car mileage is legit, i checked a lot of stuff like disc rotors, suspensions, paint condition, interior condition.. they all looked new.. nothing dodgy.
  10. Some engine parts to show off.. new crankshaft for precaution Mahle pistons 82.5mm all weighted and marked Rod bearing that will hopefully withstand the beating IE tuscan I beam rods.. all weighted and marked Dodson Sportsman clutch DQ250 All the engine data, bearing clearances, matched rod and piston for optimal weight balancing etc.. FYI, the OEM piston (with piston rings and pin) and rod weight at 998.7grams which is lower than the upgraded IE Mahle combination at 1005grams
  11. The engine is out! Cod rod on cylinder 3 looks burnt And this is rod bearing on cylinder 3 So.. yep the engine is dead and everything has now been stripped out. All the bearing copper debris were found in the oil pump during inspection. So the engine block, oil pump, turbo, pipes etc.. been thoroughly cleaned. Oil pump inspection..
  12. Thank you for all the responses guys. I contacted Bill straightaway when I saw the delivered wheel (before posting on this forum), but he still has not replied. So I guess he dont give a sh*t anymore since he's ripped me off. My experiences with him has been pretty poor, I've been polite until a point.. but he has not been timely with communications at all,and even worst once hes got your money. But I was stupid lol.. 1200 for a f ing used wheel just reupholstered. Anyhow thanks guys. I've sent the wheel to local shop to redo the whole thing LOL..
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