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  1. Nope, the ride. I live out in the country, the roads aren't in good nick - in Comfort & Sport I rarely feel a thing, in Race it's just not comfortable but do-able for a decent blast, yet in Special it just isn't possible it's too firm on those roads. I'll try and get out to a decent dual carriageway at the weekend & trial all and report back. The ride absolutely changes or I'd be ploughing everywhere in special.
  2. @Chungster @Booth11 Sorry, I've only just caught up on this thread or I could've helped earlier. My car has the PP without the DCC. Rebecca & I will have to try and compare how each mode 'feels' with regards to how they compare with and without DCC, but so far, and I'm yet to try drift mode as I want to give it a few more weeks, but Special mode I have thrashed it in, and my word it's a whole new world to even Race Mode. Race is good fun, has plenty about it for a good B road, and I'd even go as far as saying Race is comfortable enough for even a steady cruise on a B-road, I just love the feel. Special however, I could not live with on the daily, you feel everything & I'll only likely be using for track and for any very decent road duels. I'll try and find time to give a more in-depth review but for now it does what it says on the tin, special is beyond special, but ride-wise it's not something that will get used all too often but when it does, it will be worth every penny.
  3. Danscfc


    I didn't spec HK, standard system is good enough for me. It's pretty good, nothing special - depends how much you value your music. I have my spotify playlist on every morning & evening, tinkered over the last few days with the bass etc & it's more than good enough for me,
  4. Yep, I've had a quick scan through it only, but looks pretty much as you'd expect.
  5. Speaking of launch control, both my previous cars had quite the procedure to activate launch. Same here or a simple process such as - Race, Traction off, Firmly press brake and then launch?
  6. Thanks for the detailed post - looks like they won’t be work so I’ll keep my eyes peeled & contact some manufacturers. The feel is okay, I just want something ‘more’ if that makes sense, aesthetically too. I’ve got a few ideas lined up & will put a post in if I find anything half decent!
  7. Similar story here, my previous car got me just 250 miles from a tank on a good week...I stepped into the R, fully fuelled by the dealer and voila, 605 miles. I was staggered. It’s now down at 225 after approx 125 miles of driving, make of that what you will 😁
  8. I’m looking to buy some flappy paddle extensions. Nothing that feels cheap, the current ones don’t cut it for me & I adore driving with them. Anybody looked or found any for the MK8 as yet?! Failing that anybody know if they’re the same as the 7? I’ve had no luck.
  9. Danscfc


    The temperature was definitely on the website. I remember toying in my mind between 22 & 24 degrees for the morning. I've gone to fiddle with in on the app & found nothing, so I logged back in on my computer & I've lost that function. So no I likely never had it on the app, but absolutely had a little box on the website where I could hit the arrows up or down for desired temp. Edit to your edit 😊: I'm heading out for lunch shortly, I'll also have a play with it & see what happens if I leave it on 16.
  10. Danscfc


    Sorry I misunderstood. Done a lil research on how it works & it doesn't give me too much detail other than that the battery voltage would have to be sufficient. I then wonder whether it would simply not work, or tell you that the voltage is low. "Please note that if the battery voltage is insufficient, Remote Ventilation Control will not work in order to protect the battery."
  11. Danscfc


    I've been playing again now & seem to have lost the set temperature function. Anything I schedule now seems set at the temperature I went for last night. Maybe I'm being blind...but I've checked the app and website.
  12. Danscfc


    No the engine doesn't start. Simply set departure time (I usually do mine the night before) and then select desired temperature. I believe it ranges from about 16-28 so pretty wonderful in the summer too.
  13. Danscfc


    Will be a god-send in the winter, but yes a really nice touch.
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