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  1. I would call BS on that - i have managed to take an R at Warrington for a test drive a few months back!
  2. Well thats my order for the R gone into Jan 2022.. ordered end of March and was offered August delivery. I didnt mind a slight delay but this has started to take the biscuit.. Need to look for an alternative!
  3. Ordered mine first week of April and was assured of an August delivery.. it was pushed to Late-September then to October to be told yesterday Late November. To be honest, im looking to cancel it now and do with the wifes car as it is doing us fine... will probably look at something else later on when things calm down with all the madness out there. Saying that, i might just leave it on order know the indecisive person i am!
  4. I ordered through a lease company who didnt give me any tracking... the only tracking i have is an email every 10 days suggesting delivery will be end of Sept.. i ordered it in April so thats fine.. since last week im getting conflicted responses suggesting its in build then a day later saying deliver is delayed till Ocotber.. anyone else have such conflicting advice?
  5. Probably.. but i ordered in April - its a lease.
  6. I been given a build week of August 16th. Any ideas how long things will be after that
  7. i would personally not bother with the leasing maintenance plans.. i find the ones direct from VW much better priced. Remember if you work out how many sets of tyres you plan to go through (unless you want to launch it every day) over the 3 years at 15000 miles, then i think you maybe overpaying for it. If i remember correctly theres a higher charge at pence per mileage if you take maintenance out with the lease company..
  8. very much doubt it to be fair.. when i used to have a fully maintained company car, they tyre company would ring up for authorisation etc. taking size details.
  9. Let me know if you do please!
  10. Need to wait for the thing to be delivered first..
  11. Hello, Ive got a Mk8 R ordered in white. Being a lease i didnt go for the option for a pano roof which I kind of regret. i seen a 7.5 the other day in white with a wrapped roof which looked ace. Anyone done so on a Mk8 - if not what are your thoughts on it?
  12. Looks awesome - ive ordered the same, cant wait!
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