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  1. I also snapped mine whilst cleaning, they are a stupid design and easily get caught in cloths etc. I purchased mine from ebay, think is was around £40. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154690432895?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=fzglve2usx6&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=CZDu53dDQqi&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY One thing i found is to fully remove the old one i had to break the grill insert bit a few times to get it off which was a bit unnerving but it eventually came off with out any damage to the grill. EDIT
  2. As i thought, dealer say they dont have the time now to do the "investigation work" into this when they have my car this week for service, next date with courtesy car is end of August, so will have to wait until then. My fault i suspose, as should have asked them to also do this when i booked the service date weeks ago.
  3. Yeah, mine has done the exsact same in the past, but not for sometime now and i didnt think since 1896. Its a shame that this still exsits in 1896. The numbers disaperaing and then refreshing, as you show, is just the normal process the display goes though when it displays the speed limit changing, its just when this happens it keeps repeatly changing from 60mph to 37mph (kph equivalent of 60) and then back again.
  4. Cheers all for the replys, will hightlight to dealer and see how i get on 👍 (Yeah i too had the center screw cover rattle and resolved after @Aidey advice)
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yes, i too think it is totally unacceptable build quality but i am just not sure if it can be sorted as just about everything moves and creaks. Would really like to know if others are the same/simular or if mine is just down to work the dealer has carried out. One of the main culprits of the noise is the main plastic trim which runs under the infotainment/drivers instrument cluster. This trim appears to be in 2 bits and i know for a fact that at least the piece on the passenger side was removed to replace the led strip, but
  6. There was 2 main issues with the ACC that people were having. One was the cars random reluctance to over take as it thought that it was undertaking. (Which @Nath_27 specifically refered to) Some people put this down to the setting in the headlight menu not sticking to driving on the left and and returing to driving on the right. I was never convinced that was the cause as the headlights were infact always alighned the correct way for driving in the uk. Anyway, that menu problem has definitely been solved and i havnt had any issues with it not wan
  7. It really annoys me when I hear of people requesting system updates and the dealer refusing when they have reported problems. 1788 is quite an old version now and there have been a number of updates since. (my car is a year old now and came with a later version than that) The issues you report, double popping SOS errors, headlight setting defaulting to 'Driving on Right' and ACC not wanting to over take have all been solved in later versions (at least they were for me) and just the mention of any of these problems should be enough to make the dealer update (under warran
  8. Apologies, I know I have posted similar before in the Gremlins thread, but I wonder if I can ask people to compare their dash to mine in the video below. Mine now just seems to be “Creak City” and is worse in the hot weather. I don’t know if its because of trim that has been removed by the dealer for replacing the passenger LED strip and the steering wheel or if its just down to extremely cheap and poor build quality (or both) as just about every where I touch now moves and creaks. The constant creaking form multiply locations while driving is really startin
  9. Thanks Rebecca, yeah i can see a call to my selling dealer on the horizon!
  10. I also purchased the 2 year service plan when i purchased the car. I have found the subject of serviving a bit confusing as my maintenance dealer (not the same dealer as purchasing) recently told me that my first service was due after 2 years. This then confused me as to what the "2 year" service plan actually included. After now speaking with the bookings at my maintance dealer, they have told me that the service plan entitles you to a service after year 1 and 2 and they have booked me in for year 1 service. (As car is just 1 year old now) Only
  11. I agree with above, mpg on the 8 R is very good for its power. I average around 32-34 mpg for normal driving, mostly mixture of town and A roads. On longer motorway runs, as above, 40+ is easily achievable without worrying about being "light footed" If you boot it everywhere you will soon be in the 20-25 figures but that is obviously to he expected.
  12. Yeah i wish that was possible, i find myself turning it off now on almost every journey as i find the cutting of the engine before becoming stationary very anoying and sometimes down right dangerous. So offten it cuts the engine while slowing down to give way etc just as i decide i want to accelerate again. I know its been discussed before but i find it a ridiculous way of working. I never felt the need to turn if off on my mk7 gti as it only ever cut after you had been stationary for a few seconds.
  13. Ah ok, thanks for replying. I think that if my authorised dealer rang me ever time a warning/error occurred on my car they would have to employ the services of a large call centre to cope with the volume of calls!!! I was just trying to imagine the conversation “hi sir, we are ringing you today as we detected a warning/error on your vehicle, we have no idea why the warning/error has been displayed and no idea how to fix it, but just to let you know we have seen it. Is there anything else I can help you with today?” 😄😄😄
  14. I had simular problem a while back, i posted a video somewhere way back on this thread. Came back to car after a few minutes of locking it and doors would not unlock when touching/pulling the handle. After a few minutes the doors did unlock correctly. Hasnt done it again since but as posted, sometimes the doors dont unlock when i approch and i have to touch the handle. As suggested, the blinking led on the key is showing communication activity between the car and the key. This will happen when the key senses movment and it is in range
  15. I was only thinking the same a few days ago but unfortunately i think it may also be that people dont keep posting about the same old unfixed issues. (unless a new firmware version is released) This is certainly the case with me. I still suffer from some common issues, manly the flickering/black reversing camera screen and just the other day the system rebooted it self while driving and then for the rest of the journey kept flicking the ACC speed between the correct limit and some incorrect, implausible value, for example 19mph. It has done this before but n
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