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  1. Although the settings for the acc are a sub menu of the driver assist options, i am not sure there is a specific option that you can turn off for it preventing what it thinks is undertaking? Although, as suggested this might all be tied up with the automatic speed setting (ie it goes wrong when it has its kph moments) so maybe turning that off may stop it monitoring for undertakes, but not 100% sure on that? But as suggested it would make sense that both bugs are linked
  2. The acc will quite happily go above the recognised speed limit by manually increasing it. It will then stay at this speed setting until it detects a speed limit change again.
  3. I think their are two distinct but different problems with the acc on the mk8. First is the incorrect automatic speed setting of the acc. This can be either it reading the sign and it interpreting the limit as kph, then setting the speed in mph as the mph equivalent value, ie 110mph in a 70mph limit. The other (probably more dangerous) is it reading the limit as kph and setting the mph speed as the kph equivalent, ie 25mph in a 40mph limit. (which leads to unexpected breaking) From the technical updates posted, VW seem to be aware of this issue
  4. The headlight menu is referring to which side of the road you drive on, not which side of the car the steering wheel is on. It just sometimes incorrectly displays that driving on the right is selected, but as far as the headlights are concirned, driving on the left is actually selected. This is proved as you can not then select driving on the left with out first selecting driving on the right again which will move the headlights over to the right. (for driving on the right) This however, for many, does seem to have an affect on the acc, which sometimes behav
  5. No worries, i was originally very concerned too, until i realised they were in fact pointing correctly.
  6. Are you sure that your head lights are actually pointing to the right (incorrect side for uk)? There was a lot of discussion about this a while back on this and the gremlins thread and i think everyone (including myself) found that although driving on the right was defaulting in the headlight menu the lights were infact correctly pointing to the left. If you go into the headlight menu, try selecting driving on the right (even though it may already be checked) and you should see the lights move over to the right and a message displayed on the drivers screen stating that
  7. Cheers, hadn't seen that thread, will give it a go!
  8. I suspect the short answer is 'Yes' Unless VW are now fitting updated hardware that doesn't suffer/runs different software versions, then i suspect new cars must still be suffering as apparently there is still no fix for a number of these issues? Failing/flickering reversing camera is another example.
  9. I get a slight "creaking" noise from the passenger front door over certain roads. I am fairly sure its down to the plastic upright trim that is fitted to the front doors. On mine, any movement causes them to "creak", I have only heard the noise from the passenger door while driving, but the drivers door also always creaks if I push on the trim to shut the door. I wouldn't say either of the the trims are unduly loose, but any movement causes a noise, which is a little disappointing when it can be heard whilst driving.
  10. Ok, cheers for the info, yeah, it’s a better place for it as on the mk7 it was very visible as well and I suppose some would say a bit unsightly. On my mk7 I did very occasionally get a similar error moaning that its “vision” had been impaired, but this was always when an object was very close to the front of the vehicle, ie another vehicle in stationary/very slow traffic and I suppose the system got confused about what it was detecting. This error always cleared as soon as the object was no longer in front of the vehicle. On most of these “erroneous” errors
  11. Ah ok, thanks for the reply, well there is nothing "impairing" it in front of the VW badge! Will see if the errors are still there tomorrow, I have had the travel assist error a few times before (which cleared after next starting the car) but the front assist is a first for my car and they haven't cleared this time after leaving the car all day. Another thing to add to the new, new list for when it goes back to the dealers for the 5th time and counting in a few weeks!!
  12. So got in car this morning, started up and with the radio playing, the centre speaker was time delayed by a fraction of a second to the rest of the speakers. I have had this before, but very rarely, carried on driving and it cleared after a few minutes, but then got the following errors pop up. Just started car tonight (didn’t drive anywhere) and the errors are still current. Anybody know where the sensor for front assist is? I assume it’s the radar that detects objects In front of the car? On the mk7 the radar detector was easy to se
  13. So could have just been another software bug related error, or could have been an actual issue with the start/stop system that has now cleared its self, difficult to know with these cars!
  14. On mine "Winter tyres" is greyed out, as if that isnt an option, but a "heading"? Underneath is a toggle for speed limit warning (which I have unchecked) Then under that, you can adjust the speed limit warning (if you check speed limit warning) right up to 150MPH. So would assume you don't "set it" for winter or summer tyres, you just enable the speed limit warning if you fit winter tyres, so just turn off your speed limit warning?
  15. Yeah, i have had that message if the car has been logged in as guest (normally when the car is with the dealer!) I also often get random emails and we connect notifications that the mobile key has been deactivated and reactivated. These are when the car is parked, have no idea why, i haven't even set up the mobile key on my car.
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