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  1. I went for this Halfords one. I think they charged a little extra to fit it because they need to program the car to acknowledge the new battery. I had a few errors on the dash afterwards for a while, but they cleared after a couple of hours. Has been fine ever since.
  2. I bought the CTEK MXS 5.0 from amazon (Halfords also sell it), plus the extension lead. That means it can reach to the car easier, and allow the cable to be flat on the floor and go under a mat out of the way. It comes with an adaptor that stays permanently attached to the +ive battery terminal & the grounding point on the car, which means you can quickly plug into the socket, rather than having to use the crocodile clips. You just need to make sure you tell the charger that you have an AGM battery the first time you use it. After that, it remembers the setting.
  3. I drive mine once a week, and I have it connected to a CTEK charger when in the garage. Before this, the battery got progressively worse, until it was too low to even start the car and I ended up having to buy a new battery. You can always check the state of charge by pressing the trip reset button and holding it until you see the SoC option...
  4. I replaced mine using one from Halfords. It was £185 fitted, and they did the coding for the ECU. I think VW wanted £245 fitted.
  5. Had to get my battery replaced this week... It wasn't charging up, even after a week on a CTEK charger. I think it had run down too far and couldn't be revived! New one from VW was £249, or Halfords was £157 + fitting (£25), so went for the Halfords option... Only a 5 minute wait and they fitted it for me, plus had to get their mini computer thing out to do the programming, but everything seems okay now. Initially there was a few errors on screen, but those cleared after a few hours. The Halfords one comes with a 4 year guarantee, just in case...
  6. Hmm, I think my battery is stuffed. I've had it on a CTEK charger for several days, but it still says "12 V battery low", and then when I try to start, it does nothing. I also get a message "Error: workshop! Leave vehical only when selector lever is in position P.", but I'm hoping that's connected to the low battery, rather than anything else! followed shortly after by this... I'm thinking it's got to the stage that it can't be recovered, even by the CTEK on a recondition charge 😞 Would be interested to know what batteries people have gone for please, and whether it's an easy job to fit them, or a garage job (not sure how I can get mine to a garage if it won't start?)
  7. Awesome, thanks. I'll try it over the holidays...
  8. I have the same charger and would like to fit the quick connector too. Did you disconnect things, or did you just connect on the end of the existing bolts with a new nut?
  9. Couldn't you use it as a cheap "tracker" system if it can locate the car?
  10. Ideal plate for the R? Just seen an old Mercedes with the registration "7R". Would be perfect
  11. I've just spotted a dent on the drivers side front wheel arch, just on the crease above the wheel It's quite small, but stands out quite a bit! Can anyone please recommend a good dent repair company in the Maidenhead area? Thanks
  12. Lovely - I'll show this to my 2 boys My youngest always tells me to use "race mode"
  13. I wonder if the DSG gearbox has any effect on this? Doesn't it "learn" your driving habits, so an older car might be more matched to your driving style than a new one, and feel more "run-in". Just a thought anyway...
  14. Facelift R spotted here... http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/volkswagen/golf/97016/volkswagen-golf-r-estate-facelift-spotted-on-the-road
  15. lol, that was mine. The reason it's so far out from the kerb is because of the no-parking bollards next to the scaffolding! It was 8:30 on a Sunday morning and I was keen to get a photo with the other car, so I took my chances
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