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  1. I have noticed in my new R that the internal roof light stays on for quite some time when first getting in the car, and then when you switch the engine off. Any ideas if the timing on these lights can be adjusted?
  2. I've just received my new R and it's 3 door.
  3. Apparently they did research and customers don't want a 400HP Golf R. Looks like MK8 R will be less than 400. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/geneva-motor-show/revealed-future-volkswagen-golf-r
  4. Yes, is 90% tint and rear window is tinted but not 100% sure is 90% as well..
  5. Ordered 26th June and turned up today. I am a happy man.
  6. To be fair, it isn't the dealers fault, it's 100% VW's for not getting their house in order. They are the one's that should be making things right with customers. Not going to happen though. This whole situation has made me think twice about ever ordering another VW after this. Think I will go back to BMW for my next car.
  7. Are any of you doing a part-ex with the dealer? Where would you stand if dealer agrees for price for your car but VW have delayed your new car by months so your current car is then worth less?
  8. I'm assuming so as it would only be roughly 3 weeks difference.
  9. Had confirmation that my Golf R which I ordered in June, is getting to the dealer beginning of February. I told them I'd prefer to wait and get it registered as a 19 plate. However,the trade in price on my current r will be re-evaluated. Absolute joke. Dealer should be compensating me for all the hassle.
  10. I had a 135i coupe and the manual box was really nice.
  11. I really like my R so will probably get the MK8 when it comes out. From what I've read it's going to have between 350-400HP and be even lighter.
  12. It's only just over 2 weeks old, so has only done 350 miles. Interesting to read that yours started mid 25's when new and then went to late 30's when properly run in. I'll see how mine is after a 1000 or so miles.
  13. Just to be clear, the 135i was a manual. As I mentioned previously, I don't really care about economy, but what has surprised me, is that an almost 4 yr old 3 litre turbo BMW, doing the same run at basically the same speed as the R, is actually more economical. The BMW was only ever rated as doing about 33mpg, which I used to get at good motorway speeds. VW claims 39mpg for the R which is obviously bollocks.
  14. I didn't buy the R for economy, as I don't do enough mileage for it to ever be an issue. But what I was surprised about is that a 3 litre turbo BMW with the same power seems more economical than a 2 litre turbo. I'm already over it though
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