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  1. I'll be coming along to this event for the time . Can't wait ! Im parking in public car park as I've just been told I've got saturday night off, so I didn't book in advance. See you all there
  2. Just given her a quick polish... not looking too bad. First time ive polished her . 😁
  3. Loving your golf R mate , the alloys look amazing with the red paint . Personally I think the estates look better than the hatchbacks I'm going to keep checking your thread to keep upto date
  4. Happy New car day to me ! Finally picked her up. 😀
  5. Went to vw yesterday to sign all the paper work Roll on Friday morning when I finally get to drive the beast 😁😁
  6. It might be built early. It will be well worth the wait .... I ordered mine in January and I'm getting it 3 weeks early . They were ahead at the factory is what I was told . It's being deliver to vw tomorrow (Monday) So should pick it up wednesday or Thursday. I wasn't suppose to have it until 3rd week of April
  7. Golf r estate dsg Lapiz blue Black pretorias Keyless entry Didn't have that many extras . I wanna upgrade the exhaust at a later stage . How did the drive go ?
  8. Gutted you haven't got electric seats after you upgraded. I still think it was a great upgrade. Loving the colour Thow . I would of had that colour with the black alloys if I didn't get the Lapiz blue . At least it only cost £15 to change on insurance . Did it recognise the reg in the end? At least you can go for a long drive now 😎. Mines only just come into uk. Still a 2 week wait until collection .
  9. Welcome! Roughly 3 weeks for it to get to uk then a week for it to get to local vw . Then 2-3 days until you collect.
  10. Loving the look of that! That colour with the black pret alloys . Superb! Bet your over the moon ? Did you sort your insurance ?
  11. I think it takes 24-48 hours for the reg to go into the system . I had the same problem when insuring my golf gtd. They had to put it in manually . Right pain in the arse!
  12. Since 1st March roughly . Then it left the factory in germany on the 2nd March.
  13. Hi guys Just had an update from volkswagen. My golf r should be in uk in the next 2 days . Grimsby docks im guessing ? 😁😁 so should be at vw Wolverhampton in a weeks time . 😁😁
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