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  1. veneeringman

    RB Racing Rotors in Solihull

    I know, they sell AP Rotors and Brembo GT Rotors. Just can’t find much in the way of reviews online.
  2. veneeringman

    RB Racing Rotors in Solihull

    As the title really, anyone used them for brake discs etc ? Can’t find much in the way of reviews online.
  3. veneeringman

    Attempted break in for car keys?

    Another stolen within a week of purchase too.
  4. veneeringman

    Problem With Performance Monitor Anyone????

    Wrong section (tapacrap)
  5. veneeringman

    Body repair in Manchester

    NewCoat in Dukinfield. Superb. Gary who owns it really knows his trade.
  6. veneeringman

    Apple car play.

    Waze available in CarPlay now.... On my Audi if you close it down it still runs in the background and gives speed camera pop ups in the mmi.
  7. veneeringman

    ECU swap

    Yes it is possible. Procedure is like replacing a damaged ECU It would need Odis to pair it to the car though because of immobiliser etc. Been done on a few Audi’s now.
  8. veneeringman

    7.5 FL DRL TO 100%

    Not possible yet on FL R which has its fronts controlled from extra modules (like the FL RS3) Until Ross Tech and everyone else label the modules and add adaptations into them then there’s not a lot to change.
  9. veneeringman

    MK 7.5 Tear Drop Wipe

    Try going into the Longcoding there used to be a bit you can uncheck/check to enable/disable it.
  10. veneeringman

    Facelift Mods

    It would seem the FL R has the same set up as the FL RS 3 in that the traditional way of altering the front lights via the Leuchte channels has changed, RS3 has 4B module and also 4 other modules for the LED’s, but as yet these have no meaningful descriptions in VCDS.
  11. veneeringman

    Mk7.5 upper front grille removal

    Here you go Rob An Etka image of the ‘7.5’ R I shall consider myself chastised for posting a wrong picture [emoji4]
  12. veneeringman

    Sound & sports pack (GTD)

    Pictures below Top is normal exhaust Bottom is Sport/sound pack exhaust You can see the round part (12) this has the speaker in it that makes the GTD sound better.... SQ5 TDI uses same system on both sides of its exhaust. Audi RS cars actually have exhaust flaps that open and close during different stages of the Rev range...... Here's a better explanation picture.