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  1. It’s one of these Apologies as to which one I don’t own the 7.5 any more.
  2. You could always find the sensor in the rear bumper for the hatch and disconnect it. Not sure if it would generate an error. Or just reverse up to a wall etc then access to the boot is limited.
  3. I’ve found as in my post above the only way to disable the whole system complete is to code the system out complete rather than disable the handle sensors. Car still starts from the button but you have to hold the key back up to ignition area where the barrel would normally be. Think of it as an old fashioned ‘immobiliser’ where you’d have to wave the fob or touch the fob to something installed in the car.
  4. Go into 09 central electrics Enter security code at the VCDS prompt Go into Adaptations in search box type Key It'll bring up the options associated with keyless your after IDE 11944-ENG 141948 Keyless access and start authorization-Kessy Change it to not installed. Now what happens is everything is disabled (doors/Boot/sensor that detects the key inside car) To start hold your keyfob near where you'd insert the key if you had ignition barrel This tells the car it's ok to start when you press the button. Think of it as an old fashioned aftermarket immobiliser, in that you have to hold the fob near there every time Good point is it locks down all the doors / boot Bad point if you can call it one, the holding of the key to the sensor area to energise the Start button.
  5. Yes it can but a ‘different’ way with a slightly different side effect.
  6. Yes exactly my point still a vulnerable way in though.
  7. Check your boot lid still doesn’t unlock when you go to open it. [emoji6]
  8. Watching that made me very angry !! Absolute idiot and what a crappy example to set to a young person. This country is getting worse !!!
  9. Absolutely shocking. In Birmingham surprise surprise https://twitter.com/peterstopcrime/status/1087813154455855105?s=21
  10. I know, they sell AP Rotors and Brembo GT Rotors. Just can’t find much in the way of reviews online.
  11. As the title really, anyone used them for brake discs etc ? Can’t find much in the way of reviews online.
  12. Another stolen within a week of purchase too.
  13. NewCoat in Dukinfield. Superb. Gary who owns it really knows his trade.
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