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  1. A mate of mine has a similar issue with an M3 on a lease. Got nowhere with BMW finance so took his complaint to the FSA www.fsa.gov.uk and received a large compensation payout. Hope this helps.
  2. Have you made an enquiry and placed an order? Thanks for sharing the link.
  3. Wouldn’t mind betting the guaranteed future value set by VW Finance is identical regardless of options.
  4. Can you send me some pics of each wheel please. Better still as per forum rules you best post in the for sale section. However you’ll need a 50 post count to that. Also sent you a DM. Did you receive it?
  5. One of the most rational posts I’ve read on here. I’d imagine BCA nor VW finance would have the time or resource to scrutineer every vehicle that goes through their auction network. The number of vehicles must be in the thousands.
  6. I’m also interested in a swap pal, will make it worth your while. Are your Prets unmarket and never been refurbed?
  7. Had mine replaced recently, insisted on a VW screen and requested Autoglass send their master tech. Did a good job, can’t tell it’s been replaced, although the tech scratched the scuttle panel with the wiper puller ever so slightly. He didn’t bother removing the scuttle panels, I believe they are supposed to.
  8. You miss read the mileage, near 24k isn’t it!!!
  9. That’s correct, transfer of ownership doesn’t actually happen until the lease contract is over, hence requesting a receipt. I figured once I had a receipt I could prove ownership. The car isn’t yours until the money is sent to VW finance. I even asked a mate if I could store the car in his unit if I had any issues, LOL. BCA is a commercial company after all and could get into financial difficulty. I even did a companies house search on BCA to review their accounts, crazy right? BCA told me I could leave payment until two or three days before the lease expired, maybe that’s an option if you’re worried.
  10. Bank transfer, yes it was scary has hell. Double and triple check the bank account details and check again, and again. I phoned BCA 5 mins after the transferring the money and requested a receipt which they promptly emailed me within 30 mins. Paying by credit card gives you protection at an additional cost - £650 if my calculations are correct.
  11. Famous last words!!! A couple of car adverts I was tracking on auto trader of similar spec cars have had their prices reduced by a few hundred quid.
  12. I was told I was contracted to pay any excess mileage, so paid it. Scared to death of a bailiff knocking at my door. If I could avoid paying the excess in anyway I wouldn’t pay it. From memory, my quote dropped from 19400 to 18850 so your estimate isn’t far off. The excess mileage I quoted wasn’t far off clocked mileage either by the end of my lease, maybe 600 miles less. After a month it now has 24600. As I’ve said before, I’d be interested to know if you manage to avoid the excess. Residuals seem to have levelled out recently.
  13. VW finance sent me a letter requesting payment about a week after my contract ended. Paid over the phone about 3 weeks after receiving the letter, VW never chased it. I was happy to pay because of the price of the car drop significantly the more miles I quoted. If get my drift!!! BCA didn’t inspect to verify the mileage once I signed and returned the offer letter. They take your word for it. Also received the green slip from the V5 from BCA a couple of days after the agreement ended. I’d make sure you get a receipt on email from BCA once you’ve transferred the funds. Let me know if you avoid paying the excess mileage if you do, I’ll be asking for a charge back on my credit card.
  14. Forgot to ask if you plan to pay your excess mileage? I paid £288 which actually pushed the cost of the car to £19138
  15. Congrats, don’t think you’ll regret it. How much is it costing you if you don’t mind me asking? I paid £18850 for mine with 24k
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