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  1. Vrs have done one/are doing one right now speak to them
  2. I’ve had mtec c hooked for the last year or so and I’m happy with them
  3. There’s res deletes with the anti drone bit on eBay that say made to order maybe worth emailing them see if they’d do a 3” pipe
  4. 99% sure it’s for oem system only as I enquired a about a res delete pipe for my bcs system and was told it’s only for oem
  5. I am stage 3 lol.... I get it’s laggier and I did notice it at first but never have I thought stage 2 was better as a daily or anything, change down and your in the right power band problem sorted aint it lol edit and yeah torque is on the low side for stage 3 I would have said
  6. Don’t really get the whole stage 2 is better than 3 as a daily, more torque lower down etc argument, dsgs that quick to get you into the right power band it doesn’t matter
  7. I did this then was stumped at what to cover the plastic backing to the gtd badge with so didn’t bother in the end
  8. I agree, I never stated otherwise, I was saying it seems like a lot of people go for apr mainly stage 1 because they see peak figures slightly higher than others, I bet 90% of people would think the better maps the one with highest peak power
  9. What other factors other than bhp/headline power ?
  10. Seems like everyone goes for apr just for bragging rights because they seem to make a tad more bhp, had revo stage 2 for around 18 months and I was happy with it, had 0 problems + i think revo went a bit of the radar seems like they like they prefer to mess with fords now
  11. Yeah I’ve got a Wagner on mine and going back I think I’d just get an airtec and save myself £200 At the time everyone people made out it’s the only intercooler to have for 500+bhp but now people are running all sorts with good results
  12. The revo is an early revision of a turbo technics hybrid think their now on v5, the v6 is an actual bigger turbo ie bigger housing etc
  13. There’s a used Wagner on eBay atm bit expensive though ebay number — 113723730754
  14. Man for 30k I’d be looking at the 650bhp one on eBay now lol
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