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  1. James42

    Cost of Stage 1 & Uprated Clutch?

    Where abouts in Midlands ? I’d recommend midland vw if your near cannock
  2. James42

    Dyno mode

    This is what google says How To Enable: With the vehicle turned off turn on the ignition. Once the dash lights turn on to test operation (ABS CEL etc.) switch on the hazard lights. Once turned on pump the throttle 5 times. At this time the traction control light will come on and you are in dyno mode. Turning off the hazard lights will disable dyno mode and the rear wheels will be reactivated.
  3. James42

    Intercooler Piping Replacement

    Airtec do their own id be fitting them if it was me
  4. James42

    Spark Plugs for stage 3 fellas

    Yeah I’m stage 3 running ngk racing 9s aswell
  5. James42

    Painting your Brake Calipers

    anyone used Bcs automotive in Nottingham for caliper painting ?
  6. James42

    TTRS Calipers Fitment

    Bolt on, no carriers etc^
  7. James42

    TTRS Calipers Fitment

    Yeah they are a good option considering they bolt straight on, you got pics with the wheel fitted ? what track days you doing ? @PocketRocket
  8. James42

    TTRS Calipers Fitment

    I had a pair of those calipers but didn’t end up fitting them, you gone with the isweep pads ? Or Oem ? why the r didn’t come with a bigger brake option I’ll never know
  9. James42

    TTRS Calipers Fitment

    Ive got the 340mm discs with Aston 4 pots which are the same as the rs3 8p calipers, you need minimum 11mm spacers, I went with 12 and it’s close
  10. James42

    Dsg 1st and R

    Man I’ll get it done again from my usual garage and report back, wouldn’t be surprised if the main dealers are messing up something as simple as an oil change they seem to ruin everything else they touch
  11. James42

    Dsg 1st and R

    Yeah mine is jerky going from 4-3-2, think I’m gonna get mine changed again I’m not using a main dealer from now on
  12. James42

    Dsg 1st and R

    Already had one mate drove fine after then odd days it will start misbehaving again then fine again the next day and so on
  13. James42

    Dsg 1st and R

    Can’t remember exactly but it was about the same time I think, was at a main dealer aswell so that does make me think.. where did you have yours done ? Reckon it’s worth getting it done again ? Independent this time
  14. James42

    Dsg 1st and R

    Only done 4-5k ago ?
  15. James42

    Dsg 1st and R

    Nope literally pulling off dead straight 1st and reverse only