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  1. Just don’t subscribe to their email notifications, expect to be emailed every 5 minutes lol
  2. Awesome gti is in Manchester and do apr maps and unicorn is in Stockport which isn’t to far that’s where I’d go
  3. Can’t really help but I have the tt inlet pipe and it doesn’t look like that
  4. Nice!, those the 370mm discs ? Ive got the same calipers just with 340 and the vagbrem carriers, if I wanted to go 370mm is it a case of just bolting them on ?
  5. What’s your plan for covering the plastic backing on the gtd grill ? I tried this with a gti grill
  6. Just stage 3 and get it over with
  7. Yeah you might aswell map it, you’ll end up doing it anyway it’s a slippery slope lol
  8. Sportscat or decat downpipe Engine and gearbox map intercooler (not strictly needed but wise to fit one) intake pipe + airbox ideally
  9. Haha were in the same club then.. wonder if it can be sorted
  10. Think I payed 150 to have a Wagner fitted, I’d have a go myself if I had to do it again though
  11. I have the exact same set up , have your discs got a ring of surface rust on the disc by the hubwhere the pad isn’t contacting the disc ?
  12. Seems like it’s literally luck of the draw with the stock turbo ,mines a 2014 with 40odd k supposedly the worst year for turbos going pop and I ran stage 2 for 10k without issue
  13. Where abouts in Midlands ? I’d recommend midland vw if your near cannock
  14. This is what google says How To Enable: With the vehicle turned off turn on the ignition. Once the dash lights turn on to test operation (ABS CEL etc.) switch on the hazard lights. Once turned on pump the throttle 5 times. At this time the traction control light will come on and you are in dyno mode. Turning off the hazard lights will disable dyno mode and the rear wheels will be reactivated.
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