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  1. Thanks managed to order a full set for half price with discount code
  2. Keep me informed mate which ones fit as just ordered mtec disks all round and think I’m going to need pads
  3. Can’t go wrong with unicorn remaps . I’m unicorn stage 1 engine/ dsg remap and car pulls and runs like a dream with a super smooth power curve . The choice is yours
  4. That’s interesting as I was under the impression torque wise the jb4 produces less than a stage 1 remap , hence the no need to have a tcu tune and have clamping pressure enhanced with jb4 . Look forward to seeing your results , and thanks for the dragy link
  5. Going to have to get myself a dragy and see how my unicorn stage 1 with tcu matches up to your jb4
  6. What's the performance like compared to the golf r stage 2 YouTube video you did . Would you say it was a noticeable difference , and worth the extra costs ?
  7. Dodgy diverter valve , that’s something I would certainly check
  8. Nick at r-tech tuned my mk5 golf gti some years back . Have a wealth of knowledge on the tfsi engines and mapping was spot on . Don’t think they do maps for the new platform engines, I could be wrong , but are no doubt always willing to help some one out with a problem, like yourself . I’m guessing the map that was already on the car wasn’t the best ( holding back ) and I would be certainly looking to find out who tuned the car and taking it directly up with mas performance if they sold it you with that map already Uploaded .
  9. Think I’m going to have to purchase a dragy !!!!! 😁
  10. If car is boosting with no white smoke or oil used , I would say it isn’t your turbo . Dropped spark plugs with wrong gap or faulty coil pack sounds more like it . What year is your car ?
  11. If your turbo has gone surely you will be using oil like no tomorrow and see lots of white smoke coming out of them exhaust pipes
  12. Epc light , Spark plugs , misfire , then goes into limp mode . I had this when first Had car remapped . Changed spark plugs and cleared faults , never had a problem again , and that was over 9 months ago . is your car still pulling strong after turning ignition off then back on again ?
  13. I have 2015 plate golf r and been unicorn stage 1 well over year now ! Not one problem to report back and car runs like a dream! For every blown turbo there is at least 50 golf r ,s running without a single problem .
  14. looks wise , I’m the same and would take the golf r over one of them any day of the week , and prefer 4 wheel drive these days as there’s no drama and does exactly what I want it do . Then again there is a bit of me that misses the rear wheel drive fun action at times . Most people can easily drive a golf r fast , but very little can drive a high power rear wheel drive fast without it at some point , ending up in a ditch.
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