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  1. I live in the midlands and only place I will be taking my car to is rick at unicorn developments to tune my stage 2 + 😉
  2. Any chance of a vid clip of the turbo back sport , which is the one I’ve ordered 😉😁
  3. Hopefully a carbon copy of this 😁 from rick at unicorn
  4. Yeah can’t wait 😁was originally thinking about upgrading to a facelift rs3 but just couldn’t condone spending that kind of cash at the minute ( Buying house )so decided on making the R faster and much improved instead . L380X I’ve ordered is the super core internals that fit into your standard is38 turbo housing from littco . Think It was around £800 for internals or 1050 for complete turbo with a Custom remap required .
  5. Wagner intercooler arrived today , ready to be fitted Friday . Decided to order the L380X hybrid turbo also, as it generates more torque and power than stock , with stronger internals eliminating turbo surge oem turbos apparently suffer with. Turbo should also be arriving this week .Then just waiting on bcs turbo back exhaust, and I’m good to go get it all mapped in 😁
  6. The 1.5 bar of boost sounds about right for lower boost , as stage 2 runs higher . Think I will stick with oem turbo for now as still pulls strong on stage 1 with no problems so hopefully all good for stage 2 . Can’t be doing with the hassle of taking turbo off to be sent off as don’t live quite as near to Littco as you . Thanks for the info anyway
  7. Hi niche , just wanted to ask who did the mapping on your car and was the super core fitted to your old turbo or was it an exchange turbo . I take it L380X is the turbo you now have ? Going stage 2 with intercooler and full bcs turbo back exhaust myself , was just wondering if it would me worth upgrading turbo as well .
  8. They all fall out at some point . Just replace with ones off eBay . Haven’t come out since 👍🏾
  9. Anyone know if Nige is still doing online sales ? Tried calling but no answer . Looking to order a full wrc turbo back exhaust for my golf .
  10. Now add inlet , intercooler , downpipe and map and I’m sure you will notice a big change . Are you sure your car hasn’t already been mapped as someone has obviously already been tinkering 😉?
  11. About right with no mapping , Doubtful the r600 intake makes a noticeable difference over stock box for performance, but should get some decent induction noise
  12. Reading all your reviews decided to bite the bullet and go stage 2 as soon as I can get hardware fitted . Already stage 1 TT inlet , rs7 plugs , stage 1 unicorn custom ecu and tcu tune . Hardware planned to order if possible (lockdown ). * complete BCS powervalve wrc turbo back exhaust system * Wagner intercooler * unicorn stage 2 map Not cheap upgrades but seeing as my cash won’t be spent on nights out for the foreseeable future thought may as well treat myself .
  13. Get it scanned by anyone or specialist garage with vag com . Where about are you from ? I’m sure someone can advise you on a good Indy garage that’s cheaper than main vw dealer
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