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  1. Had my bumper and bonnet done due to stone chips. If you know someone in the business like me ( brother in law ) the cost was a crate of Budweiser, if not your looking at anywhere between £500 and £650 for both bonnet and bumper at a decent body shop.
  2. Just wondered how often people are changing there spark plugs on there tuned golfs I.e yearly /every 2 or 3 years. My golf is tuned and now due it’s yearly service . Spark plugs were changed last year by myself for rs7 plugs , due to developing a misfire after getting custom mapped . Car hasn’t skipped a beat since. I don’t track my car or give it constant stick , so surely they should be fine for another year .
  3. That definitely don’t look right . Get rid before something goes bang
  4. Can’t say I know anything about quantum , and there may lie your problem with not being overly impressed with a stage 1 golf r . would definitely give rick a call as he’s got a wealth of knowledge on tuning the golf r engine , and custom mapping my car dsg while on his Dyno has made it into what I was expecting from standard . No dead spot , seamless gear changes at the perfect upshift points in all modes . Paid around £850 I think around a year ago , and money definitely well spent .
  5. I don’t have this problem at all . My tcu tune is set at around 3.5 k revs for launch control and it rockets off the line changing up at the perfect time . Sounds like you definitely need to invest in a tcu tune wether that be with TVS or unicorn developments. While mapping your box , Rick can check your engine map is all ok and tie everything in .
  6. Im from Wolverhampton and was certainly underwhelmed with the performance of my standard car . Now unicorn stage 1 engine and tcu tune and am more than satisfied with how now the car drives and performs . Give rick a call at unicorn developments, worth the 1 hour trip over to see him if looking for a tcu tune . He can customise the box to how you like
  7. When I bought my pure white golf r , the vw dealer who had it as a company car before me must have done a fair few motorway miles as it had a fair few stone chips . Never let this bother me at first as you would only really notice them up real close. 2 years on and seeing them everyday decided to get bonnet and bumper sprayed . Brother in-law with own spray shop was a massive help , so did a quality job for a few corona ! Previous dealer did a few touch ups with the pens and I was always less than impressed when looking at them
  8. I’ve recently bought and fitted Mtec c hook discs and brembo pads all round . The black discs are quality but the pads are not the best . Once hot they fade badly. Just had bonnet and bumper respray by brother in law with his own business due to stone chips and able to get it done for few beer tokens this weekend. His first comment was , Jesus it’s fast but when you upgrading the brakes as I couldn’t stop . I’m unicorn stage 1 with dsg tune though . Think I will be changing the front pads again real soon lol
  9. No problem here fitting mine , went on perfectly once I made sure I had aligned it correctly . I’m from the midlands and I’m sure any decent car body shop should be able to help you out .
  10. Or as an alternative a dsg tune by unicorn . Shift points spot on and can be customised to your preference , with pedal dead spot completely removed .
  11. Thanks managed to order a full set for half price with discount code
  12. Keep me informed mate which ones fit as just ordered mtec disks all round and think I’m going to need pads
  13. Can’t go wrong with unicorn remaps . I’m unicorn stage 1 engine/ dsg remap and car pulls and runs like a dream with a super smooth power curve . The choice is yours
  14. That’s interesting as I was under the impression torque wise the jb4 produces less than a stage 1 remap , hence the no need to have a tcu tune and have clamping pressure enhanced with jb4 . Look forward to seeing your results , and thanks for the dragy link
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