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  1. Benje

    JB4 on Turbo

    I have 2015 plate golf r and been unicorn stage 1 well over year now ! Not one problem to report back and car runs like a dream! For every blown turbo there is at least 50 golf r ,s running without a single problem .
  2. looks wise , I’m the same and would take the golf r over one of them any day of the week , and prefer 4 wheel drive these days as there’s no drama and does exactly what I want it do . Then again there is a bit of me that misses the rear wheel drive fun action at times . Most people can easily drive a golf r fast , but very little can drive a high power rear wheel drive fast without it at some point , ending up in a ditch.
  3. To be fair I think you’ve answered your own question . For a m140i to achieve around the same 0-60 time of a golf r with out it being 4 wheel drive and less traction from stand still , you’ve got to take into consideration just how quick the m1 is able to accelerate in gear and achiveve around the same 0-60 times .
  4. Take it from me , a standard golf r is not keeping pace with a m140i unless your at traffic lights and launching due to the haldex 4 wheel drive system or your factoring in bends and are a decent driver . Other than that , straight line speed in the dry , the m140i is step above in performance terms . In the wet totally different story of course , but then I don’t believe in playing around or pushing any car on Wet slippery roads.
  5. Them m140is are seriously powerful . I stood no chance in my standard r, but then again it could have been tuned as well. It did look standard with no appearance aftermarket mods and being on a brand new plate . Would love to have another little play with one again now I’m tuned .
  6. I found my standard golf r a bit underwhelming when I first bought the car in all honesty. I came from a golf gti mk5 with previous other cars being a hondas2000 and mk3 fiesta rs turbo back in the day . I got destroyed by a m140i a while back , which made my mind up about getting unicorn stage 1 remap a week later ! Added Tt inlet pipe ,and now the car is a different animal. Don’t feel the need for stage 2 , as 370bhp with 390ft lbs is more than enough for uk roads . Moral of the story , go get the car mapped if you ain’t happy with the performance 😁
  7. Round of applause for a tool of the highest order !
  8. Benje

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    Midland vw are not a dealer !
  9. Benje

    What a car

    Makes a quick car become a real quick car with not much able to keep pace unless it's packing some real horses .
  10. Benje

    gfb dv+

    Wouldn’t bother changing it bud , I’ve been mapped for a while now , and Rev c is holding up fine ! I’ve swapped from gfb dv + to oringinal dv numerous times just to check difference, and for me it’s Rev c which I’ve stuck with . Car runs like a dream ! I’m of the opinion if it isn’t broke don’t change it !
  11. Wouldn’t read to much into that as I have the same stage 1 unicorn map and mine produces 325 ft lbs at that rpm but holds 392 ft lbs from 3500 all the way to 5000 rpm looking at my graph ! Guess that’s why they call it a custom tune . Each map will vary .
  12. Mk7 with engine and dsg remapped with TurboTechnics intake , and rs7 spark plugs. Well enough power for these roads so have no plans ,for any more performance upgrades , as don’t feel it’s needed . Had a play with a m140i (he may have been tuned ) in standard form and it pulled away fairly comfortably , so much so that’s what made me bite the bullet , and go visit rick . These cars tune so well with just a decent remap , (APR , MRC, Unicorn , revo ) I’m now more than content .
  13. Stage 1 unicorn here and must say I’m still impressed with Rick’s map and how power is delivered . Standard I was a little underwhelmed even though it managed 305 bhp on ricks rolling road . Now it’s a different animal , and brake upgrade is definitely next on the agenda , even though I don’t tend to have a heavy foot too often.
  14. Benje

    Mods that you regret

    Have the revision c , which works like a dream compared to the gfb dv + ! Will be sticking with that revision .
  15. Benje

    Mods that you regret

    Gfb dv+ , waste of cash as car felt more urgent with standard dv .