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  1. Dropped it off this morning at VW for its 2nd service in normal mode and surprise surprise, when I picked it up tonight it was in race mode!! 🤔 That isn’t what actually annoyed me though. While it was there the leasing company approved the worn Michelins on the front to be replaced with 2 new Continentals. That isn’t what annoyed me either. What really annoyed me is why the f*!k are tyre fitters incapable of putting the wheels back on the same corner they came off??? I’ve ended up with the already trashed alloy from the passenger side now on the drivers side and the good as new alloy from the drivers side now on the passenger side awaiting its first damn good kerbing. Before I get every smart arse on here advising a simple solution would be to be more careful I’ll answer that advice with this statement - “Preventing such damage would first require a very expensive divorce followed by the very slim chance of me finding a new wife who is both a good driver and a good cook!!”
  2. I’d strongly advise you do it, like most on here I’m almost certain you won’t regret it. Like you I’m mid 40’s. Mine’s a company car that’s done 26k miles in 18 months so definitely a daily driver rather than a weekend toy. Last week I went from Liverpool to Newcastle and back for a meeting. On the way up on the motorway in comfort mode in atrocious weather it averaged 43mpg. On the way back the sun came out so I took it for a blast through the North Yorkshire dales in race mode and it was a completely different beast. There can’t be many cars on the market that can change their personality so easily to match the conditions and the mood of the driver.
  3. As the operations director I’m responsible for the fleet, there are about 25 of them. 95% of them are on full maintenance lease from Arval so I’m not too worried about them. We had to buy some though because their annual mileage is just too high to get on lease. Needless to say this is one of the ones we own. A quick check today revealed a ticking time bomb - 16 reg Mondeo on 119k miles 💣
  4. Spoke to the local Ford dealer who services the car who confirmed that the car is out of warranty due to the mileage which I already knew. He also confirmed that the scheduled timing belt change is at 125k miles and agreed it is a premature failure so he gave me the number for Ford UK and wished me luck. Ford UK were absolutely useless!! A lady in a call centre who had no idea what I was talking about and just kept quoting “the warranty on new Ford cars in the UK is 3 years or 60000 miles, whichever comes first” like a bloody robot!! Never mind, it was worth a try. It’s gone to an independent engine specialist for diagnosis and repairs now but I am seriously considering having the timing belts replaced on the rest of the fleet at 60k regardless of the recommended interval.
  5. At work we have a fleet of Focuses and Mondeos. Just had a phone call from an employee whose Focus died on the motorway today. AA rescued him and diagnosed a timing belt failure. Bearing in mind the failure occurred at motorway speed I’m guessing it’s likely to have damaged the engine. Does anybody know what warranty Ford give on timing belts? The car is a 66 reg 1.5 TDCI just over 2 years old with full Ford service history but it’s done 83000 miles so obviously over the 60k mile standard warranty but the AA man seemed to think timing belts were covered up to 100k miles?? It would be good to know if this is true before I speak to the Ford dealer on Monday.
  6. Looks like my drivers side rear door has become the latest victim of the car park morons. Sorry about the poor quality picture but you can clearly see the dirt has been wiped away from the lowest mark meaning they knew they’d done it but chose not to own up 😡
  7. I’ve noticed 2-3 slamming into gear with a massive thud and jerk after a smooth change from 1-2 in auto sport mode a couple of times when I’ve got carried away accelerating from standstill before the car has warmed up properly. I put it down to my own lack of mechanical sympathy 😳 with cold gearbox oil and came straight off the throttle when it’s happened but I did wonder why it didn’t happen on the 1-2 change?
  8. Since getting the R I’ve tended to block it in on the drive with the wife’s 118i which seemed like a good idea until last weekend when a neighbour had their new keyless A Class stolen by the key being cloned. The BMW is keyless but the R isn’t which causes a bit of a dilemma as while the R is obviously much more likely to be targeted it’s also a lot harder to steal meaning that it has reluctantly taken over the role of “blocker”. It’s ridiculous the things we all have to do just to try to protect the possessions we work hard to pay for from these thieving scumbags.
  9. Left it outside a colleagues house while we went on works Xmas night out yesterday. Picked it up this afternoon and as expected he’d put about 100 miles on it which is fine as it’s a company car and we both work for the company. Strange as it may seem I only have one small gripe with his joyride - he somehow managed to increase the long term mpg from 28.9 when I left it to 29.3 when I picked it up!! My gripe is that he obviously had nowhere near as much fun as he should of had despite him telling me how fast he thought it was!!!
  10. 1983 XR3i in metallic blue in when I was 17 back in 1992. Put it through a hedge into a farmers field within 2 days of getting it!!! Fortunately only light damage and no one got hurt. Valuable lesson learned the hard way about stupid young boys in hot hatches.
  11. Liverpool to North London and back on a single tank. MPG was up around 43 until I decided to get off the M6 early and give it some stick through Cheshire on the way home. Fingers crossed I make it to a petrol station in the morning 🤞
  12. 15k miles from new in Jan 2018.
  13. Your mrs obviously knows her cars Jona. I can’t remember being more disappointed. I regularly drive the mondeos and focuses we have and they are so much nicer than the bmw.
  14. Dropped it off at VW for its 1st oil service and was given a lovely Polo courtesy car for the day. Drove it back to the office and decided it really wasn’t for me so took a look around the car park for a more suitable vehicle to use for the day. Noticed a nice looking black 420d Gran Coupe hiding in between the company Mondeos, Focuses and vans so decided to pay a rare visit to our sales department. I tend to avoid the sales office if possible as I find the atmosphere in there a tad annoying. Turns out I’m in luck as the sales manager with the BMW has meetings in the office all day so he reluctantly hands over the key (probably worth mentioning at this point that I’m one of the owners of the company so he didn’t really have a choice 🤭) Found the 420d uncomfortable, claustrophobic, noisy, slow and generally a massive disappointment 👎 Picked up the freshly serviced, washed and hoovered R and drove home in race mode with a massive grin on my face 😁
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